Chak De India Movie Review

While we continue to go into ecstasy over cricket we hardly seem to realize that hockey is the true-blue Indian game. Chak De India aims at giving the dying game the respect it deserves.

As far as the success of the movie is concerned a lot is at stake. Sport is not a very successful genre in Bollywood, most sport based movies have failed miserably at the box office. The only exception being Aamir Khan’s oscar nominated Lagaan. Also the last two Yash Raj Films, Ta Ra Rum Pum and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom disapponted.

So with a lot at stake the Yashraj – SRK combo deliver and deliver big time.

Chak De India directed by Shimit Amin (Ab Tak Chapan) and produced by Aditya Chopra (Yash Raj Films) is about an ex Indian Hockey team captain?s return as the Coach to the Indian Women?s National Hockey team and his fight in making team India a strong and indomitable team.

Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) is a man who overcomes the problems in life without being skeptical and disturbed. He isn?t an outsider to the game of hockey as he had once led the Indian Hockey team and unfortunately experienced failure and disgrace. He approaches to be the coach of a rag-tag bunch of girls as a challenge to overcome his failure and the obstacles that had once stopped him from taking India to the top league in the field of Hockey.

Kabir?s challenge lied in reshaping a team which in pursuing their personal goals had forgotten what it is like to play as a team. His challenge lied not in training or honing the skills of the team but rather to bring them together as a team and instill the virtue of belief. A belief in realizing that if you want, you can do it! His mantra was ?Jo nahin ho sakta hai, wahi to karna hai.. ” Will he succeed in making his team by overcoming their diverse backgrounds and striking away all the bitterness, by learning to use everything that life hurls on them as a secret weapon?

Director Shimit Amin has taken an interesting leap in style, substance, conceit and stardom. From Nana Patekar an encounter specialist in “Ab Tak Chhappan” to Shah Rukh playing a coach who transforms a team of rag-tag girls into champions.

With a strong screenplay, Shimit’s direction is first rate. He has ensured there isnt even a single dull moment. Every scene makes a impact. Also the feel of the movie is so real that it makes you cheer and pray for the team to win. The background music is brilliant so is the cinematography.

Performances – Shahrukh Khan is the heart and soul of Chak De India. He has just delivered arguably his best performances in his career. It fills your heart with happiness to see the actor in Shahrukh in full form. He portrays the role of Hockey coach with a lot of dignity, intensity and charm. Undoubtedly the best performance of the year.

The team of girls are exceptionally good. Characters of Preethi and Komal stand out.

Watch out for..

  • The introduction scene of the girls to the coach. Brilliant.
  • The lunch at McDonald’s scene.
  • SRK! His acting, expressions, screen presence, dialogue delivery. Just about everything!
  • The climax is so emotional that it leaves you with a tear in your eye

Overall, this is a must watch for every Indian. The performances, the screenplay, the direction are just perfect. You cant ask or expect more. Is there a negative? Yup, the intermission.. It makes you restless!! At the box office, its undoubtedly going to create history.

Rating: ★★★★★


  • Its a Great movie….. all acted very well…… i would suggest all indias to watch this movie…………

  • With a strong screenplay, Shimit’s direction is first romance…no bigg starcast…still every1 acted soooo welll …its a brilliant work by the directorit just shows how a coal can made into diamond…

  • hi friends .
    i watched this movie, it was a nice movie, its movie show the many point and issue in the society like that !
    1- woman issue(our society always ignore the woman )
    2-momdan issue(momdan is not equal to hindu in india )
    3-cricket V/S hockey(in india crecket is most poplar game compare then hockey )
    And much more i issue show in the movie with a great acting,direction & dialog ..
    i suggest all of you…. you have to seen this at lest one time…………………
    i hope you will like this movie ……..

  • I had seen this movie two times.According to me the movie is awsome.SRK and the others acting was super.This movie deserve an OSCAR.

  • the movie was just inspiring …………… showing the power of our womens of incridable india!!!!!!!….

  • Chak De is a great movie and even surprised to know that it has cracked my mains exam for UPSC as well. I had joined Climb First for UPSC preparation and I met Mr. Mukund there who has cleared his examination. He advised me to prepare strategy plan as per Chak De movie. At Climb first, Mukund advised me that to crack upsc mains, 11 things are very important, same like 11 members in a team. 1. General Studies – Prelim, 2. GA – Prelim, 3. English – Mains (Qualifying), 4. Indian Language – Mains, 5. Essay, 6. General Studies – 1, 7. General Studies – 2, 8. Optional Subjects – History 1, 9. Optional Subjects – History 2, 10. Optional Subjects – Political Science -1, 11. Optional Subjects – Political Science – 2. These are the 11 things. If we can coordinate and club all these 11, then we can make it as a team and can hit the goal. I really appreciate Mukund whom I met at Climb First to give these tips I applied and cleared my Mains in 2011 Civil Services. Somehow I couldn’t clear my Interview in 2011 because my grandmom expired 3 days before my interview and unfortunately I couldn’t read the newspaper 3 days prior to my interview. The panel has discussed half of the times about current issues. But in 2012 I’m quite sure I will place my name in Final list.

  • It z a nice movie..& each one shuld watch z film…….i just luv SRK acting & i know he always rock… last our india vl chek de for ever… :-)

  • It z a nice movie………i just luv SRK acting & i know he always rock… last our india vl chek de for ever… :-)

  • nice movie but very sad too say that our king of romance mr yash raj jii..
    no more ………we will miss you sir….

  • this is what i was waiting for … this is what actual SRK is … this is why I am proud of him … this is why he is KING KHAN

  • One of the best movies in Hindi cinema, we have ever witnessed. Great to see Chak De India’s review on your site @Indicine btw. loved it. :)


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