Creature 3D vs Finding Fanny this week, your pick?

Creature 3D and Finding Fanny compete at the box office this weekend. While Vikram Bhatt’s Creature 3D is set for a wider release, the film has been made on a lower budget and should perform better at mass-centres. Finding Fanny on the other hand will release on less than 1000 screens and has limited appeal only towards the audience in bigger cities.

The big advantage for Finding Fanny is Deepika Padukone’s presence. She had a terrific 2013 with hugely successful films like Race 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram Leela. Her co-star Arjun Kapoor has also had a good run so far this year, Gunday opened well and collected Rs 78 cr at the domestic box office. His last release, 2 States, went on to be his first 100 crore grosser. The lead pair have talented actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia for company.

Creature 3D, starring Bipasha Basu, is a monster thriller that has been passed with U/A rating by the censor board. The film is expected to do well at mass centres.

If you do plan a movie outing this weekend, which film would you want to watch? Creature 3D or Finding Fanny? Vote!

Finding Fanny vs Creature 3D

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  • Fanny is getting 3.5+ ratings everywhere but the important thing is to touch billions of hearts everywhere and bcm a huge hit lije omg,cdi,tzp,barfi and znmd

  • Last 8 films of youngistaan
    1 sdr-hit
    2 ram leela-superhit(100cr+)
    3 htp-abv avg
    4 gunday-hit
    5 mth-hit
    6 2 states-superhit(100cr+)
    7 villain-superhit(100cr+)
    8 humpty-superhit

    Success rate(abv avg,hit,superhit,bb)-100%

  • Youngistan should watch boring fanny and masses should watch creature 3d which has chartbusters like sawan aaya

  • Screen count doesn’t matter bcz barfi was released in less than 1500 screens but scrren ciunt was increased in 2nd week bcz of huge response and it bcm a 100cr blockbuster

  • @ranbir villain – ritesh 2 states – chetan alia hskd – alia htp – dharma sdr – yrf rest also yrf/dharma

  • @SIR RANBIR KAPOOR: Last 8 films of youngistaan
    1 sdr-hit
    2 ram leela-hit(100cr+)
    3 htp-avgerage
    4 gunday- semi hit
    5 mth-semi hit
    6 2 states-superhit(100cr+)
    7 villain-superhit(96cr+)
    8 humpty-hit
    Success ratio of clean hit -65%

  • I hv appeared in 100s of exams in my life but nvr felt as tensed as I m feeling today.fingers crossed fr fanny

  • I know that Finding Fanny is carrying good word of mouth. Creatures 3D will be average.But both are looking boring to me . waiting for bang bang

  • @anand
    Hera pheri-paresh,tabu
    Bhagam bhag-paresh,govinda
    Garam masala-paresh john

    Akki nothing without pareah and other actors by ur logic

  • Seen many creatures but not in 3D so will watch creature 3D and will not watch finding fanny coz of pawn arjun kapoor romancing queen deepika instead of our king

  • @babaji thank u bhai!I know u r a gd person but u sometimes start behaving in ridiculous manner.waiting for baby

  • @mam ranbir kapoor I use to hate all young actors beacouse of you . my team my team!! what is this ? and probably you say you are there’s couch! just shut your mouth okey!

  • @Sir Ranbir Kapoor aka Arjun Kapoor4, Daddy Dynamic, Baby Dynamic,

    That was not me. Now, even Arjun is a Salman’s disciple, I have voted for Creature 3D because of you. I don’t want to talk you. By the way, Akki is not my first favorite but third favorite….

  • @anand wat do u mean u hv voted against fanny bcz of me?I also like Salman but I was just responding to wat ur fake version had written.sorry as I didn’t read the unoriginal part in ur name

  • @sr ranbir kapur, really u like Salman? U hv posted ur top 10 actors list many time nd u included even abhishek bachchan there but nt salman.

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