Boss Weekend Box Office Collections

Akshay Kumar’s BOSS dropped by around 25% on Friday to take its first weekend total to Rs 26.62 crore net at the domestic box office. For the first time in three days, business at single-screens dropped by around 30-35%. 

Boss Weekend Box Office Collections

  • Wednesday – 12.85 crore
  • Thursday – 7.84 crore (39% drop)
  • Friday – 5.93 crore (24% drop)
  • Weekend – 26.62 crore

Boss Friday Territorial Breakdown  (in bracket collections from Thursday)

  • Mumbai –  2 crore (2.7)
  • Delhi/UP – 1.4 crore (1.8)
  • East Punjab – 0.5 crore (0.7)
  • C.P Berar – 0.33 crore (0.45)
  • Andhra/Nizam – 0.3 crore (0.35)
  • C.I – 0.32 crore (0.4)
  • West Bengal – 0.2 crore (0.25)
  • Rajasthan – 0.41 crore (0.54)
  • Mysore – 0.12 crore (0.17)
  • Bihar – 0.13 crore (0.19)
  • Assam – 0.1 crore (0.14)
  • Orissa – 0.04 crore (0.05)
  • Tamilnadu / Kerala – 0.08 crore (0.1)
  • Total – 5.93 crore (7.84)


  • oss and Besharam both had a mid-week Wednesday release and both underperformed though Besharam got benefit of a big first day holiday. Besharam leads at the three day mark but Boss should come out on top eventually as there is acceptance at single screens in some parts of the country while Besharam was rejected all over. The first three day figures of Boss and Besharam are as follows.

    Besharam – 19,24,00,000
    Boss – 12,00,00,000 approx

    Besharam – 7,02,00,000
    Boss – 7,40,00,000 approx

    Besharam – 5,39,00,000
    Boss – 5,60,00,000 approx

    TOTAL (3 Days)
    Besharam – 31,65,00,000
    Boss – 25,00,00,000 approx

  • Thanks all for liking my earlier post. (even though some of you not agreeing with my views I respect that). I have given ratings based on my own research and never tried to be biased towards my all-time favorate — Shah Rukh Khan.

    I have rated based on 1) Actor’s ability to pull crowds (even on bad scripts) and the 2) ability to take the entire movie to hit/bb/atbb on his own shoulder (ie with movies which has less sub-plots, less number of supporting actors, no-entertainment quotiont etc) 3) Worldwide craze 4) Number of Awards 5) whether an actor did different kind of genre and equally successful?. 6) Did anyone accuses him saying its his ‘come-back’ movie?.I see a lot of Hrithik fans not pleased with my views , I do know Hrithik is a great actor n did exceptional performance in Kaho na pyaar hai and Jodha Akbar (but surely not in Dhoom2 or Krishh -it is just a cake-walk for his physique to do such roles. Agnepath worked majorly for Sanjay dutt’s and Rishi kapoor’s acting) but still I put him above his seniors -Akshay kumar and Ajay devgan because of his acting ability (Kites,Guzaarish).

    Now lets talk about the King of Bollywood — SRK. Why he deserved to be at No:1 . 1) This is not because he crushed the records of 3 idiots (202crore) — nah! But very interesting point to note is to make the collections of masala typegenre of Chennai Express movie to TOP 3rd position in overseas collection!!!. This is a living proof!. 2) No other actor will ever get awards like SRK (now or in near future) 3) Every other actor’s lifetime’s biggest hit will be in TOP 10 overseas collection (3idiots, ek tha tiger) But almost all of SRK’s movies overseas collection starts with Top 10. 4) SRK has proved everytime why he is best- Chak De India (remember media has thrashed this movie after the release of teaser? but the same media gave 4stars after its release!) , My Name Is Khan (eventhough 80crores with mid FEB release with all Shivsena trouble but rocked overseas market n got very much appreciation from international market) 5) In Rab ne banadi jodi movie — You will see only 3 characters in entire movie and SRK is present in almost 90% of the entire movie duration — with all mumbai attacks-no publicity- this movie crossed 88crores -it could have been the first movie to cross 100crores otherwise (and not Ghajini) 6) Only actor who crossed 100 crores in all genre — RA ONE (SCI FI), DON2(action/Thriller), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Romance), Chennai Express (Masala/comedy).You should judge an actor’s ability by all these factors…so I dont believe in those who says Hrithik or Aamir is NO:1 once Krish3 or Dhoom3 breaks the Chennai express records because CE did it with competition from various films and if it had 3 full weeks like k3 or D3 it would have easily crossed 300crores in India Alone…But still crossing 200crores is not a joke, it should have repeat audience also. Lets hope for the best to Hrithik and Aamir Khan. 

