Bullett Raja Weekend Collections

Bullett RajaLast weeks’ release Bullett Raja has failed to attract audiences to theatres in its first weekend at the box office. The film opened to a decent response on Friday, but failed to show enough growth in business on Saturday. Business picked up on Sunday, but the 3-day weekend was about 20-25% lower than where it should have been, considering the costs of the film.

The film has done well in the Delhi/UP circuit, due to the film’s local flavour, but was below-the-mark in other territories.

  • Friday – 6.75 crore
  • Saturday – 6.4 crore
  • Sunday – 8.6 crore
  • Total – 21.75 crore




  • Okayish collection.but boxoffice isn’t every thing.i haven’t watched it.but most of the critics reviews are good(except indicine and a few).so it is a good movie i think.i don’t much care about collections.

  • I saw the average critics rating.in that way,the top movies by those ratings are
    1.the lunchbox
    2.ship of theseous
    4.madras cafe
    5.kai po che

  • saif is a great actor and this will not affect him.
    akshay kumar holiday on 1 may, its entertainment on independence day and gabbar on christmas.The gap btw the films are good and i am very much happy.Pls indicine post the news of holiday releasing on 1 may

  • R..rajkumar should open with atleast 8crs i guess,its buzz is better.
    Shahid deserves this hit,he has worked hard.

  • @nipun
    Bullett raja is a good entertaining movie.Whats most good is that it is not senseless and the action is not over the top one like in dabangg,rr,k786,sos,ready,bodyguard…
    Atleast in dabangg,the hero got some beating but what about khiladi786,policegiri,bodyguard,the hero did’nt got a scratch even.
    The action should be realistic one like in agneepath,ce(climax action was gud),force…

  • @babaji ka thullu
    did u mention k786 as an action movie..????????? i kept laughing on dis movies action scenes….
    nd yes bullett raja might not be dat successful bt its way better dn other action craps like RR,BOSS,HIMMATWALA………

  • @babaji r rajkumar opening day min 10cr as it will release 2500plus screen, not suprise it col close to 15cr or more as #jaiho 1st look release with it.

  • @Mayank @Babaji ka T Akki’s 90s action movies r 10 times better than todays action movies(expt Commondo) but most of them r flop coz of lack of proper script same wid BR it is full of chutiyapanti…Sallu bhai is ri8 peoples r killing the masala genere….most of BR’s action r performed by body doubles expt Vidyuts action…..K420 avg. this par Akki ka glider ke upar se1000ft se jump karna us movie ko memorable bana diya…..Go on u tube n search Indian Jackie Chan u will get that

  • sine its indicine reporting so expect a decent rise of collections and somewhat fake addons .. just to help the producers…and make fans of saif little happy… but the fact is the film was only bullet ki ramleela!!

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