Chennai Express breaks 4 year old record of 3 Idiots

Chennai Express opened to a fantastic response at the box office on Thursday, as the paid-previews collected around 6 – 6.5 crores at the domestic box office. Released on approximately 800 screens across the country, the response to Rohit Shetty’s latest action-comedy was phenomenal all over India.

Even though a few shows at Cinepolis multiplexes were cancelled due to technical reasons, the Shahrukh Khan starrer managed to break the 4 year old record of 3 Idiots which collected Rs 2.75 crore a day before its actual release on 25th December 2009.

With most multiplexes running 11-12 shows between 6 – 11PM on Thursday, Chennai Express had by far the biggest release for a ‘paid preview’ on Thursday, with average occupancy of around 75-80%.

Chennai Express has fared exceptionally well in Mumbai, Mysore, West Bengal and South India. In Punjab, C.I, UP, Bihar the film was slightly below the mark.

A few single-screens also screened the film last evening. The response wasn’t great, occupancy was around 40-50%.



  • waiting for a much deserved atbb for srk once again. Hope this time he gets it. This film is not to engage in cinematography. This is a simple film to go out with ur families and have a laugh in this festive time.

  • Good Movie……..better than Rohit Shetty’s Golmal 2,3 nd Bol Bachchan…… time watch….

    Shahrukh is awesome……..Deepak is good with her South indian Avatar…….

  • Wow… Fantastic! SRK has finally done it together with Rohit Shetty & DP. Plus good reviews & good word of mouth after a long time for a SRK movie. I wanna watch it cos indicine has rated it 3.5/5. Surely I’ll love it.

  • @anupama, haha your dream will never come true, you girls only like romantic heroes like shahrukh and ranbir lol romance aur rom-coms k alawa aur kuch palle nahi padta tum logon ke !
    this is not surprising, any films released in a wide release on paid preview can collect huge, real test starts from today. ce is an average movie to be honest. it will never be blockbuster.

  • Movie might break Opening day record……. But Life time cllecton of 3I nd ETT will remain safe by certain extent..

  • @indicine.. Plz post updates on the opening day collection. Do u think positive reviews after the paid preview would increase its chances of breaking etts opening day record?

  • Ye to bus suruyat hai, picture abhi baki hai mere dost, agaye agaye dekho hota hai kia, the king is back.

  • Preview collectns,
    opening day collectns, show how much people are excitd 2 see d film.
    Bt a rcrd lyk 202 cr.of 3IDIOTS shw dat how much they have lovd… d film.
    The final cllctn of CE will show how much people love SRK and his chennai express.

  • If a film can collect 6.5 cr on just 800 screens that too in paid-previews, then why bother about the less screen count which OUATIMA is getting. If the movie is liked, there is nothing which can stop it from scoring huge at boxoffice.

  • Lol about time- 4 years and 5 crappy movies later so hardly worth shouting from the rooftops now is it…!

    3 idiots lifetime figure is safe- not much repeat value but definitely Chennai Depress is better than that comedy horror movie Raavan Returns as and JTHJ. I agree with some reviewers so give the film the average score of 3 out of 5 stars- Im being generous maybe its Eid and kids loved some parts of the movie so paisa vasool.
    A Few good laughs and not as much wreckage as I expected so headache aborted. Shetty doesnt disappoint, Srks hamming still alot and Deepikas dialect not too shabby. Worth a watch despite who your fav hero is.

  • @nilesh ditto

    Eid mubarak to my wider family, in laws and all brothers and sisters out there. God bless you all. Amen

  • #r20
    what a stupid show of you
    every critics are giving thumbs up to the film
    audience also gives thumbs up
    6.5 cr. In preview is not a joke…
    Its a RECORD !

  • don’t worry….it will break the lifetime record too….just wait and watch…chennai express is running like a hurricane all over india…….now, the important point is, let’s see, how many records get thrashed by it….

  • i dont know why people call aamir khan the perfectionalist and a MAHAAN actor.3 idiots was a great movie 50% credit to story and direction 30% to madhavan sharman and boman is impossible to imagine the movie without them.also comedy with chatur was the highlight of the movie.i dont find any significant contribution from aamir khan to the movie.and it was aamir khan who started making crapsters and remakes of so called great movie GHA___GHA GHAJINI.and if ghajini can succeed so can far better good movies dabanggs and golmaals.and so can chennai express.i dont understand if he really feels about poverty in india.then why taking 39 crores for satyamev jayate.if people are so confident about aamir fan following and star power then why talassh could not touch even 100 crore even with good story.and please dont blame the genre of movie.he is just cashing on the success of 3 idiots.

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