Chennai Express will have the widest release ever: UTV CEO

Siddharth Roy KapurRohit Shetty’s Chennai Express will have the widest release ever for an Hindi film, according to UTV Motion Pictures CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Addressing a media gathering in London, where Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are currently promoting their upcoming Eid release, Kapur said “Chennai Express is really a big film, it’s an all out commercial entertainer. It does deserve the widest release of all time. We are looking at releasing the film in 125 cinemas, 170 screens. Its the widest release that any film has ever had in the UK”

Talking about the effort that has gone in to market Chennai Express, Kapur said “We have gone all out to market the film. From newspapers, television, radios to social media.. we have given it our all.”

“We want to ensure that everyone has Chennai Express as their first choice during the festival season. If they want to watch a movie, this is the one that they should be able to go and watch, in as many screens as possible so that they have as many options as possible. That’s what we are doing in the UK and its similar across the world. It is the widest release that any Indian film has had worldwide, and we are pretty sure that its going to reflect in the box office collections as well.” he added.

Produced by Gauri Khan, Chennai Express releases in theatres on 9th August 2013. The film is likely to release on more than 4000 screens worldwide!



  • Widest release does not make any movie blockbuster and the biggest example of this is “RA 1”.

  • For CE everything is falling in its right place( EID, Solo n widest release, Good Pre Release WOM)… Only thing left is CONTENT. If Rohit doesnt goof up then, Brace yourself for records breaking spree.

  • Even 4000 screens worldwide will struggle to give 200 crores box office collection worldwide for CE.

  • If Ce itself relsng in 4000 screens dont knw the most awaited film Dhoom 3 will release in how many screens ! !

  • Read the Title, and then read the first comment of @ Joya. Lol, couldn’t control my laughter.

    widest release – biggest flop. hahaha.

  • – It will be released so wide that smaller screens would not be able to fill the whole picture, you will have to watch some on the side walls.
    – It will be so wide and fat that it will fall with a thud
    – It will be so wide that in the so called famous scene, srk on train will be in one screen and deepika running will be in another screen. So, please book tickets for screen no. 1 and screen no. 10 in your nearest multiplex, cuz it is so wide.
    – It is so wide that the screen will tear and you will see the trailer of Phata Poster Nikla Hero. Shahid fans can rejoice.

    any more suggestions are welcome.

  • 3 idiots released in 2009 with 1700 screens did 202 crores and dabangg realsed in 2010 1800 screens did 140 crores…with 3500 screens dabangg-2 did 149 cores only…so screens wont matters…content matters…

  • @JC lol yes and bcoz of this wideness the person who will be affected most will be Srk bcoz his so called Dimple on his chin will look like a big stretched

  • The power of SRK is bigger than any actor hwnce he is ruling international market for more than 20years… unfortunately majority of indians like dabang type crap movies hence srk want to please them as well because Srk is tge greatest actor ..its a cake walk for srk to do this role. In sha allah records will be broken and akshay kumar movie will never get recognized.

  • Haters r working overtime to bring ce down with every possible way. But don’t worry if ra1 did 115 cr in India two years back then in worse case ce will do 140 cr. it’s need haters to pray movie s content shud be at par raone for their satisfaction and if content turn out like 3 idiots then imagine what wud be business.

  • i think some srk haters are afraiding that CE will break all records. So they are giving their negetive comment more & more. I am feeling bad for them.

  • I m happy that i will get the to see the first show. Love u srk. Waiting for this movie anxiously.

  • no doubt…chennai express is going to create history ……..but my concern is, what will happen then???? these haters will either die or go mad.

  • Open challenge to SRK fans
    Will CE break any of these record ?
    1) Second week collections of 3 Idiots – 55 crores
    2)Third week collection of 3 Idiots – 38 crores
    3)Overseas collections of 3 Idiots – 25 million US$
    4)Lifetime collections of 3 Idiots – 202 crores

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