Calendar Girls Movie Review

Madhur Bhandarkar is known for making realistic movies which have hard hitting truths hidden in them. But it has become clear with his recent movies that all of his films have the basic storyline with the protagonist being set in a different field of work every time. This time he chooses to focus on calendar girls, and the promos have shown bikini clad women and cleavages in abundance. The makers are trying to sell the movie with the oomph factor. Does it work? Let’s find out.

Story: Calendar Girl is about 5 different models who shoot to fame because of their work as calendar girls in a rich guy’s calendar (bearing many similarities to a really famous businessman). But what happens after they become Calendar girls, is what Madhur Bhandarkar chooses to highlight. One of the girls ends up becoming a high class escort, one gets married to an uber rich guy, one gets caught up in the after-match IPL party scandal, one gets tempted to become a Bollywood actress. All of the 5 calendar girls fall into a rut and are unable to do any substantial work after being the much famed Calendar girl. Are they able to rescue themselves and their careers? This is what makes up the rest of the film.

Screenplay and Direction: Madhur Bhandakar makes one of the most disjointed, trivialized and offensive movies of all time in Calendar girls. His movie is sprouting with stereotypes and cliches of models being low in moral fiber and so on. It could still have been tolerated had the movie was entertaining. It doesn’t help at all that the movie’s pace is slower than that of a sloth. Calendar Girls follows the same pattern of any sample Madhur Bhandarkar and yet it reaches new low levels of filmmaking. How can a guy who made Chandni Bar make this drivel called Calendar Girls, is a question that will baffle us for a long time!

Technically there’s not a lot to write home about Calendar girls. The costume department was probably provided with a memo to keep the costumes of the 5 girls as minimal as possible. The art direction is low quality and the film has a dated feel towards it. The music is a non-starter.

Acting: Calendar Girls would have worked like Fashion or Page 3 had the lead actors been commendable actors like Priyanka Chopra or Konkona Sen Sharma. But here, none of the girls except for Kyra Dutt and Satarupa can act. They are all abysmal and makes you wonder how were they chosen to front this film. None of the actors come close to portraying the innocence, the grim nature of their fall and the eventual resurrection. Rohit Roy is satisfactory as the photographer and Madhur Bhandarkar himself makes a cameo which is laced with self-references

Conclusion: Calendar Girls is a dismal piece of filmmaking from a filmmaker who has long forgotten to make movies. His latest movie is disjointed, tonally inconsistent, stereotypical and has the same story from his earlier films. We can’t think of any scenario in which anyone would enjoy Calendar Girls. Stay far away from any theater showing the movie.


  • None


  • Bad disjointed script
  • Bad acting
  • Dated look to the film
  • Story offers nothing new

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



  • Waah Indicine Waah ….

    See the cons of this film..

    1) story offers nothing new…
    2) dated look to the film..
    3) bad acting n bad disjointed script…!..

    Aren’t this cons also of Tamasha trailer… So tamasha trailer also deserves 0 stars… !..

    Calender girls and Tamasha will b worst films of 2015…

  • You gave 0 star to CG its okay but KKPK 25 how ?
    Only for entertaining factor you gave 25.
    But CG is also entertaining.

    By the way KKPK serve what new except Ugly Kapil ?

  • I would love to see a film based around our Flopy Akshay Kumar’s greedy career someday. Please Madhur, make it that movie. You are the perfect person who can handle that. :)

  • umm calender girl willbe atbb
    i wll watch it tomrow
    waiting for blockbuster Mastizade,
    grand masti3 along with
    dis as ters AZHAR,TIGERS,RAAZ 4

  • @safiul Kapil is more handsome and has better personality than ugly actors like Shahrukh and Uday chopra. If they got a chance in bollywood even Kapil deserves.

  • Madhur bhandarkar is too arrogant. He thinks he is the only realistic director in the world, all other directors are makng unrealistic crappy films. He has never seen Baby or Special chabbis i guess.

  • @ ajay rocks lol u are talking , ajay devgan has more flop , disaster than akki , indicine also said that akki has better stardom than ajay . I also respect to ajay devgan but I have lost respect on ajay .

  • good at least people will stay indoors now and spend time with their family..!!
    it will be good to see losses on the side of makers of film released this week.. when all of them will taste failure especially kapil who had grown too big for his boots and deserved to learn the lesson of failure..dada kondke films were more funnier..

  • @Akanksha
    Kapil got a chance with big directer but he can’t act.
    He only can do comedy.
    His journey in bollywood is wrapped under comedy films……………..& accept the truth casually.

  • Now all eyes ? on Singh Is Bling and Prem Ratan Dhan Payao. Even south movie Rudramadevi which I also started by Rana Dagubatti. Waiting all 3 movie. Akshay and
    are trump card of bolly wood

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