Chennai Express TRP: Best for 2013, 3rd highest ever

Chennai ExpressThere are reports that 2013’s biggest blockbuster Chennai Express has also fetched the highest TRP’s for a feature film this year. The Shahrukh Khan – Deepika Padukone starrer stands at No 3 in the list of films that released in the last 5 years.

TRP of 9.5 is also the highest for a Shahrukh starrer, way ahead of his last few releases releases like Ra One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Earlier today, SRK tweeted “Heard Chennai Express was hugely watched on Zee TV. Another feather in Rohit Shetty & teams’ cap. “Don’t u EVER under estimate etc etc…””

  • 3 Idiots – 10.9 (39 million viewers)
  • Bodyguard – 10.3
  • Chennai Express – 9.5
  • Dabangg – 9.2
  • Singham – 8.7
  • Ghajini – 8.0
  • Ra One – 6.7
  • Rowdy Rathore – 5.6
  • Khiladi 786 – 5.1
  • Son Of Sardar – 5.1
  • Dabangg 2 – 4.9
  • Bol Bachchan – 4.8
  • Agneepath – 4.7
  • Ek Tha Tiger – 4.6
  • Housefull 2 – 3.8
  • OMG Oh My God – 3.5
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 2.4
  • Talaash – 2.3


  • @Indicine can u plz explain wat shailesh kappor tweeted abt CE trp bieng 9.5 AND SAME Trp in 2012 bieng 11+ in 2012 as dynamics have changed

  • And this TRP Show’s hw the film is accepted by audience srk star power has to be credited as zee is nt as famous as star networks nw get ready as his haters will say srk buyied whole TRP Management team ;-p

    1)Highest paid preview
    2)Highest single day and first day
    3)Highest second day and Saturday
    4)Highest third day and Sunday
    5)Highest weekend (collected 100cr in weekend only)
    5)100cr mark in India only in 3 days
    6)150cr mark in India in 1 week
    7)200cr mark in 14days
    8)Highest Distributor share in India(115cr)
    9)Highest grossing film in India(228cr)
    10)Highest grossing film worldwide(422cr)
    11)3rd highest overseas grosser (121cr & counting) expected to be highest as 2nd phase release is going to start this week
    Main thing to be noted is that CHENNAI EXPRESS made this record worldwide being a masala film with only 6 days open and competition from 3 films reducing the screen size also

  • “CE” TRP 3rd highest ever behind “3 idiots” and “BG”.Srk can’t beat Aamir and Salman.Will always remain 3rd.


    9 Things which you should know about SRK v/s Salman –

    1.) GODFATHER – Salman had his father Salim Khan’s influence to get established in Bollywood , whereas Shahrukh was a poor guy from Delhi , who made Debut on his Talent.

    2.) Image – Salman has the bad guy Image and has proved it right time and over , whereas Shahrukh is known to be the perfect father and husband. He has a Image of a perfect Man.

    3.) Court Case – Salman has 9 cases in his name , including crushing 5 beggars at night while drunk and driving , killing chingara and many more , whereas Shahrukh has never seen jail in real life.

    4.) Hits – Out of 46 movies Salman has done , 11 were hits and 6 were super hits whereas out of 73 SRK movies 40 were hits and 18 Blockbuster.

    5.) Fans – Salman has a fan following in India , South Asia and UAE whereas Srk has a huge fan following in India , South Asia , UAE , U.SA. , France , Germany , Russia , Canada , South korea and many more.

    6.) Net Worth – Salman has a net worth of 400 crore where SRK has a net worth of 2650 crore

    7.) Donation – Salman runs a foundation names being human and has turned it into a brand whereas SRK has donated 18 crore to cancer cell of Aims and has not even preached about it.

    8.) Some say SRK is greedy , well he is , he has 2 children future to look after , 1 huge bungalow to maintain , has a wife..( A father trying to earn as much money as he can for his children is not said to be greedy )

    9.) Power – SRK is the only Indian to be included in Forbes top 100 influential person in the world. According to UK tabloid , SRK HAS 50 Million Fans which is 6 times more than Salman Khan.

    That is why is he is the Undisputed King.

  • Superb… @ present it is very difficult to make someone watch one show.. as there are many things to choose from.. this is a proof to make ull understand that this movie was loved and will be loved and watched by viewers every time it is appears on tv..

    Though I feel if it was premiered on star or Sony TRP would have been much more may b 10.5

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