Chandni Chowk To China Box Office Collections!

After a great end to the year 2008 with blockbusters like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini, all eyes were on the first big release of 2009. Chandni Chowk To China starring Akshay Kumar was expected to do the following

1) Open big all over India and overseas.
2) Match the opening weekend collections of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Singh Is King and Golmaal Returns.
3) Further consolidate Akshay Kumar’s position as one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, one who can guarantee a historic initial.

The other debate on discussion boards and blogs was; Can Chandni Chowk to China match or even beat the opening of Aamir Khan’s historic Ghajini?

Unfortunately, Chandni Chowk To China (CC2C) has shocked the trade! The film opened to a worst possible start with most critics, International and Indian, slamming the film. Then came the next shocker, the occupancy at the paid preview shows was somewhere between 65 – 75%, which is not bad but well below what was expected from a Akshay Kumar film.

On Friday with a much wider release, CC2C managed about 65 – 70% collections all over India, again not bad for a film that has released on such huge number of prints, but nothing great either.

On Saturday, the film was expected to further pick up momentum which again didnt happen. Which probably was due to the bad word of mouth surrounding the film. At some places the collections were less than half of Ghajini and Singh Is King!

Sunday the collections have improved slightly, but much lower than expected. Can it sustain on Monday or will the film directed by Nikhil Advani witness a heavy fall? We feel due to the negative reviews, word of mouth and the fact that many viewers have rejected the film outright, CC2C should fall heavily on Monday.

Now what about the overseas collections? The initial reports have a similar story to tell. Here are the estimate figures from a reputed Box office site,

Lets compare it to the other releases in recent times.

Chandni Chowk To China – $651,000 on 130 screens (Rs 3.18 crores) Estimate
Singh Is King – $1,154,528 on 112 screens (Rs 5.63 crores)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – $920,995 on 83 screens (Rs 4.49 crores)
Ghajini – $766,859 on 83 screens (Rs 3.74 crores)
Jodha Akbar – $1,300,000 on 100 screens (Rs 6.34 crores)

So even with the most number of screens amongst all the other big films of 2008, CC2C could possibly (going by estimate) be the least grossing film overseas.

The failure of CC2C should affect Nikhil Advani the most, as after a highly successful debut with Kal Ho Na Ho, he followed it up with the box office disaster Salaam-e-Ishq and now CC2C. Next comes Akshay Kumar and like last year with Tashan, he has failed with this year’s first release. Deepika Padukone should experience her first career failure.

CC2C has a tough ride ahead and to cover its huge costs, the film should sustain on Monday and do well the next weekend. Highly unlikely, but still quite possible. Lets wait and watch. More Soon.



  • A few words from the distributors and trade experts

    Kumar Mohan, a trade expert says “Shows of Chandni Chowk To China are being reduced all over India. This is the first time that such a thing is happening to a big film. Even the paid previews did not receive an encouraging response.”

    Source from Cinemax “We have registered only 40 – 45 % collections in the last three days.”

    Amod Mehra, a trade expert “Chandni Chowk to China is a disaster. The film has no script, no action and no China. Distributors are crying and they are bound to lose copious amounts of money.”

  • We, nepalese people are strongly offended by the statement “Gautam Buddha was born in india” . Besides that the movie is a piece of crap something I had never expected from an Akshay kumar starrer …..

  • I am a gr8 fan of akshay and i am sadden by the box office reviews. Anyway i will go and watch the movie to be able to notice the bad work of NIkhil. I am happy Amir gave a rocking performance in ghajini. I waited for CC2C and didnt get the ticket for the debut in Mauritius as it was house full. I wish bollywood gives us some good movies this year as remember all, for them its business but for us its entertainment and we need it badly.

  • The dj’s in SA seem to have enjoyed the fits in more with the hollywood style of movie…no happy ever after story. looking forward to watching the movie on Tuesday. I enjoyed Welcome. With the highly stressful events that have taken place recently, i prefer watching a movie that makes no sense and has humour. if the movie can impact positively in our lives. its fine. i always maintain that Akshay does better in movies where he has a say than in movies made by big banners. after all he has made it on his own…not by being in a certain camp. all the best Akshay. do not forget to include your lucky mascot Kathrina in your next movie.

