Dabangg 2 Android App Review

The official app of Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg 2 is out! While the iPhone/iPad app is expected to be out in the App Store soon, the makers have released the Android version in the Google Play Store.

The free-for-download app, downloaded pretty quickly (Size: 20MB) on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (the device we used for testing). The first time you open up the application, you’d need to register with your mobile no and email address. The app would then send a verification code via SMS.

Dabangg 2 Android APP

Dabangg 2 Android app

Why the app is worth downloading..

  • The Android app has almost every detail that you need to know about Khan’s upcoming Christmas release — Cast and Crew complete with the actors biography and details about the character that he/she plays in the film. Videos, HD Wallpapers, behind the scenes footage, latest news, on the sets.. the app has got it all.
  • All the song promos that have been released so far are included. You’d need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos, as the app takes you to the built-in Youtube application.
  • The Dabangg 2 app also lets you find nearby theatres and book tickets online. Although currently it loads a blank page, tickets should be available as soon as the advance booking opens in theatres.
  • Best of all.. its FREE and given it’s small size even users with 2G speeds should be able to download it.


  • Music not included: Recently, quite a few movie apps released with the entire music album. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to full songs here.
  • The App only works in Portrait mode (Landscape mode is disabled). Also, the ‘back’ button on Android devices is only used to quit the application, so in-app navigation is a little difficult.
  • For a high-budget Bollywood film, that is expected to be one of the year’s biggest hits, it’s a pity that the makers have included Google ads at the bottom of every page.

Overall, it’s a must-download for Salman Khan fans. The app has got plenty of D2 content to keep you entertained. The only missing feature is the music album.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Update: Playing around the app a little more, there are quite a few bugs that will hopefully get fixed soon. The ‘How to use’ option for wallpapers, displays instructions for the iPhone and not Android devices. Also, ‘Set as Wallpaper’ doesn’t work. We have emailed the tech team regarding this.

Android app on Google Play



  • Indicine rightly pointed out the -ves, which makes this app ‘only’ VERY GOOD, VERY EASY & VERY FRIENDLY or else the app would have been just awesome and surely would have been the most downloaded app atleast till next year. Anyway wait for dabaang2 to blow off each & every existing record and create new records again, only to be broken by the emperor khan himself. 100% sure that dabaang2 will earn 210+ crores net in india and 300 crores worldwide, thus making the super emperor khan salman khan the first & perhaps the one & the only actor ever to have 300+ crores worldwide ATBBs in a single year. Long live the super emperor khan’s supermania i.e SALMANIA.

  • Its nothing but AK trying his best promoting D2.
    Though the app is not of high standard:(
    Its eats 20mb without music tracks:(

  • emperor khan will destroy all other 2012 existing films lifetime collections in1st week itself..(of course not ett… it will take about 10-12 days for ett)…!!! welcome emperor!!!

  • This Dabangg 2 App really rock. It has got everything in it from high quality HD latest wallpapers, behind the scene videos & much more all at one place.Surely worth a download & as said by indicine a must for every Salman fan.Just like Dabangg was a masala cult film that had everything in it this app can also be called a Masala Dabangg2 App. This App will break all previous records as every sallu bhai movie does.

  • 786. . . 1st u knw Wht android means ?. .lol Sirf naam sunse aur bolne se it doesnt mean u knw everything abt it. . Lol. .

  • @indicine when is the iPhone & iPad version going to release?? this articl says “iPhone/iPad app expected to be out in the App Store soon” …plsssss tell

  • Chulbul Pandey is really gonna rock. I watched its prequel at Wave Cinemas and it was a great fun. I’m gonna watch this movie, first day-firsat show. Can’t wait to watch it.


    Watched Dabangg 2 in Auckland New Zealand and woke up to no reviews of it. This is a short and quick review for all those die hard fans of Salman Khan who want to know whether it lived up to the standards of the first one. Dabangg is definitely one of Salman’s best movies and his character Chulbul Pandey is one of the best to come out of Bollywood..Dabangg had a great story, fantastic music, wonderful actors and with good direction….Well Dabangg 2 has more…it is made on a bigger scale, good story, well directed and has great music…..

    Once again Dabangg 2 is all about Chulbul Pandey played wonderfully by that drop dead gorgeous one hunk of a man called SALMAN KHAN…he acts, dances, emotes, makes us laugh, and fights like never before..His presence is enough for one to come out of the cinema and wonder what the story of the movie was…he overshadows everyone and everything in the movie…Yes the direction was good, yes the editing was crisp…Loved the opening credits with scenes from the first film…From foot tapping music to good performances…Vinod Khanna was good..Arbaaz as Dumb Makhi remained true to his character..Sonakhsi looked beautiful, Kareena was Kareena, Malaika loved gorgeous..Prakash Raj was good but personally I felt I had seen him in a similar role recently…so he was his usual self…BUT………….

    The whole movie belongs to Salman Khan…..He was the positive and the negative factor of the movie…He carries the movie on his shoulder and does everything perfectly…he is the reason this movie will make it to the 200Cr Club…he makes every scene perfect….
    On the negative side…he is too distracting…I hardly saw the title song as I was hugely distracted by his gorgeous coloured shirts…I also kept looking at his sunglasses as it was different from the one he had in Dabangg….(only a die hard fan will notice these things)

    I don’t know why the Indian Justice System is after him… for various allegations, charges etc…this man is guilty…..for being too Handsome..he should be locked up…Once again Salman Khan proves he is the undisputed king of Bollywood…Those who disagree..don’t worry you will get over it…the rest …go and watch Dabangg 2…twice …and then think about being part of the repeat audience…Congratulations Arbaaz…you will be laughing all the way to the bank……….as for you Salman…thank you for entertaining us ..and We Love You……..

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