Happy Ending Weekend Collections

Happy Ending has just completed a disastrous weekend at the box office. The weekend business is much lower than Saif Ali Khan’s last release Humshakals (37 cr) and worse than Bullett Raja which collected Rs 23 crore in its first weekend.

The opening has come as a shocker for the trade, who had their hopes pinned on Saif returning to a genre that he usually excels in. The reports for the film aren’t bad, but the audience has decided to skip ‘Happy Ending’ – the reason for which could be the unexciting promos and flop music.

Like we mentioned in an article yesterday, the third week of November has been disastrous for film releases. In fact, a month that looked promising with releases like ‘The Shaukeens’, ‘Kill Dil’, ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Ungli’ has been disastrous for the industry, what with 3 films failing to recover costs (two of them falling well short).

The buzz for this week’s release ‘Ungli’ is also pretty low and that film too will rely on word-of-mouth publicity. But, like Happy Ending, if the opening is so low, it becomes an uphill task even with decent growth over the weekend.

Happy Ending Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 3.92 cr
  • Saturday – 4.48 cr
  • Sunday – 5.19 cr
  • Total – 13.59 cr


  • collections are very disappointing. but Saif should be able to rise again with Phantom and Reema-Excel movie hopefully. he’s a good actor and deserves success, but for that he should select good scripts.

  • i really liked the movie this is 1st movie after love aaj kal & cocktail i liked of saif but movies was too much hollywood kind of rom-com i watched HE in single screen & got the feeling of mulitplex bcus very few ppl was their so i saved my almost 100 bucks.

  • The shaukeens, kill dil looked promising? ?
    I don’t think so. They had also no hype even though a few songs of The shaukeens were popular.
    A movie has to look promising to do well at BO. Last year Ramleela opened with a collection of around 16 crores and did 116 crores in its lifetime despite a release time after 2 weeks of Krrish 3. Why? Becoz Ramleela was heavily hyped. It had one of the best trailers of 2013. The music was superhit. Also, there was a huge controvery over it which even helped its hype to grow! And finally,it got positive response from critics and audience. All these factors helped it to become a superhit.

  • Saif will be bounce back with phantom just like he did with Race after tara rum pum(semi hit) n thora payer thora magic(flop)

  • Just couldn’t digest things…as i said yesterday that what the hell is happening with our Indian cinema ? Saif’s crappeist movie of his career got opening in the range of 12 to 14 crore and atleast from the reviews and mouth publicity perspective decent romcom like happy ending got the opening in the range of only 4 to 5 crores ! This is his best film in recent years…but the result was shocking…he has to give time for promotion of his film atleast 1 month prior to his release…feeling sad for saif…#8yearsofDhoom2…

  • Yeh Toh Hona Tha!! Happy Ending is gonna be disaster! After all, the month was begun by an accursed film shaukeens. The director of the film has rejected a wise oldie like me from the film and casted piyush mishra in my place instead! So, I have cursed the film. My curse has so much power!

  • Very sad month for the BO business for hindi films. After all, the month began with a manoos film called Shaaukeens! I have cursed the film because the director of the film has refused to cast wise old men like me in the film and casted some useless oldies.

    Why does an actor who does not like to watch Hindi movies make Hindi films? Why? Why do the people who hate eating Roti and Chawal sell them? If Saif doesn’t watch Hindi movies, how the hell can he analyse and assess the tastes and likes and mindsets of the Hindi audiences?

    As for Kareena, she might have said that to support her hubby! Yet, she is not the deciding factor of any big film. She is just a glamour for a film! Nothing else!

    Why the hell is the name of Saif’s production house is Illuminati? Doesn’t he have any other names? Why does he keep the name of a global elite secret society that worships devils?

    For God’s sake, Saif, please do not blame the director for the failure of HE! Like you did to Sajid Khan!

    As for Illeana D’Cruz, had she debuted with Wanted with Salman Khan, she would have become a top heroine of the industry by today. In Barfi, Ranbir Kapoor and PC stole the show. Besides, she has also lost the opportunity to work with Salman Khan because Salman Khan hardly works with any heroine or anyone that has once rejected his offers. Illeana was supposed to star in PRDP, Salman advised Sooraj to cast Sonam instead!

    Deepika too rejected Salman Khan’s debut offer. So, now Salman does not like to work with her. Yet her PR agents spreads the rumors other way round and to ther favor. Yet, Deepika debuted with the top star of the time. It was better for her.

    Last but not the least, it is really worrisome and a negative sign for Hindi Cinema that its business and incomes have started to solely depend on the shoulders of a few stars!

  • I don’t know why this disastrous collection film is good one time watch better than recent movies and dialogues are hilarious

  • Pls don’t shock because after all saif’s movie. The shukeen is the highest grosser of November 2014. Ungli also way to go same as Raja kisserlal lol.
    AJ coming on 5th December so waiting for Dhamaka.

  • Well there was absolutely no hype about the film. Also the wom was mixed. Scenes involving Govinda were the best but they were very few. Saif just doing same roles needs to get over this Romedy hangover. He needs to come up with something intense, may be a complete negative role to lift his sinking career. Otherwise he may soon become a forgotten star in this big populated industry.

  • what rubbish anand-the best user award wineer???just bcz of one bad month u cant say that Bollywood is riding on d shoulders of a few stars.so many new actors r giving hits and big hits and nwadays even women centric films r working at d bo.stop speaking rubbish

  • @Anand Original

    Your point is quite valid. If you’re acting in Bollywood, Hollywood inspiration is of no use. Not just Saif, even Emraan Hasmi also doesnt watch Bollywood movies. On KWK he asked Karan Johar who is the director of 3 idiots. I mean, seriously? Whole industry is crazy to work with Raju Hirani and Hasmi has no idea about this guy.

    One of the chief reasons I admire Hirani is, he is proud of Bollywood. When he was asked about a film that changed his life, he said “ANAND” HE could have taken a french/polish/Australian movie but he preferred Bollywood because he loves commercial cinema. If you work in a field and have no idea what it is, you’re bound to fail

  • Saif needs to revive his career soon if he wants to survive in the industry.He needs to work in multi star cast films like he used to do earlier.

  • @gj007 for d first time in my life I agree wid ur point.sauf has accepted so many times that he hardky watches Hindi fulms abd thats the reason y he has always being inconsistent.and coming to emmy he is also liike saif hates Hindi mvz and hs made fun of films like barfi,aishwarya rai,raju hirani.thats y I hate emraan so much

  • @Anand_The Original saif never says he didnít watch hindi films, he said he loved to watch hollywood films than hindi films as hollywood filmmaker made good films unlike copy past south remakes

  • Phantom will open big just bcz of kabir khan bcz he is in news fr bajrangi bhaijaan which will be highest grosser fr 2015

  • Whatever that south actress is too ugly,dark & has no skills.Although saif lacks good fan following,instead he would have cashed on a top heroine like he did for Love aaj kal or cocktail or race2 with deepika,even srk without sticking to his ego he is casting deepika & getting hits these days.It’s not at all an insult to cash on actresses when you lack or lose ur potentials.Hope saif realizes it soon like srk.

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