  • I watched the moive it was good movie .I don’t know whay people are aginst akshay’s sucess all the time .
    I think CC2C is better than sharuk RNBJ .if the movie dosn’t become hit that’s ok .it happens some time
    but it dosn’t mean that we put evry thing on actor’s shoulder

  • I watched the movie and it is a very good movie. Must watch film for all fun lovers. I think it is one of the best film in recent times..
    If the same film is done in english it is appreciated but if it is done in Hindi actor the film becomes bakwas, bundle..etc.
    Actually this film matches with the performance of Jackie chan.
    Akshay is too good.
    And it should be a super hit

  • It could be a hit.
    I mean, it got more than namastey london on the opening weekend, so it could be a HIT, not a super hit.
    I’m still praying it’ll be a hit.
    It could be a hit overseas. It’s doing okay in America and very well in London and the Gulf.

  • the film is not bad as some critics make it out to be !!

    it is in fact quite entertaining. it is much better than the average run of the mill bollywood film.
    it is a very good masala potboiler kung fu film.

    it is more like a hollywood film, that is why the majority of the indian public cannot identify with it. and they say it is crap. they are not used to seeing such films. it is more in line with zany martial arts comedies like ‘kung fu hustle’, which was a huge hit in america.
    imagine, if kung fu hustle was to release in india, nobody would like it, they will say it is a confusing silly comedy !
    but that is the whole point of these martial arts comedies, zany entertainers. which only the western audience will understand and the indian public will reject, because they cannot identify with such films.

    all the overseas audience and white people love CCTC

    it will most definately be a hit overseas. lets hope it at least becomes a hit in india, for akshays sake.

  • this is not a cup of my tea….n itz hopeless, so avoid it.
    dnt ever or even compare wit chinese movies…

  • I just saw it Akshay reminds me of Adam Sandler, anyways, its a decent film, No RAB NE BANA DE JODI, but same as Ghajini, it wont be a hit due to its massive costs. This always happens, some star challenges SRK for 2 years everyone says he’s king, then SRK MASSACRES HIM. Akshay no different, I predicted this 2 years ago.

  • I personally like the movie (CC2C).
    Much was expected, but the movie is a few look times worth. The audience needs to watch the movie a few times to like it, it is not a typical bollywood film. If they don’t, it disencourages many filmakers to make big budget movies a la hollywood. Let’s be serious no bollywood film has won an oscar for foreign language.
    That is why endorsements with big international movie giant warner bros. is needed not only to promote but create a higher standard in bollywood so that future bollywood movies will be oscar material. I am very proud of slumdog millionaire, it shows that bollywood has the potential.
    A.R. Rahman go for the oscar!

  • one of the crappest films, have ever seen, what a nonsense film ,those are comedies???????????? dull humours couldn’t laugh, sorry, those who were laughing a lot, must have a high level of intelligence!!!

  • I m Akshay fan but i was shocked by Akki’s role. I have seen first time that a villain urinate on hero. How disgusting.
    Akki plz don’t do this type of role. Bcz after SRK u are the bollywood Superstar of tomorrow. Take some tips from Aamir how to sign a good movie.

  • I thought Drona is the worst… but CC2C has proved me wrong…. the second worst movie i have ever seen after drona…
    Deepika was absolute rubbish in the movie…. can’t act.. God knows why ppl call her a star… these ppl think tht by promoting the movies n cuming to the reality shows… n repeating the same old rubbish will help thm if they are intending to show us tht horrifying….

  • its such a crap movie ever…i am bored of same acting by akshay every time…its worst movie,,,complete waste of time

  • i have seen cc2c.this is very very nice movie.kuch media wale es film ko galat parchar kiye.action is super and comedy is also super.koi agar es film ko mere pas kharab bola to sale ke muh me mut film kitni bar bhi dekho maza aayega.

  • Its a good movie.i don’t understand why there is a chaos all around!its much better than OSO,SING Z KNG. Its also much better than hollywood movies like quantum of solace! OH COME ON, WE CAN’T EXPECT EVERY MOVIE TO BE A GHAZINI which ir just a remake.IF SNG Z KNG could do it.then why not this?

  • overseas Chandni Chowk To China Opens To An Average Response

    Tuesday 21st January 2009 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Chandni Chowk To China has grossed 8.50 crore over its first weekend. 2 crore has come from United Kingdom, 3 crore from North America nad 3.50 crore from the rest of the world.

