Chennai Express Trailer Launch on June 13th: Exclusive stills

The much-awaited Chennai Express trailer starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone will be launched on June 13th 2013. Initially set to be revealed this week, the trailer launch was delayed due to SRK’s shoulder surgery. Apparently, doctors have advised the actor to take complete bed rest for another week.

Meanwhile, the makers have also released quite a few on-the-set stills from Chennai Express. Have a look.

Deepika Padukone, Rohit Shetty - Chennai ExpressDeepika Padukone, Rohit Shetty – Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty, Deepika Padukone - Chennai ExpressRohit and Deepika on the sets of Chennai Express.

Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty -Chennai ExpressDeepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan and Rohit Shetty -Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan on the sets of Chennai ExpressShahrukh Khan on the sets of Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan - Chennai ExpressShahrukh Khan – Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Rohit Shetty - Chennai Express

Deepika Padukone, Rohit Shetty - Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty, Shahrukh Khan - Chennai Express

Shahrukh Khan, Rohit Shetty - Chennai Express

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  • Why the dumb-@$$E$ of @Navin & @sachin11 is burning?
    ATBB IS COMING.Can”t wait for it.And after seeing OUTIMA trailer i am 100% sure CE is going to crush OUTIMA this EID.

  • king kumar.

    dont get confused.ouatima and ce r releasing in same no of screens.if there is any difference it will be 100 or 120 doubt ouatima will tke bigger opening than ce.

  • Masala movie with fresh and original story. Story of man journey in train. Great actor Sharukh khan in different avatar. This few reasons is enough to fire the boxoffice ticket counter. Can’t wait anymore else i will be mental for sure

  • first of all a good pat to my friends sachin11 & Navin, you both rock!!!!!

    srk is proving again n again that bad is he in keeping his words unlike our Salman the megastar who commits once n then does not listen to his own self to change or influence the commitment. there is a famous saying ‘jo apni baat ka nahi woh apne baap ka nahi’. Only real men can Keeping up their words not haklus or hijd@s !!!!

  • @XZONE bro i thought you are intelligent and you won’t believe in etc filmometers and all that.i mean,,how could buzz of OUATIMA be so low that it is even lower then lootera(25%)???something really wrong in it.
    btw,,let me give you their other older predictions.
    1.aashiqui2—10 crores(original 70+ cr.)
    2.himmatwala—120 crores(45 cr)
    3.jthj—150 crores(100 cr.)
    4.yjhd—85 crores(allready crossed it in 5 days)
    5.jolly llb—7 crores(35 cr.)
    6.talaash—160 crores(90 cr.)
    7.sp.26 —-40 crores(70+ cr.)
    now i hope you will understand how good they are in predictions.

  • @samar Forgive xzone for being so naive…

    Bichaara still believes in Father Christmas so he leaves out a glass of milk every christmas eve for him and when he wakes up the next morning the glass is empty and he gets no pressies for all his efforts…! :-(
    Little xzone is 34 years old but it has never crossed his little feeble mind that it is his dog who drinks the glass of milk every time…! :-P

  • @xzone Yeah I was there on first day of Shooting for Chennai Depress but they did kick me off the set after a week…! :-(

    Official reason was Deepika was getting close to me which irritated Srk but unofficially the truth was that I couldn’t get my lines right…! :-(
    I played the part of a coolie and my line was:- “challo yaaro, chennai express train aa gaye hain…! but everytime the camera was on me I kept saying:- “Hey guys the Chennai Depress train is slowly approaching…” so hence I was sacked…!
    No biggie as Deepika is not that pretty up close & personal and Srk really is a grumpy old buddha and the story itself- well it made JTHJ look like a rollercoaster ride…! :-P

  • @hrithik Thanks yaar n you know we have to keep ROCKING on srks pages because the general level of chat/ enthusiasm on srks pages by his demented fans is as exhausting as are Kings depressed ridden movies…! :-P
    (with the exception of the ID ‘king’ who really is 1 in a billion srkian fan…! :-D )

  • @smeagol Navin. Ur comment relating to 4th last pics about Xzone was hilarious and thought Xzone wouldn’t have a reply to it. But Xzone being a person he is, given u back a even more hilarious reply. Now that’s called DAMAKEDAR JAWAB. @Xzone congrats u win coffee hamper.

  • outima have confusing story thats prob with film n if chenna express have just good story then ATBB on the way

  • @soroop Now do I win the coffee hamper for giving you the Damakedar jawab…?

    If no then no biggie as Im more of a ‘tea’ man and not very fond of coffee…! ;-)

  • @navin…hahaha…look at ur comments…they hardly make any sense…i mso worried abt u as with the time of release of ce is getting closer….ur mental health is degrading day-by-day…..still, there r 2 months to go nd i fear that till that time, perhaps, indicine will loose it’s demented but regular visitor “navin”…take care of ur health man….thats my only advice for u…nd i m sure that if u ll continue to behaving in this way, then u ll definitely grap an important role in sallu’s upcoming “mental”…so is it a strategy for a role???
    @soroop…thanks buddy….he ll get it back to back…if he ll continue his insane behaviour..:P

  • @xzone stop hallucinating… You, Damnnn…!… and remotecontrol have come here using different IDs and employing multiple strategies against me but I keep administering the ‘Dhoni Helicopter’ shot on you losers…! :-P

    You cant give it ‘back to back’, not in your wildest dreams so I suggest you take ‘soroop’ up on his offer and have a coffee with him and chill yaar…

  • This EID belongs to only KING KHAN!!! Once upon a time in mumbai 2 postponed to release on Aug 15th.
    SRK is the only actor who is giving consistent hits for the past 20 years!!! Not even Aamir khan or Salman khan!! That is why he is biggest star on planet!

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