Can Talaash – Khiladi 786 cross 100 crores? Joginder answers!

In what will be a weekly feature, Joginder Tuteja answers some questions from our readers.

1. Don’t you think that opening day and weekend for Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Heroine’  is highest for a women centric film? In ‘The Dirty Picture’, there was so much of skin show while Emraan Hashmi was the hero who is darling of masses – (Daljeet Panesar)

  • Yes, ‘Heroine’ did take the best opening day and weekend for a female centric film. However comparison should be made with Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’ which was not just appreciated far more, it also went on to sustain for many more weeks to come and collected much better lifetime collections. You are right about ‘The Dirty Picture’. Though it is being credited as a female centric film, the fact remains that Emraan Hashmi had a huge contributing role to play in it’s opening as well as sustaining strength.

2. In this era of multiplexes, how would movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and and Gadar-Ek Prem Katha fared if released today? – (Gaurav Handa)

  • Each of these films would have been straight forward blockbusters. In fact not just would they have revived the business of many a single screen, a film like Gadar-Ek Prem Katha would have created records for an action film. It wouldn’t have been surprising to see it even break ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ record, provided Sunny’s star power was similar, since it was a much better film too.

3. When will ‘Dabangg 2‘ theatrical trailer or teaser release? And will Salman Khan have Eid release next year or not – (Amit kumar)

  • Work on the trailer of ‘Dabangg 2’ is currently in progress. There is no definite date out yet since Arbaaz Khan is busy wrapping up the film’s principal shoot which is expected to be over by mid-October. Towards end of this month, the theatrical promo is expected to be out. Meanwhile Salman Khan will definitely have an Eid release. It could be the ‘Sher Khan’ or another film by Sohail Khan and if that doesn’t happen then may be Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Kick’.

4. Is it great idea to release ‘Khiladi 786‘ on Dec 7th, which is a week after ‘Talaash’? Can ‘Khiladi 786’ make 100 crore? – (Dhananjay Jena)

  • In the times when a solo release comes with a fortune, arrival of one biggie a week after another biggie is not a bad idea. ‘Khiladi 786’ as well as ‘Talaash‘ can comfortably survive in their first and second week of run despite competition. As for the box office run, ‘Khiladi 786’ will most definitely cross the 100 crore mark. Remember, the franchise has a huge recall value and the teaser has met with a good repsonnse too.

5. How is the craze and response towards ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan‘ in public? Is there any chance that it would cross ‘3 Idiots’ business ? – (Bhumi)

  • Response to the film’s promo and song so far has been good, though not exceptional. For exceptional status, there are still a few more weeks to go in which YRF has to fire enough ammunition so that it becomes a must-watch affair. Given the brand’s pull (Yash Chopra + Shahrukh + Katrina + Anushka + AR Rahman + Gulzar), that is possible. As for the film crossing ‘3 Idiots’ business, the first milestone for ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ is to create enhanced hype via promos so that it turns out to be a must-watch film on it’s release.

6. Can ‘Talaash’ break all non-holiday records currently held by ‘Rowdy Rathore’? And is it true that the film is going to release on more than 3000 screens? – (Aashish Thapar)

  • Can that happen? Yes. Will it happen? Definitely yes. No one can undermine the pull that Aamir Khan has. As a brand, he will make sure that next 6 weeks would make ‘Talaash’ the most awaited film of the season. As for the film’s release size, it is too early to comment.

7. Its said that you are people’s favorite critic. So can I have the list of your Top 3 favorite movies, Top 3 directors and Top 3 music albums. – (Anonymous)

  • This is a platform to entertain queries about Bollywood in general as well as what ‘you’ feel about movies, actors and box office. It would be unfair to promote my personal likes and dislikes here :-)

8. If both ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘Son of Sardaar’ release on Diwali i.e. 13th November, what would be your first day predictions? – (Chaitanya)

  • There is still a month to go for Diwali and anything can happen over a period of time. As of now, it still can’t be said with utmost certainity that there would be clash. Hence making any predictions as of now would be futile. Also, even if the two films indeed open on the same day, the numbers would be not just humongous, together they would break the First Day record of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ by at least 10 crores.

