Dance Ke Legend Song Video – Hero

Heroes become Legends when they Hit the Dance Floor. Here’s the latest song promo from Hero, titled ‘Dance Ke Legend’ featuring Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty.

The film has been produced by Salman Khan.

Song Video: Dance Ke Legend
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Meet Bros and Bhoomi Trivedi



  • @indicine You should post Tung Tung baje from Singh is Bling….
    No one is interested in criminal bhai’s ZERO.

  • Great Video n dance is better than what I expected. Good effort by the two debutants but the singers voice in certain parts of video looked drowned out by the music so not good imo. Will hear it once more to get a better feel for it.

  • Bhojpori Bastards is releasing tomorrow but most joker boys joker fans are already giving it a miss as they know 60cr looks tough so hence they are already overhyping the 300cr super duper BlockBuster Singh is Joker…!

  • @buddha kSHITij

    Why dont you instead sing tung tung lungi baja old man n that will help you forget tomorrow when another 60cr mahacrap from joker boy releases…!

  • In just 1 movie Sooraj plays a HERO n in 1 yr our Joker Boy has played a bhojpori bastard son of Jackie in Bhojpori Bastards, Greedy Gobar in Gobbar, Joker Sardar in Singh is Joker n a clueless intelligence officer leading the investigation into the disappearance of baby nipoons diaper in the flop Baby Nipin…!

  • @babaji ki thulla no one is intrested in joker dance go n see tourself on youtube or download it like you watch his movies

  • Excellent it will sure give a tough competition to Tiger Shroff and Kirti Sanon’s HEROPANTI, and may be it will cross 100 crore mark and becomes Blockbuster

  • people says suraj is criminal because of jia khan’s sucide but nobody says aish is criminal who was reason for salman’s mental condition at the time of his bad faze. sucide is crime if you follow indian law, such hypocrecy.

  • @babaji ka thullu why are u jealous man everybody knows Salman is a biggest superstar and he has helped millions so his sins are recovered go get lost.

  • Sure shot party song of the year..
    I became crazy for this song..
    Wattta song and watta dance by Sooraj Pancholi..
    Even haters know that this song is going to be a Huge CHARTBUSTER.

  • @ sundar- were you present at the time of black buck hunting? they were more than four peoples but case running only on salman why?

  • This is for babaji ka thulli and Swanand – What the hell are you doing commenting on this video, go take your sarcastic, irresponsible, idiotic, stupid, flip the role comments somewhere no one is interested in morons like you, may God have mercy on you when He exposes the sins that you have in your closet, Sooraj did not put a noose around Jiah neck, she did it all by herself, she was a coward and she should have learnt that in life there are three things a woman should know, a man can only go with a woman as far as she allows (except forceful rape), never run behind a man or a bus there is always another behind, better fish in the sea that has already come out of it. She chose to have an abortion that makes her the murderer not Sooraj, so learn to judge righteously or don’t judge at all.

  • By the way you two dumbbells the video was superbly executed for the newcomers, may God bless them both and bear in mind whom God blesses no man can curse. If you think you could have done better why don’t you do a video and give us the laugh of the century.

  • if the actor’s film does well at the box office.. he got a good future for sure, I can say he’s a talented actor, the costar needs a plastic surgery for her lips, don’t look good enough!

  • @ Yuvraj were you there that he is not hunting the black buck everyone knows he is guilty. and his chracter don’t hide the truth . he is star so that he is out of jail .

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