Characters in Chennai Express

For the 7th time in his career, Shahrukh Khan’s character in a film has been named Rahul. While playing his iconic screen-name, SRK has been highly successful, as every film of his has struck box office gold with the exception of Zamaana Deewana in 1995.

Chennai Express

In Chennai Express, Rahul (Shahrukh) is a 40-year-old North Indian bachelor who stays with his grandparents in Mumbai. During his younger days, Rahul couldn’t marry because of his over-loving and over-possessive grandfather who simply cannot live without him. One day, he accidentally boards a train that not only takes him to his destination but also makes him realise the power of love.

While on the train, he bumps into Meena (Deepika Padukone), who is lovingly called Meenamma by her loved ones. She is a South Indian girl who stays in Komban village with her huge family. Her mother passed away when she was a child.

Meena’s father is Durgeshwara Azhagusundaram (Sathyaraj) a well-known Periyatalay (Don) of the Komban village. He is extremely protective of Meena.

Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer) is the Periyatalay of another village, and Meena’s father is very fond of him.

Chennai Express is a hilarious ride filled with romance, comedy and action. The film releases in theatres on 8th August 2013.



  • Okay, we hope that the fate of Zamaana Deewana does not get repeated here.
    This Eid, Rahul will beat all South stars. Bang!

  • Wow! a great lovestory with comedy and action, the king khans is ready to come in this eid, now its clear ce was made in strong content, noone can stop it to cross 200cr mark when an average content film yjhd did more than 190cr in non holiday.

  • i love srk..i hv absolutely idolized him since this sounds like complete bullshit..hope it turns out to be better in screen..nt only hoping also praying..:(

  • ticket kharid ke baith gaye sit pe…..dekhni hai ab
    bs chenai express…
    king is back with differnt mood

  • Chennai Express Story till Interval
    Rahul became very lonely after his granfather’s death who was his one and only family member. As it was Rahul grandfather’s last wish to immerse his ashes in Cooum river which is located in Chennai. For that Rahul will board a train called chennai express. Suddenly he sees a girl (meenakshi) running towards the train, actually Meenakshi is trying to escape from few goons. To get rid of them she will get in to chennai express. Through the jorney, Rahul and Meenskahi exchange few words and become casual friends. In between the goons (who also managed to get in the train by following her) will find her and ask her to go with them. Meenaskhi as obvious wan’t ready but seeing this Ticket Inspector will try to interfere but end up with those Goons thowing TI out of the moving train. Rahul, who is the lone witness, to eliminate even that, goons try to kill him but Meenakshi wont let it that happen and advice Rahul to go with them to komban Village. He has no choice but to go with them. On the way to komban village Meenakshi will tell her story briefly to Rahul that she have to run away from home bcuz her father was forcing her to marry Tangaballi, who is a big Goon in Tirutachi village. And will threaten rahul that he shud rescue her from this mess else she will ask her father to kill him. Poor Rahul had no choice but to take a huge risk. However, both somehow managed to run way and escape to a unknown village. Both Durugeshwara and Tangaballi and their goons are after them.

  • The most interesting thing in the plot is.. SRK himself admitting in the movie that his age is 40

  • No interested at all. Waiting for mental & Kick. For chennai express, music below average, trailer above average, so film will be average. my prediction 95 crore – 115 crore. (due to eid weekend & 15 august holiday). If it releases without these holidays my prediction would be 80 + crore life time

  • Supporting cast is necessary for a movie to become blockbuster and CE has all unknown supporting cast.

  • @indicine Any idea who will be playing the role/s of the flying cars…?
    We all know that in Shettys movies ‘cars’ is a very important character and I hope that this time we will perhaps see a porsche, ferrari or bugati being blown up for no apparent reason…! ;-)

  • Its very clear now ce was made in strong content. A lovestory with lots of comedy and action. Now i am 100% sure ce col more than 200cr. When an average content film yjhd did 190cr plus releasing in a non holiday. Only bad wom affect ce business which looks impossible. So there will be a heigh chance for ce to cross 200cr mark.

  • Life of masala films like CE is atmost 2 weeks (that too if it gets good word of mouth and if music is popular).
    Vishal-shekhar have failed to give a chartbuster album,and with Khiladi Shoaib waiting on 15th aug,
    Ce lifetime will not be more than 120cr.

  • One more year, one more srk movie, same high expectations of srkians n farcial claims of breaking records and again the result will be same as last 3 years. Kaaabooom !!!!!

  • Srk is best at roles like Mohabbatein, CDI & Swades. Over the top masala movies wont suit him. srkians chillax it is a fact.

  • Lol I couldnt stop laughing at indicine’s 3.5 music ratings for chennai express. Such a pathetic album doesnt even deserve 2.5 and i am sorry that as a srk biased site indicine will again be disappointed after seeing the ‘epic,historical, legendary, mammoth astronomical’ collections of their favorite star’s ce. Can ce cross 123 crores in india? Yes with great difficulty it may, but can it cross 150 crores?

  • after watching this fabulous story of i am fully confident that salman khan’s ready record is safe by a distance.
    mr.rohit shetty you can deliver big hits only and only with ajay are nothing without ajay.please don’t forget this next time.

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