Chennai Express writer and filmmaker K. Subaash passes away

Tamil filmmaker K. Subaash, the story writer of Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest grosser ‘Chennai Express’, passed away at the SRM Hospital in Chennai.

“He was suffering from kidney failure and was on dialysis for the last few years. He passed away this morning” the media was informed about Subaash’s death.

Apart from writing the story and screenplay of films, Subaash has directed nearly 20 films, the last one was the Hindi film ‘Insan’ which featured Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Esha Deol and Lara Dutta.

He was also credited as the writer of comedy films like ‘Sunday’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Housefull 3’.

The last rites of Subaash will take place on Wednesday evening.

K Subash

K Subash



  • Singham boss Prakash Raj played Akshay Kumar role in its South remake of Insaan. that time Akki was even getting beaten up by Ajay black and blue on open cinema.
    RIP sir ji

  • May his soul RIP.


    Did you post this article because you genuinely felt sorry for the departed soul or was it because he was the writer of “srk’s” chennai express and you can get few more views?

    I am aligned to think the reason’s the latter. Coz there was no article when veteran Carnatic musician and Padma Vibushan awardee Dr M Balamuralikrishna passed away recently and I’m sure he was far more popular than K. Subaash.

    But sadly Dr M Balamuralikrishna didn’t have the good fortune of singing Lungi Dance else even he would have found an honourable mention here.

  • Lol Srk khan fans would have commented but looking at Ajay Devgb name now they will not comment even had Ajay name had come after Akki paaji still they would have restrained. Such insecure fans and full of Jealousy. Please Other fans read and send your prayers to the man. Amen.

  • @indicine… Not to offend you but you people are getting a little lazy, see what is a meaning of updating the comments now when they were posted yesterday… Your ‘moderation’ time is too long dear fellows, by the time you publish the comments the article has become stale… So it’s better that you keep the ‘moderation’ time under one hour and so many times I have seen my ‘clean’ comments (As I have never used any sort of foul language ever) unpublished on page no.1 while the later comments get published till page no.4 or 5, Why this ? I can guess that there are many more like me who must have noticed this lapse from your site… Please fix it !…

    For e.g. – (This comment still shows under moderation since 2 days – it is sent for ‘Raees’ trailer postponement article which you have published on 21.nov.16

    November 21, 2016 at 3:17 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    abe trailer bhi release nahi ho raha, film bhi release nahi ho rahi… Kya drama hai yeh ???

  • How wierd it is
    I’m this huge srk fan but i’ve never liked chennai express , but today , a couple of hours back i was watching chennai express

    May his soul rest in peace

  • @ charlie, please don’t talk about films and box office at least in this article.we should pray peace for his soul.we have many articles for fan wars.

  • may his gentle soul rest in peace.
    @Raaj you are a big fool to lay such comments here be respectful I know you should be one of the Bhai fans.
    Indicine I have observed some Salman fan like Hritik and Raaj just go to posts and type Shah Rukh fans don’t like Ajay? If a section of fans don’t like him does it mean all? I am his fan but I admire Ajay anyday!
    About Ajay name coming before Akshay should not mean anything or because of a scene. I always remember the saying of a Fight choreagropher in Khakee saying it was very tough to decide who wins the duel in Akshay Ajay fight scene that they even had to give both men equal fights. But some people like @Raaj does not even go so deep on extracting facts. Shame!

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