Both Aamir and Salman want to work in Andaz Apna Apna 2: Rajkumar Santoshi

Rajkumar SantoshiFilmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi, who is currently working on the script of ‘Andaz Apna Apna 2’, says that both superstars Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are keen on working on the sequel his 1994 classic.

But the director is only willing to sign them together if they are willing to produce it, as it would be impossible to afford two big stars (their market value today would probably be upwards of 40 crore per film).

“Although they both (Salman, Aamir) keep saying that they would love to do the film. Once I am ready with the script, I will discuss it with them. I will be able to cast them in the sequel if they both will produce the film as it would not be possible to sign the two big stars to do the film,” Santoshi said.

The filmmaker also said that he is currently working on the script keeping the age of the two superstars in mind. Both Salman and Aamir were 28 year olds when they shot for Andaz Apna Apna. When the sequel goes on floors, both will turn 50.

“They want the script to be good and full of comedy so the ball is in my court now and I have to get the script ready for them. I am working on the script considering the two point of views. I am working on the characters keeping the age factor of Salman and Aamir and also youngsters. Let’s see what comes as the end product,” Santoshi said.



  • No age matters,even today they both seem like the same 28 years old that too without makeup.We are just waiting for the chilling comedy in the script & leave the rest to the biggest superstars of the past two decades,they will handle it.Eagerly waiting for Aiylaa & Uimaah deadly combo !

  • 400 crores in India and 800 crores worldwide!
    If both megastars sign then Andaaz Apna Apna 2 will be the defining ATBB of 2010-20 decade!

  • Oh no.When Aamir and Salman movie releases separately it gives us shock and if both will come together in 1 movie then we can go on depression and we pray that santoshi cast newcomers in andaz apna apna sequel

  • Raj kumar santoshi you just get ready with your script we all fan will produce it because its a blind investment which will definetly will make a profit and we fans will witness their magic of amar prem GoGO teja Robert after so many year wow

  • A very good decision by Rajkumar Santoshi . They should produce Andaz Apna Apna 2 because it will be very difficult for any producer to cast both the megastars . I just hope that the script is very good and both Aamir and Salman agree to do it . If Aamir and Salman are not doing the sequel then nobody should do because it will be impossible to replace Aamir and Salman as Amar and Prem . Also i am against the idea that Shahid and Ranbir should be casted in A A A 2 .

  • Mr. Santoshi, forget tingu, tell SRK to act with Salman, then movie will gross 300 crore plus, anytime SRK and Salman work together we get BB, ATBB and successful movies, when tingu and lallu act we get flop, tingu broke srk and lallu up so he cud profit from lallu fans, as we all know he is only star with low fan following lol even flop king akki and new kid ranbir has more fan following…………..

  • Oh My God! Shock news, If both Salman and Amir together in a movie boxoffice boom atleast in INDIA 500cr. After No one can reach 500cr expect Salman and Amir…. Eagerly waiting for AAA 2.

  • After The Success of Dhoom 3 & Kick Trailer my frustrated fans are busy abusing all Aamir n Salman Fans.Srk

  • i olso agree dat …. if dey both would… its will best thing .. cz both the stars brand valu is more then 50 crore… so.. no one producer will tak the burden soley….

  • @Trini
    Oh that was the reason why your lungis flew away this december…
    And still you are thinking to celebrate a Players cash Reunion party this diwali instead searching for ur lost lungis!!!

  • Box office records aren’t valid for srkians.If you show them facts then they will try to twist your words.Gadho Ko Samzane Ka Fayda Nahin

  • Yrf Present
    Directer By Aaditya Chopra

    Shah Rukh Khan
    Salman Khan
    Aamir Khan

    Deepika Padukon
    Anushka Sharma
    Praniti Chopra

  • Srk should play crime master gogo as he looks a wrinkled old man and lot of bad smoking habits so perfect baddie.
    And whole India will cheer Aamir-Salman as they kick and smash this new baddie.

  • This is a great news.Too much fun.Even if they copy paste some dialogues in sequel still it will be great fun to watch bcoz AAA has lot of memorable and funny dialogues.Hope do dost phir ek pyaali mein chai piyenge no matter who pays it bill but we r ready to buy

  • so now 50 year oldies will play heroes in the movies, great times really. i hope the newcomers should play dads to these odie khans.

  • glad to heard that.
    i loved the first one. would kove to hear also that
    Kareena and Katrina baggs the film

  • @r20 forget newcomers bcoz we can cast your flopstar 48 yr old Akki to play an Anupam Kher comical type father role to Aamir in the movie…! ;-)

    Plus Akki wont need make up as he naturally looks OLD what with the grey shades n endless wrinkle lines which have increased in recent times due to his struggles in escaping the 60cr club…! :-P

  • @trini Dont worry your wish will be granted one day as I read somewhere Rakesh ji may remake Karan Arjun. Fact is we all know he always casts baby Roshan in his movies so Hritik and Salman bhai will play the lead roles of Karan Arjun but what with Amrish Puri nomore, Rakesh Sir believes Sarkar will play that role valiantly…!

  • @trine With such low fan following Aamir was still able to do what Sarkar failed to do in 2011 and that is give Bollywood the Highest Grossing Movie of All Time in the years 2008, 2009 and 2013 during Christmas….!
    But no doubt lungiwalas give that credit to anyone but Aamir n next year they will once again give credit to Raju Sir, Script, Anushka, Free Sanju Baba Campaigners, Aliens or even make belief Santa Claus…!

  • Haha megastar my foot without eid salman is zero ( jai ho) even when he was in his best time of carrier … And except dhoom 3, n 3I aamir is nothing talaash hahaha it gives tingu fans nightmare

  • forget about Aamir,he won’t do it.That lil selfish prick wouldn’t dare to act together with Salman as we all know he’ll be overshadowed by Salman larger than life appeal on screen

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