Chennai Express Tuesday Collections (5th Day)

Chennai ExpressChennai Express has dropped by around 10% on its 5th day at the box office. Single screens were steady on the lower side, but business at multiplexes witnessed bigger drops.

Generally, on working days, business in excess of Rs 10 crore is considered to be good, more so because the film was almost running to capacity throughout its 3 day weekend.

In 5 days, Chennai Express has collected 11.5 crores, with average collections of Rs 24.91 crores per day (which is outstanding). Since tomorrow is a national holiday for Independence Day, evening and night shows today are likely to witness a jump in business.

It remains to be seen how well Chennai Express sustains after the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara (releases tomorrow). The Shahrukh Khan starrer has to show growth in business over the course of its second weekend, if it has to have any chance of crossing the 200 crore mark or even go past this year’s biggest grosser Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

  • Paid Previews – 6.75 crore
  • Day 1 Friday – 33.12 crore
  • Day 2 Saturday – 28.06 crore (15% drop)
  • Day 3 Sunday – 32.50 crore (16% growth)
  • Day 4 Monday – 12.62 crore (61% drop)
  • Day 5 Tuesday – 11.50 crore (9% drop)
  • Total – 124.55 crores


  • If OUATIMD Clashed with chennai express, i will say ouatimd would be disaster. Only manages to collect 50 crore.

  • It all depends on the wom of OUATIMD! If the film is good, chennai express will finish with a lifetime of around 170-180cr. If its bad, 2nd week will be good at the box office too and 3idiots record may be broken!

  • So 100% confirm dat CE Wont break All time great film 3 idiots record.
    And I repeat once again 2 every1 dat only Aamir khan will b able 2 break his 3 idiots recrod wid Dhoom3 or Pk dat tym will tell

  • I think 10% drop is very good considering busy working days. Now wednesday collections will be more as thursday is a holiday, and next day CE open huge because of national holiday. CE will surpass the collections of all SRK movies at the box office including Ready and Agneepath in just 5 day which is fantastic.

    Now next day its Rowdy Rathore and then the first week of ETT. Golden chance to beat 3 Idiots. Lets see.

  • This is an amazing figure considering a 100 crore weekend.. Fact of the matter is, everybody is in office from monday to wednesday because of a long weekend coming up.. n looking at the craze of RecordExpress, it will surely roll on OUTIMD and come up trumps..

    This Box office Tsunami is simply unstoppable..

    Nobody seems interested in the anti national, anti religion film OUTIMD, that too on independence day.

    So tomorrow is the time to watch ‘Dobara’.. errr Chennai Express Dobara ofcourse :) ..

  • To be honest because of the clash and biggies line up in August, CE was never expected to cross 150- 160cr. And CE has performed exceedingly well till now. Even as a SRK fan i didnt expect this figure.

    More realistic figure were
    Paid preview – 4 cr
    Fri – 30 cr
    sat – 24 cr
    sun – 26 cr
    Mon – 10cr
    tue – 9.5 cr

    But doing the way, it has surprised all of us it has been phenominal. This shows the power of SRK.
    Whatever the drop is now on and whatever the eventual fate will be it has performed overwhelmingly…

    Now i think it will Do :

    wed – 12 cr
    thu – 12cr
    Fri – 5cr
    sat – 6cr
    sun – 7cr
    Mon – 2.
    tue- 1.4
    wed – 1.3
    thu – 1

    So MAX total = 185cr

  • 11.50 for non holiday
    200Cr club here #RecordExpress is coming to u

    it needs only 80 Cr in 17 days and it will be
    The Marvelous Express

    hope it will make it to make SRK happier And if it didnt it will be fine he allready has 3 records in his hand

  • @indicine

    What was the lifetime collection of Yeh Jawani hai Deewani. Is it possible to get a comparison between 3 Idiots, ETT, YJHD, and CE in terms of the days.

  • Now over aftrer taking advantage of eid holiday now chennai express is phuss its clearly shows srk movie 1ly works in holidays

  • After the 1st three stations this Express train has now turned into local pasanger train….175-180 max…….

    Film kuch khas nahi thi lekin film ka wo scene jo mujhe sabse mast laga wo tha…….JAB TRAIN WATERFALL K PASS BRIDGE PE RUKATI HAI…….seriosly us scene k liye Rohit Shetty or Cinematographer ko 100 out of 100 marks…..

