Chennai Express Wednesday Collections: 6th Day

Chennai Express has shown decent growth in business on Wednesday, which is an indication that the film is likely to put up good numbers over the weekend. As today was a national holiday, business at multiplex picked up for the evening and night shows yesterday.

In 6 days since its theatrical release, Chennai Express has collected Rs 137.11 crore at the domestic box office. The film is likely to collect around 150-155 crore in its first week. The 2nd weekend collections will then decide if the film can cross the 200 crore mark.

  • Paid Previews – 6.75 crore
  • Day 1 Friday – 33.12 crore
  • Day 2 Saturday – 28.06 crore (15% drop)
  • Day 3 Sunday – 32.50 crore (16% growth)
  • Day 4 Monday – 12.62 crore (61% drop)
  • Day 5 Tuesday – 11.50 crore (9% drop)
  • Day 6 Wednesday – 12.56 crore (9% growth)
  • Total – 137.11 crores


  • at the end, happy independence day to indicine and all the readers at indicine…there is no discrimination at this platform…..bcoz if its about our country, then no srk/salman/aamir…only one name, india..thats it,.
    Once again, h.i.d. Guys
    Jai hind

  • QUATIM2 has got negative reviews from almost all the critics. Moreover WOM seems to be negative for the film. The advance booking for the movie in BOOK MY SHOW is much lesser as compared to CE which has been applauded highly by the viewers and still the advance booking for today and rest of the weekend is high.

    CE will collect domestic collection to the tune of Rs. 180 Cr by the end of Sunday. Thereafter entire weekend including rakshabandhan holiday will be exclusively held by CE.. 3 idiots record will be history.

    Ready Steady PO

  • @INDICINE,is that true that… CE has collected 51 crore from 670 screens overseas as of august 13,according to Times of India.

  • #Noam
    true bro! Srk such a huge superstar ! 150 cr. In 1st week tells who is the king
    all haters now burning from inside

  • @indicine thanks for reply:-) ya ofcourse.. but I think it depends on the performances of other releases like ouatimd and MC

  • @noam…hehehe..gud one bro..their excuses wud never end…though srk has captured all records at domestic and overseas b.o.

  • I watched CE on Wednesday in NYC and it was full house. It was a laugh riot which had everyone rolling in the theatre. SRK is unique in trying different characters and pulling it off – be it Badshah
    Baazinger Chak de India, Don etc

  • sincere advice to all haters. plz don’t hide under the umbrella of DHOOM3 and KRISH3
    And plz redefine the word perfection
    showing Ur back in a poster is a perfection??????!!!!!

  • @Indicine. what’s the boxoffice update for today. regarding both the movies
    guess today is the first time u r delaying

  • @Indicine. I am waiting and waiting. I never go to any other site for bollywood news and boxoffice report. so I constantly peep and ping on Ur site

  • Congratulation to All of SRK’s Fans.
    Congratulation to Bollywood.
    Many of saying SRK is back etc. But for the kind information of all of you SRK was always here and was ruling consistently. But the Problem was SRK was trying different genres and till CE he had not tried Masala genre after OSO. At that time OSO (Masal Genre) was highest earner n was blockbuster. But after OSO, R.One, Don-2 & JTHJ crossed 100cr easily even they were not current masala genre. But that was SRK’s star power that his movies crossed 100cr easily.
    From last few years Salman n Akshay creates many records but when King joined the Masala gener Trash the all previous years records with in only 3 days.
    ETT created history coz Salman was going through good phase. But the main reason was YRF banner n Kat’s presence. Yes its true. Dabang was blockbuster so that D-2 had very high expectations also before D-2, ETT created history so technically was supposed to beat ETT but result was infront of every one. That what the power of Banner (YRF) as well.
    Also if Salman try to do a movie in different gener I can assure u the movie will not cross even 100cr. Yes I mean it. And I can prove it. Look at the facts:
    • So called perfectionsit Aamir Khan his 3-Idiots & Gajni were 200cr & 100cr movies respectively but what happened with Talash?
    • Akshay’s Housefull-2 & Rowdey Rathore was 100cr movie but what happened with OMG & Special Chabbies?
    • Ajay’s Golmal-3, Singham, Bol Bachan & SOS were 100cr movies but what happened with Tezz, Rascals & Rajneeti?
    • Even Akshay’s Khildai-786 and Ajay’s Himmatwala belongs to the masala genre but due to over doze u can see the results of both movies.
    Now u can fairly judge the facts and reality.
    SRK’s was ruling and still ruling. For shut the mouths of so called critics (who said SRK’s craze is over etc), haters and media’s mouth SRK signed CE, for showing to all fools that what is real power and what the current status of his stardom. When SRK tried again Masala genre after so long result is infront of every on.
    So please accept with a big heart that SRK was, is & will remain the Real and Only KING of Bollywood.

  • This film has received a overwhelming response when srk and sallu are freinds why is there so man people jelous with these collections with harsh comments towards srk. I live In uk and am suprised of the taste of indian audience . Film was alive due to acting of srk . Only masala films will work in bo due to the taste of indians. Chennai express has broken all records till yet except the yjhd 1 missing out by a few lakhs. So let’s get it clear. 125 cr is astonishing in 5 days on average its 25cr a day. In my view this movie doesn’t deserve to get in to 200cr club but after all srk has tried all kinds of movies. Romance,action, sci fi but they don’t seem to cause huge effect on bo but are good movies liked by fans worldwide. However with 125cr 5 days. Weekdays collection over 10cr will be fabulous. Say it makes 10.5cr on wednesday taking its collections to 135cr estimate. So 15th august another biggie OUATIMD releasing people will give it a watch but think about romance drama movies are no longer accepted by indian people. Say if ouatimd didn’t release then chennai express would make 20cr on holiday but with ouatimd releasing the business will split 15cr each is my early estimate for thursday for both movies. Friday chennai express will collect about 8-9 cr due to weekend late friday night shows which should be occupied to 80-90 percent occupancy . Friday col will be about figure above 10cr leaving the first week collections to 160cr. This means it breaks the highest week col . Then comes weekend sunday-saturday these 2 days col will be about 15cr both days. 30cr on weekend for chennai express and OUATIMD . Chennai express will have 190cr or a bit less by the 2 weekends end. As OUATIMD stands it will collect 55cr in its 1st three days. Mon-fri chennai express will collect 2cr each day if not more. Chennai express will hit the 200cr mark by the end of its 2nd week breaking collections of 3 idiots highest 2nd week. It will. Then surpass 3 idiots lifetime col in lakhs. You must be thinking my prediction is biased but when you split the business its an accurate prediction. Ce lifetime col will be 205cr . OUATIMD will collect 90cr in its first week. Lifetime col about 110-120cr due to release of madras cafe the same week.
    0  0

  • Can we know CE released with how many screens comparing to ETT , what is the hike % for tickets …

    when comparing this both CE will be back ….

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