Chennai Express First Day Collections: Early Estimates

Chennai ExpressUPDATE: UTV Motion Pictures have announced that Chennai Express has collected Rs 33.12 crore on its first day at the box office.

Chennai Express was outstanding on its opening day at the box office in India, but even with such fantastic numbers the film might fall short of the opening day record of Ek Tha Tiger. There is very little in there between the two, but the Salman Khan starrer is slightly ahead in almost every circuit.

As per (very) early estimates, the film has collected around 29 crore in India, which is about 10% lower than Ek Tha Tiger.

Chennai Express First Day Collections Territorial breakdown (estimates)

  • Mumbai – 11 crore
  • Delhi/UP – 5 crore
  • East Punjab – 2.4 crore
  • Rajasthan – 1.7 crore
  • West Bengal – 1.5 crore
  • Nizam – 1.6 crore
  • C.I – 1.2 crore
  • C.P – 1.6 crore
  • Mysore – 1.75 crore
  • Orrissa – 0.3 crore
  • Others (Bihar, Tamilnadu/Kerala etc) – 1 crore+

Total – 29.05 crore

When the actual collections come in, the film might cross the 30 crore mark or fall short.

For those interested in the official territorial breakdown of Ek Tha Tiger last year. Below are the figures. It must be noted that, Independence Day is a bigger holiday than Eid, as the muslim section of the audience don’t come out of theatres to watch films till noon / evening which could have affected collections of Chennai Express on its opening day. Having said that, Ek Tha Tiger released during the month of Ramadan when most muslims tend to avoid watching films in theatres.

Ek Tha Tiger Territorial Breakdown

  • Mumabi – 11.96 crore
  • Delhi/UP – 6.21 crore
  • East Punjab – 3 crore
  • Rajasthan – 1.9 crore
  • Nizam – 1.55 crore
  • West Bengal – 1.72 crore
  • Bihar – 0.72 crore
  • Assam – 0.16 crore
  • Orissa – 0.35 crore
  • C.P – 1.71 crore
  • C.I – 1.4 crore
  • Mysore – 1.7 crore
  • Tamilnadu / Kerala – 0.55 crore
  • Total – 32.93 crore


  • @Indicine: Is it possible that the weekend business could be around 85-90 crores and it will cross the 100 crore mark within 4 days?

  • So according you Muslims do not watch film on Eid but during Ramazan they watch? Keep comforting hopeless people.I doubt if u publish my comment.

  • This is a superb collection for we SRK fans and we hope for a sustainable collection to reach a very big total collection of an All time Blockbuster status Ameeen insha ????? . @indicine how much total it needs to achieve a blockbuster status and All time bBuster?

  • @indicine do u think that during Ramadan last year on 15 Aug. majority of Muslims watched ETT. you must be joking.

  • AMAZING MOVIE!!! Doesnt matter if first day is 1 or 2 crore above or lesser than ETT.. this is the best masala entertainer ever.. very clean and extremely hilarious!! Plus remember, it had a huge Thursday previews which created a record of 6.5 crore so total first day including thursday previous is still huge and biggest record!!

  • Theres no logic in the article. Well Indicine/ author here you contradict yourself.

    FYI I married into a muslim family and believe me, ramazan, Eid or Independence Day, if theres a film my extended family wanna watch then they will watch it regardless of what day is. The strict more disciplined followers of Islam may not watch movies at all so there are not the ‘norm’ audience so factoring them in is pointless. This year Ranazan fasts were 18hrs long but I know muslims close to me passed their long days with watching occasional movies at home or in theatres. You need to be fair in your analysis which you mostly are.

    Good analysis about ETT but that had more going for it like Salman in his best genre and the Kat jodi oh yes Great chartbuster music too.
    PS Chennai Express to collect 30 cr is s huge effort so well done, credit where its due. Its comfortably exceeded my ambitious target of 12.34 cr for opening day. ;-)

  • Haha king is back cant even cross ETT after inflated ticket prices which means less people watched it in theatres compared to ETT bcoz 40% hike in ticket prices is good money..monday a crash will be seen and lifetime will be 125

  • Is there any error in your figures regarding the collections in West Bengal ? SRK is brand ambassador of West Bengal, and he has huge following there but still Chennai Express is 1.5cr in 2013 and ETT 1.75 in 2012 ??
    I can’t find these figure appropriate for early estimate.

  • what a surprise that a avg movie geting blockbuster opening day. In india movies runs only on star power , while content and story are far behind eg pst, special 26 etc

  • Bhuwan everywhere its the same star power is needed for good opening but after that only a good storyline sustains

  • In Eid morning people pray eid prayer…which usually held 8 to 8:30 am..those who are not strict muslim and those who even do not fasting also pray eid prayer.. so in morning shows they can not come..the point is Eid prayer..not Ramadan.

  • Chennai Express is a Film, which has 0% vulgarity, Nudity. It Can be watched with Mom’s, Sister’s, Wife’s, Girl Friends, Kids comfortably.
    Its a whole some Family Entertainer with loads of fun,romance and some action. Entertaining Ride of 2 hours 22 mins. People aged from 7 – 70 are gonna love it.
    SRK hits a Jackpot, SURE SHOT BLOCKBUSTER.

  • Well done Chennai Express! SRK has managed to extend his career for a while………..but…………….. Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 will break these records and SRK has to start his catching up game again.

  • I am a big SRK nd rohit shetty fan loved Golmaal series but Chennai Express is no were close to it. Action specaily VFX are so shabby,back to back songs shahrukh speaking tamil towards finale rohit took us for granted. Production standard too seems below mark deepika is outstanding SRK below par loved him in JTHJ instead on whole disappointed sallu fans would miss him a lot today

  • Hahahaha even with hiked ticket prices , masala movie and biggest screening ever SRK cant beat ETT. Start giving reasons now SRK fans!! haha

  • Lol. Ek tha Tiger might have beaten CE but let’s see the upcoming days. SRK in his “bad phase” can nearly equal Salman’s best opening in Salman’s best career phase.

  • guys its broke the records of ek tha tiger(32.75 cr)……..yester collect 33.35 cr in first day.finally sallu beat by srk……………….king khan rocks…………according to early trend it is going to beat cr) in second day with huge 30 cr. Third day sunday also ……above 30 cr according to advance booking(90% sold)……… going to create a huge record…..that is within 4 day 100 cr…………but i think 3 idiot (202 cr)is safe because of ouatim dobara. time will …say

  • It was hard to beat ETT. Salman Khan was on a different high since Dabangg. His craze is even more around Eid. SRK has delivered good numbers for an average film. But his choice of films hasn’t been good of late. It’s better to attempt a pure comedy or actioner than try to add a little bit of everything. This film will be a success but not the kind of astronomical success he’s looking for against his rivals.

  • one more news. ce collects 26.32 crores over seas on first day
    so total first day collection
    60 CRORES

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