  • Chennai Express rock solid on weekdays as well.. With such a huge weekend drops had to be huge so anything above 10 cr is very good.. My realistic predictions for the coming days.

    Wednesday – 11.5 – 12.5 cr
    Thursday – 13.5 – 14.5 cr
    WFriday – 8 – 9 cr
    Saturday – 9 – 9.5 cr
    Sunday. – 11.5 – 12.5 cr
    Monday – 5 – 6 Cr
    Tuesday- 4.5 – 5 cr
    Wednesday – 3.5 – 4 cr
    Thursday – 3 cr
    Lifetime – 10- 12 cr
    If OUIMD a good film
    Total – 124.55 + 60.5 + 10 =195
    If OUIMD a bad fim
    Total – 124.55 + 76 + 12 = 212

  • Even after witnessing such a huge weekend there is still craze amongst the people to watch this wholesum entertainer wid their family..
    Collections on monday and tuesday clearly shows that there is still more to come from this record express
    As per the current scenerio and trend it looks like
    Srk’s chennai express will still collect 200 cr inshaallah….
    Here is d expected earnings of chennai express from wednesday onward..
    Total 5 day stands app as follows : 123 cr to 124 cr.
    Wed : 10 cr
    Thu (independence day) 12 cr
    Fri : 9 cr
    Sat : 11 cr
    Sun : 12 cr
    So 54 cr alone from wed to sun..
    So total domestic collections till sunday will be around 175 cr to 180 cr..
    Suppose if it is only 175 cr till coming sunday…than also for the next ten days if it collects on the avg of 3 cr per day from monday; chennai express will surpass the lifetime bo collection of both ett and 3 idiots. .
    Lets hope for the best..
    Good luck srkians..

  • Wat if it had 2nd week free like other biggies it would hv definitely surpassed 200 cr but still it looks possible. Great number for non holiday tuesday.

  • CE Film has crossed 227 cr worldwide gross in 4 days (125 CR+ST RIGHT 45 cr at domestic & 57 cr in overseas). Film will stand at 135 cr nett after 6 days and then big day 15th August will be very crucial for film”s lifetime business as another biggie OUATIMD will arrive.

    Below are the collections of the film –

    Domestic Collection

    Thursday (Paid Preview)

    06.75 cr nett


    33.12 cr nett
    Saturday 28.05 cr nett
    Sunday 32.50 cr nett
    Monday 12.62 cr nett
    Tuesday 11.50 cr nett

    Total Domestic Collections

    124.54 cr nett

    Total Overseas Collections

    58.00 cr

    Total Worldwide Collections

    182.54 cr

  • CE is doing well. Regarding more records, it depended on availability of open weeks, good music and good content. CE is doing well given its conditions and it will be a blockbuster. At least he’s not coming back after a string of flops!
    For a truly record breaking film, SRK needs to do a film with better content. In 2006, even the old and retired Sanjay Dutt was breaking records thanks to Rajkumar Hirani’s LRM!
    SRK has given Rohit Shetty his biggest grosser and his film rides on him. It’s not a previously successful franchise, remake of a successful film, multistarrer or having SRK as part of a crowded ensemble cast.
    CE is a BB in first week itself. Haters keep trying hard to prove SRK’s over!

  • Don’t compare CE with YJHD, cause YJHD released during summer holidays for schools and colleges, so obviously its monday and tuesday collection will be more but the fact that CE collected 12.6 crores on monday, and 11.8 crores on tuesday is outstanding.

  • Likely box office outcome of chennai express
    First week – 146 cr
    Second week – 38 cr
    Third week – 20 cr
    Fourth week – 8 cr
    Fifth week – 5 cr
    Sixth week – 2cr
    Seventh week 1cr
    Other weeks <1cr
    UTV to annonuce 220 cr as lifetime domestic net, also to announce a new lifetime record of 204cr on august 30, to join 200 cr club on august 28, box office india will put lifetime collection at 204cr on september 17.

  • After 1 week,it would be 145+ crs. .so it will cross atleast 175 crs. .
    Bt i have a doubt because outimd will come tomorrow. .

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