Chitrangada’s Aao Raja song: Is this the hottest video of the year?

The makers of ‘Gabbar Is Back’ are promoting Chitrangada Singh’s latest item number ‘Aao Raja’ as the hottest video song of 2015.

Dressed in shiny cleavage-revealing outfits, the stunning Chitrangada dances to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s tunes.

Watch the latest song video from ‘Gabbar Is Back’ and tell us if it’s the hottest song of the year so far.

Chitrangada Singh still from the song Kundi Mat Khadkao Raja

Chitrangada Singh still from the song Kundi Mat Khadkao Raja

Song Video: Aao Raja
Music Director: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Singer: Neha Kakkar



  • Not as hot as Sunny Leone. This seems like a pointless song. It has nothing to do with the movie and it doesn’t look like it will be a big hit. Might also put off family audiences.

  • no doubt hottesh video of the year this song will be charbuster . I thing gabbar is back will be 1st 200 cr movie for akki .now from 1 st may akki,s golden period start and its first all time blockbuster on the card .this will easily do 200cr + bussiness easily .now akki is back ilaka tera dhamaka mera

  • dont like it.same repetetive item song…i dont understand why makers not yet releasing shruti hassan songs.

  • i had not heard so cheap song like this before only because of this song i will not watch Gabbar in theatre.

  • This looks classless,very desi type song neither it is stylish like tu meri.
    On the whole,gabbar is looking very dull,same masala shit,i m not interested,sorry akki fans.

  • Indian movies have stooped so low these fays.

    It all started with Aamir Khan remaking Ghajini to get some fame by an action film.

    Later followed by our Bhaijaan who is now in deep love with Tamil/Telugu movies. His every second movie is a remake.

    Akki and Ajay also followed the same path to get some numbers on Box office by doing cheap actions, item numbers and below the belt jokes.

    The only person who didn’t bow down to south remakes is Shah Rukh Khan. And has delivered hits after hits in all different genres. Hats off to him.

    RNBDJ- Dance/Romance
    MNIK- Inspirational/Educational
    Ra one- Sci fi
    Don 2- Action Thriller
    JTHJ- Romance/Drama
    CE- Comedy/Action
    HNY- Hiest

  • @ck Well look at Salman
    HAHK- family based
    MPK- romantic
    Tere Naam- tragedy
    Partner- comedy
    Dabangg- masala
    Ready- romance/comedy
    Bodyguard- action/romance
    ETT- action/thriller
    Jai Ho- social
    Kick- heist

  • always predicted perfectly about everything when they predicted about Akshay’s Movie or SRK’s movie.
    Indicine ri8 trul hottest song of 2015, now i can say Gabbar Is Back will beyond the Hit zone.
    100 crore + This time

  • This is really hot but the makers must have avoid this because it has no connection with the film and family audiences don’t like these type of songs

  • GABBAR MAKERS…u just reduced ur total collections by 20 c family people to stay away… more drop in second week ..still blockbuster

  • Akshay Kumar SIR has started 2015 with his bang on record of flop film with Baby Sir congratulations for achievement. What a Nast Song! Akshay Kumar SIR Aapse Na Ho Payega. Do some good movies.
    Otherwise leave bollywood.

  • Honey Singh now copying Pakistani songs , its a very old Punjabi song and the worst song to copy. Honey Singh is out of ideas now

  • Taaza and Aaja do not rhyme, don’t know why YOYO was there man, sick and tired of him maybe an item song like Munni or Shiela with mainly female (good) lyrics would have been better. Anywayz, agree family audience may stay away but I have heard that some leave during these sequences and then return later on

  • Hottest song or not I cant say …but hottest video…..dont compare akki with other actors….
    Akki is best that is why he is here…love akki or not but never underestimate him.

  • Nothing great about the song, hope it does go with the flow of the film and not a forced item number as always

  • surely Hottest
    Single screens will blaze this May
    these type of songs pull huge crowd to ticket counters at Single Screens

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