9. Hi, which are Akshay Kumar’s next year releases apart from ‘Special 26’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2’ – (Samir Rathod)

  • As of now, only ‘Naam Hai Boss’. Moreover, chances are near to nil that he would be seen in any other movie than these three since he is yet to start even ‘Naam Hai Boss’. There is an outside chance of AR Murugadoss directed remake of Tamil film ‘Thuppakki’ to arrive towards 2013 end but probability is very low.

10. Is it possible that Emraan’s ‘Rush’ will collect 8 crore plus on it’s opening day? – (Sajid Hossain)

  • That would be quite tough. However even if the film does the first day of 5 crore plus (which is very possible), it would be a reason to celebrate. Let’s not forget that the film was started when the lead hero was not THE Emraan Hashmi which means the costs are not as high and hence even decent returns would be good. However the film is arriving in a ‘rush’ with ‘Chakravyuh’ and ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’ as competition.

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  • khiladi786 will be sure shot blockbloster afterall khiladi series is there and akki comeback in khiladi.taalsh will cross 100 cr in 1 week and dabang2 150 cr,khiladi 786 will cross 150 cr+

  • I dn’t thing that jthj nd sos together can cross ett opening day because on the day of diwali there are lot of work nd pooja first day 15cr.only after 1year huge promotion.

  • if SOS & jthj release on the same day, what would be their first day predictions and also their life time collections? Let us assume that both release on the same day, jthj approximately in about 3300 screens(2250 multiplexes screens& 1050 singles) and sos approximately in about 1650 screens(650 multi & 1000 singles). Let us also assume that jthj’s first day occupancy ratio is about 85% in plexes & 70% in singles and SOS’s 75% in plexes & 88% in on this assumption jthj’s opening day would be around 21-28 crores and SOS’s opening about 12-18 crores. Jthj will surely cross 100+ crores in india but its lifetime collection in india would be around 120-155 crores net and worldwide 235-275 crores net. SOS lifetime in india would be around 90- 125 crores net and worldwide 120-170 crores net.

  • Jab tak hai jaan india mein 3idiots ka record break krti hai ya nhi pr ye mujay yaqeen hai k ye overseas mein bollywood k tmam record tor day gi


  • wow.. Its a very good job @indicine team 2 provdng a pltform whn we cn ask mr qustn abt str and manythng…
    Really, apprecitng its all.. !
    excllnt to hear ur views mr. Joginder Tuteja.. Like its all !

  • On Diwali day 33crs is impossible for solo as well as combine.

    Because its Laxmi pooja day.

    Last year Ra.One collected 23crs on 2nd day whereas 14crs on first day.
    Similar thing happned with G3 in 2010.

    So combined first day will be below 25crs.

    Joginder Tuteja is a critics but without considering a simple thing he said its atleast 10 crs more than ETT means 43crs combined.

  • Obviously SOS and JTHJ will get a good opening. But SOS is gathering speed day by day with its promotions and JTHJ is popular only among SRK fans. Hype for SOS is increasing day by day. Now if SOS content turns out to be full paisa vasool then mark my words it will surpass JTHJ by huge numbers. The biggest disappointment for JTHJ is its music and SOS music is becoming a rage day by day. Lets see what happens.

  • SOS remembr among people becaus its coming with jab tak hai jaan and hatters posting nagtive about JTHJ and how they are loosr when they talk about JTHJ,s script story weakness thay do not talk about SOS,s script or story coz they do nt intrust in SOS expect real ajay fans,others are only King khan,s hatters

  • @Ali its not true that SOS is known only because its releasing with JTHJ. Any movie that releases on a festive day becomes popular. By the way, SOS is becoming popular because of its promotions & music. Also, with what u r saying it can be deduced that people posting negative about SOS are SRK’s fans. Sikke ke do pehlu hote hain dost. I like both Ajay and Shahrukh, but honestly speaking SOS is looking far better than JTHJ for a Diwali occasion. If u wanna talk abt recent SRK starring trailers then Ra.One and DON2 trailers were far better than those of JTHJ. Also Chammak Challo from Ra1 was exceptional in comparison to Challa of JTHJ. Music of JTHJ is a big disappointment.