    Ghajini will finish with around 29 crore business with United Kingdom contributing 5 crore, North America giving 12 crore and the rest of the world adding 12 crore. SUPER HIT

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is likely to finish with 37 crore because business in UAE is mind boggling and much higher than estimated earlier with 11 crore business. United Kingdom and North America have contributed 10.50 crore each and 5 crore comes from the rest of the world. BLOCKBUSTER

  • CC2C is 100% better than movies like RNBJ and OSO .
    all of those people who are writing aginst this movie they fans of Haklu khan .do you goys know how is Haklu .that is sharuk .who says that I am khan .you are not khan man even you don’t look like khan
    khan mean a man who looks like a real man

  • its sad people has such reviews abt cc2c. it was entertaining as hell, and definetly a better movie than RNBJ. it all sharuk fans…..go watch RNBJ again and compare with cc2c. gosh…..some indians are so stupid i tell u, they surely dint like this movie coz it was more hollywood style and not a typical shit movie like sharuks.

  • I watched CCTC yesterday at a cinema in SA. the cinema was 80% full. the excellent humour was food for my soul. i enjoyed akshay’s acting – he was excellent. i laughed until my sides ached. i am so glad there was no rona dhona, saas bahu jagra, dancing around trees. i am so tired of that type of movie and the same from the indian bouquet soapies. we need to laugh and this movie made me do just that. for a bollywood movie, my adolescent sons thought it was very well made. indicine, your review was incorrect. let us hope no one carries on sabotaging a good movie. its really good. i would not mind watching it again. the fighting scenes were so convincing. why can India not haveits own Jackie Chan? i would rate it a 4 and a half out out of five.

  • Though the movie is not the best comic caper in the world, it ain’t a disaster either. There are a lot of firsts and good things about the movie; including some typical Akshay funny moments. The end could’ve been better & different, but the movie was not all trash…it was a good funny timepass. So go out and watch it once.

  • akshay aapke bahut dusman paida ho gaye hain jo nahi chahte aap no.1 rahe.dusman andar se aap par baar kar raha hai kuch media walo ke jariye.samaj me nahi aata aap etne kamal ke hain phir bhi aapki aur aapki filmo ki burai karte hain.wahi aapka dusman hai jo aapse bahut jalta hai.sawdhan akshay aap kisi ko kuch aapke khilaf mat karne do aur aap no.1 hi raho.

  • we all like to watch comedy… after watching serious movies like Ghajhni and Rnbdj…. but that does not mean that we keep our mindd close while watching and laugh on stupid scenes which dun make any sense atall….
    i was literally waiting for a good sensable comedy movie … but after watching CC2C i can definetly say that bollywood has got in them anymore…
    ghajini is a v serious movie but the way it was made.. i feel like watching it again and again…. even though its a remake it has made its own mark.. and its an all time blockbuster movie..

  • we all like to watch comedy… after watching serious movies like Ghajhni and Rnbdj…. but that does not mean that we keep our mindd close while watching and laugh on stupid scenes which dun make any sense atall….
    i was literally waiting for a good sensable comedy movie … but after watching CC2C i can definetly say that bollywood has not got in them anymore…
    ghajini is a v serious movie but the way it was made.. i feel like watching it again and again…. even though its a remake it has made its own mark.. and its an all time blockbuster movie..

  • I have never seen such a bakwas movie….Namastey London was also the same…even t.v. serials have a faster pace…I hope this is a lesson for Akshay Kumar that any crap wouldn’t be a hit solely bcoz of his fan following….and as far as him replacing King Khan is concerned…..I have never come across something this ridiculous…he has neither the class nor the talent….He can never be what SRK…

  • just like many goodreviews about cc2c , i too have only positives about the movie. when we make movies matching hollywood,we should appreciate its creators. particularly akshay.he i the only actor in india to do such roles.srk or aamir or hrithik has totake another 7livesto be like that.its sad that indians always stick to the usual crap romantic movies of srk,please change this is 21st century.cc2c will be a sure hit after the slow initials.


    well done. you are both absolutely right, and spot on !

    CCTC is much better than what people are saying about it.

    it is a different movie, more like a hollywood movie. that is why many people cannot understand it.

    but it is very well made, with superb special affects and martial arts action which is on par with any hollywood movie. it can match any hollywood movie on that level. its a film you can watch again and again.

    but of course a lot of the indian audience cannot understand that and dont like hollywood style movies. but that is thier problem !

    i suggest to anyone, you should at least watch the film 2 or 3 times on different days then decide on whether yoo like the movie or not. the more you watch it, the more you will understand it, the more you will like it.

    believe me its a film you can watch again and again and still enjoy it.

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