Buddha Hoga Tera Baap Box Office: A Disaster?

The pre-release curiosity was good and the film was all over the internet – it was trending on twitter, almost everyone seemed to have LOVED the film, the reviews were exceptionally good – but all this matters for very little or nothing – atleast that’s what the box office opening of Amitabh Bachchan’s Buddha Hoga Tera Baap has just proved.

The film has opened to dismal numbers, the opening was low (occupancy was less then 20% for the morning and afternoon show) and the film never really picked up. People from the trade were expecting this weekend to be the second best weekend of the year (after Ready) and unfortunately both Delhi Belly and Buddha Hoga Tera Baap combined are unlikely to beat the opening of Double Dhamaal!

We predicted (at worst) a 9 crore weekend for Buddha Hoga Tera Baap and sadly that figure might not be achieved during its entire first week at the box office as the film collected just Rs 1.1 crore on Friday! These numbers are sure to be heart-breaking for the Bachchan’s.

They will be hopeful though as the last film produced by AB Corp, Paa also opened similarly with Day 1 collections of around 2 crores. But the film picked up on Saturday and Sunday to end the weekend at approx 10.5 crores.

The word of mouth is good and we do hope that Buddha Hoga Tera Baap picks up like Paa did over the weekend. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we will keep you updated.



  • I do not understand how the stupid hired media and chutiya public of India predicted better box office result for Buddha hoga type cheap film. After how long this Old Mad Man will make the indians fool with his chutiyapana. It should be pure disaster at box office. Good result.

  • I was laughing with the pre-release self promotion of Buddha by Bachchan Buddha the mad man. In spite of his all self promotion strategy it has been declared a great disaster at box office just like Tin Patti, Paa and Raan etc. etc. Good very good, Lambu should take retriement and let the money be earned by his robot son and naked model bahu. Shame to this money making machine….

  • Good films are not working at box office…Only some cheap comedy films are going well because people like Roy watches it.

  • Good films are not working at box office…Only some cheap comedy films are going well because people like Roy watches it.

  • Mr. Sanju– Seems you are one of the FRONT BENCHERS OF LAMBU’S HIRED LOBBY. Bastard how dare you say Buddha as good film; it is a pure and pure Amitabh type Cheap Masala films just like Tin patti, jadugar, sarabi, kalia, mard etc. etc. type innumerable Amitabh’s cheapest films meant for front benchers……Do argue with stupid mentality,,,,





  • Roy , when you are out from mental hosptial , seems its time for you to be there back for long time again.People like you are shit for our society.

  • It is just a shame that bachchan would even attempt to act in todays modern era of film making people have matured and will not buy those stupid cheap films that bachchan is popular for doing those cheap thrill films where he has always had to copy mannerism of the DON’S of those days(which he has in an interviews accepted himself) so purely we were more attracted to the excellent story provided by salim saab javed saab and kaderkhan saab the dialogues written by them the characters created by them and not the actor in this case bieng bachchan thus as we have grown up and are not kids in school we realise that bachchan’s acting talents are ZERO his dialogue delivery ZERO but the words written were the real hero the story was real hero so if those roles were played by anyone those movies that bachchan boasts would be HIT even if they were played by anyone, so bachchan infact both sr and jr the verdict is you cannot act you can be a voice over in films but ACTING is not for you.And for the latest movie budah hoga tera baap it was a last desperate attempt of bachchan to encash on the yesteryear hit dialogues and bachchan clearly knows its THE END for him and his son.As for as sucess of pa it was the medical condition that people were seeing and the makeup that bachchan was given if that role was done by any other star the movie would have done good.

  • abey Ak roy film ka succes entire audions pe depend hotahey ‘a’ class ya’b’class pe nahi ,or ye front bencher’s back bencher’s
    kya laga rakha be
    lagta hey tu alien’s ko faida hoke seedha erth pe utar gaya .abey saley film ka criticism karo,logonki nahi ,such ye he ki ‘you are jeleus’ for this film gets’5’star. tere jaise khud ko’hi fi(faltu)
    samajne walon keliye alag se film aatey he like..kabi k k gum,kabi alvi na kehena,ham aap ke,…jaise ‘nationalaward film’s(ghanta me) hi sahi he ,muje lagta hey tere favouriet stars to .’upen patel,harman bhveja,rakhi sawant, hongey. sahi kahana, tera bap tuje laath marke ghar se nikal diya hoga ,muje lagtahey ‘aids’ jaisa virus tu hi suru kiya

  • Lolz..loving the couple of haters on thsi forum spamming all over the message board with their frustration:

    BHTBaap picked up quickly and now about to recover its cost of production (10 crores) from indian and overseas market during weekend…wom is very positive and it has full week to go…

    I respect BIGB that he has guts to release his movie against an Amir Khan production and Hollywood giant Transformers and still picking up and doing well along with those two…..I don’t think any other so called star in bollywood would ever dare to do that

  • @amaran

    dude, BIGB is very popular in your country pakistan also…heard that epople still like him in movies like Khuda gawah and Hum

  • @javed

    there should be some good mental hospital in your country pakistan….my friends from pakistan told me about that…please go and have a check up of yourself

  • hai.. ak roy goodmorning wats up,you joined two other mentalpationts ..abey amaran khan’o’ki fan which stars you talking about they also accept that ‘he’is baap of all, and ‘bastard’ how much ‘costly’ you are to saying to everybody
    ‘cheap,and,front bencher’s dont divid pepl for your fu…in jealous, and ..abey javed topic going on ‘budha’ so why you go to ‘paa’or any other movie
    be valueble man,
    cinema is thout of creativ mind’s there are no qeastion about ..age,color,or image. if like this gang bang film come in hollywood you smelling dogs defenetly heild that

  • Some Paltu Kutta of Bachchan are being hired here also like in other spheres of media world. Shame to this Lambu and his Kutta fans…. Chappals andShoes are ready to beat them. Bastards

  • Roy, javed, arman, you all are fu*ker, pakistani, abe khud pak aur poore world me muslim aaj bhi coolie film dekhte hai aur amitabh ko no. 1 actor mante hain. Tum logo ko ddlj, hahk, jaisi sadi masala filme hi pasand ayegi. You Sadele log.

  • Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Has Low Monday

    This is for all Lambu’s Kuttas who are barking in this forum, which shows Buddha Mar Gaya at Box Office

    Tuesday 5th July 2011 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap had low collections on Monday of around 90 lakhs. The collections were steady but too low and the film will wrap its first week around the 9.25-9.50 crore nett mark.

    This year films that have not opened well have tended to trend well on weekdays but on the lower side and Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap is another addition to this list.

  • well.. I am not against AB. Nodoubt he is a superstar. I’m against those media persons who just rate this movie 5 stars. Don’t know how they rated it so high. This years big hit READY was rated with just 1.5 stars.

  • Abe Loddu bachchan hater’s maa chudao.. Bhen k loddo.. Gaandu k bacho. Tmhari aukat h bachchan sir k baare me bolne ki.. Saalo maadar chod0.. Kutiya ki jhaato.. Niklo burn k Lund !!

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