  • According to Arbaaz Khan, the
    producer of the film. They are
    planning to release the full
    theatrical trailer of the film with
    the Diwali Releases. Probably,
    with Son of Sardaar only.
    Dabanng 2 is the Sequel to the All
    Time Blockbuster Dabangg which
    was released in 2010. This time
    the movie is being directed by
    Arbaaz Khan himself instead of
    Abhinav Singh Kashyap, who
    directed the previous film.
    The Teaser Promo of the film may
    come one week in advance. But,
    the full length trailer will be
    releasing on 13th November
    2012. This is 6 Weeks before the
    release of the film.

  • I dont know what wud be its collection but even if its a bad movie, as haters r saying, it will still create RECORDS because of THE KING KHAN. SRK Rockss

  • this is sure that sos would surpzss the life time collections of jthj, b’cause sos has every thing that atrcts peole like music, story, plot whereas jthj non of it

  • @stup id. Abay tu sach muuch mei stup id hai n ur parents hav named u very aptly. d trailer n songs of jthj really r luking worse than ra.1 and xcept srk’s bak ris all others hav liked sos in every aspect. The response to sos by all has even suprised yrf and they r really worried about jthj’s success. Belive it or not, xcept for mumbai & delhi centres, almost all other centers r willing 2 screen sos in more screens than it was supposed to b, which means sos wil hav more screens probly 2200+ screens. So the chances of sos bcoming a superhit/bb and earning 110+ c has really increased n on d other hand jthj’s future luks like a writing on d wall, it may only bcom hit/superhit and not earn more than 130 crores n that 2 if sos is rejectd.

  • I think it is too early to say guyz…JTHJ is driven by the star power of SRK and the banner of YRF films, whereas SOS looks like a fun film altogether.Anyways as a keen lover of bollywood movies, i hope both the films does well at the boxoffice….

  • o john cena JTHJ will collect 130 crores in first week.It is amazing how people like you make fun of the biggest actor on the planet.Its like making fun of Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer.Check SRK history in Google and see his awards and recognitions, national and international.Poor john cena,you will cry when JTHJ will destroy SOS.As far as music of JTHJ is concerned it is creating waves on the net.A hurricane will arrive on Diwali and SOS will be washed away.

  • @arjun singh. WTF, srk biggest actor on d planet! “d cheapest joke of dis century”! n never ever compare god of cricket sachin with shaitan & katan of bollywood srk. all srk chamchas wil cry wen sos wil destroy jthj n dat 2 so badly dat srk chamchas wil hav on place 2 hide

  • @ Arjun Singh, I think you are blind fan of SRK, the biggest Star of India and most probably on the Planet is One and only Amitabh Bachchan, no one is making fun of SRK, we are giving the inputs from the crowd reaction to the promos of both JTHJ and SOS, I also like SRK, however, I am also a fan of Ajay Devgan. As far as awards and recognitions are concerned, you should check the history yourselves, Ajay Devgan has won 2 National Awards(Oscar of India). I am also a fan of Salman, Akshay and Aamir too. However, let me be clear, Of all the present actors Ajay Devgan is the most versatile actor who has done all kinds of cinema be it Action, Comedy, Suspense, Romance and has excelled in all of them.

  • Diwali ke samay sab family ke sath movie dekhne jate hai aur jthj ke satha yrf ka nam juda hua hai so it will easily beat sos.and jthj songs are too good , title track ,saans and challa are awsome .sos ke song bhi ache hai it has mass apeal but jthj album is slightly better truly its from my heart.

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