Dabangg 2 Box Office Collections: Day wise 3 weeks

When most ‘superstars’ are struggling to deliver one blockbuster, Salman Khan now has 5 blockbusters in a row – Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger and now Dabangg 2! All his films from August 2010 have eased passed the 100 crore mark and set records at the box office.

In it’s 3rd week, Dabangg 2 remained the first choice for movie goers as the film crossed the 150 crore mark. The Salman – Sonakshi Sinha starrer is now the 3rd biggest grosser in history after 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger.

All eyes are now on Salman Khan’s next release, tentatively titled ‘Mental’ which is expected to release later this year. The film will be directed by Sohail Khan.

Day wise detailed box office collections below.

Dabangg 2

Dabangg 2 First week collections

  • Friday – 21 crore
  • Saturday – 19 crore
  • Sunday – 25 crore
  • 1st Weekend – 65 crore
  • Monday – 12 crore
  • Tuesday – 15.5 crore
  • Wednesday – 8.1 crore
  • Thursday – 6 crore
  • Total box office collection after first week – 106.6 crore

Dabangg 2 Second week collections

  • 2nd Friday – 5 crore
  • 2ndáSaturday – 6.7 crore
  • 2ndáSunday – 9.05 crore
  • 2nd Weekend – 20.75 crore
  • 2ndáMonday – 4.25 crore
  • 2ndáTuesday – 7.5 crore
  • 2ndáWednesday – 3.1 crore
  • 2ndáThursday – 2.15 crore
  • 2nd Week Total – 37.75 crore
  • Total bo collections after second week – 144.35 crore

Dabangg 2 Third week collections

  • 3rd Friday – 1.70 crore
  • 3rdáSaturday – 2.45 crore
  • 3rdáSunday – 3.35 crore
  • 3rd Weekend – 7.5 crore
  • 3rdáMonday – 1.2 crore
  • 3rdáTuesday – 1.1 crore
  • 3rdáWednesday – 1.1 crore
  • 3rdáThursday – 1 crore (expected)
  • 3rd week total – 11.9 crore

3 weeks total – 156.25 crores (3rd highest after 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger)

Final Verdict – BLOCKBUSTER



  • So the film has held up pretty well even after the huge first week. Good. Salman Khan is most certainly on a roll. Don’t see any of his films even being ‘super hits’. Forget about FLOPPING.

  • ‘When most superstar struggling to deliver one blockbuster’ means srk hahaha..any way another blockbuster by king of bollywood salman.congrats.

  • congratz salman…5 in a row.he is truly boxoffice hurricane
    on the otherhand greek dog’s has 5 in a row all time flopbuster…

  • Indi cine it will be good that u post boi figures of al movies Bcoz in future no one wil remember official collection and also it leads to contradiction in business and also in fan following example if k3 collects 205cr in official and 195cr in boi then Wht u wil consider weather it broke 3 idiot record or not . . So its good to come with boi figures everytime

  • After watching this blockbuster performance of dabangg 2 , g-ay lovers are mentaly f┐cked , then they starts excuses and negative comments. Salman the blockbuster king, Rock again.

  • Now i am looking for a guy called tajas and his partner Aki (who was the witness).I had two bets with tejas :
    1.Dabangg 2 will not cross 100cr in 5 days.I won that bet.
    2.Lifetime collection of D2 will not cross 150 cr.And it seems that i am going to win this bet also, bcoz as per BOI (fav sorurce for salman fans), D2 has not crossed 150 cr yet.And mind it, tomorrow MKBKM will be released.

    So guys, don’t predict anything with emotions and don’t have a bet in emotions, otherwise u ll continue to loose like it.

  • only MENTAL ppl can mek film MENTAL , koyla koyla ooooo koyla koyla !!! sallu miyan k g@@nd me koyla !!

  • Truth of indi cine comment section
    1. When any salman movies release then Srk fans spread lots negativity and say finally dnt watch dis crap movie
    2. But when Srk any movies release then salman fans say Srk fans pls go n watch his movie in theatre its collec tion fallin badly. . . But after al salman fans support to Srk and Srk fans unsupport to salman the final collection are jthj collects 101.57cr and ett collects 187cr and d2 on the way to 155 to 60cr . .

  • X zone dnt change ur words u betted in official figures and it collected more than 150cr so accept it u loosed it . .

  • This collection is tight slap on ch-utiy srk fans , says dabangg 2 not cross 150cr mark in boi collections. Boi collections of dabangg 2 also crosses 145cr+ mark and in 4th week crosses 150cr mark.

  • @Kabir..it may be possible that u don’t spread negativity against SRK, but don’t say that salman fans are saint.Go on any page of CE( a movie which release date is yet to decided).U will find a lot of negative comments.
    Even sallu fans are used to make their id’s as “disaster xprees”, “chindi express” etc.
    Haven’t u seen it??
    or u r born to watch only srk fan’s comments??

  • @kabir..one can see for wat i’ve challenged on the concerned page.Don’t deviate it yaar and y r u taking so much interest in it.
    Are u tejas or u r the one, who used the id “tejas” in past??

  • Xzone i have seen ur conversation and he admitted that he loosed 5 day record and he mentioned the bet was for official one. . . And by way pls show me wher u said for boi figure in wch article huh come on . .

  • @kabir..oh i m sorry mr. kabir, bcoz i believed that u guys are single standard.It’s my mistake yaar.I forgot that for u guys , there are two sources for info :


    so acc to u my mistake is that y did i not mention BOI.
    for ur kind information, i simply assumed at that time, that the bet will be accordingly as ur fav site (BOI), but i was wrong .I shud have mentioned it, bcoz i forgot that for double standard guys like u, there are diff srces for diff. movies.I m relly sorry yaar.

  • X zone dnt change ur words m askin u show it wher u mentioned boi figure bet even i can show u Tejas comment wher he say u abt official fig bet. . And be in limit and just check ma comment to indicine Wht i have told him

  • Nasim ya worst film but dis worst film broked ur best films lifetime collection just in 7days is this a shame or respect for u . . Huh

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