  • That’s the 3rd surprise of the year for the major stars, Boss, Ouatimd and Besharam… Now it’s time for Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 turn to deliver.

  • collection not up to the mark after the factor like holiday release, tamil remake, good music and last its akshay kumar film.

  • Top 3 grossers of the year will be ce,k3 and d3. .
    i don’t know how will be their ranking.
    But qualitywise i’m sure that k3 will be best.

  • This movie was far better than Chennai Express.
    If Boss has released on Eid, had Deepika, Rohit Shetty style comedy, 3 holidays, Rajnikanth cameo, then it would also have earned 190 crore+
    CE had a lot of advantages. If Salman, Aamir or Hrithik was in it then it would do 250 crore

  • @Syed Winning awards means nothing, they can be bought. First let SRK win National award then speak. He overacts in maximum movies

  • @Nolan – u have conveniently ignored that CE faced competition from OUATIMD, Satyagraha and Madras Cafe every suceeding week. If it had free run 250 crores would be the collections.

  • @Syed
    On what basis is Srk #1?
    Masala movie crossing 200 crore?
    With 3 times no. of screens than 3 Idiots
    With Extremely increased ticket prices

  • Yaar, bhikari bana diya Akshay ko!
    Get Well Soon Akki and be choosy in your future projects.
    Otherwise retire and release new actress’s dates so that they can shoot for other films with better actors.
    Highly disappointed with Akshay.

  • Top Weekends 2013

    1. Chennal Express – 87,08,00,000
    2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani -61,87,00,000
    3. Race 2 – 48,17,00,000
    4. Grand Masti – 39,37,00,000
    5. Satyagraha – 33,86,00,000
    6. Besharam – 31,65,00,000
    7. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – 31,16,00,000
    8. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara – 27,30,00,000
    9. Himmatwala – 27,20,00,000
    10. Shootout At Wadala – 25,63,00,000
    11. Boss – 25,00,00,000 approx


  • @syed:still i don’t can you say agneepath worked majorly due to sanjay dutt and rishi kapoor? ?
    I would definitely give more credit to hrithik because he was in the leading role.
    Sanjay dutt has just played a negative role as needed.and so is rishi.but they aren’t crowd puller like hrithik .otherwise police giri,zanjeer and besharam would have been a hit.
    And when it comes to hro’s acting in agneepath,he has given full justice.taking and giving full justice to the role of angry young man isn’t a joke at all. i doubt that whether amir and srk couldn’t have done it in that way.
    He was deserving for best actor award ,but they didn’t give him for which i started hating award function.
    Ranbir’s barfi act could have been replaced by hro,amir,srk and even ranveer singh.but it’s n’t possible in hrithik’s agneepath case.
    When it comes to krrish and dhoom 2,intensity mayn’t be needed.but hard work,looks and style is definitely needed.
    And now comes to overseas,hro is 2nd most popular fellow.
    In doing diff roles,hro is ahead of amir and srk.

  • Still audience are missing that magnificient effect of Rowdy Rathore…
    This year has’nt been that good for bollywood compared to 2012:-
    Biggest debacles and unsatisfactory collections
    5)YPD 2
    6)Ek thi Daayan
    10)D Day

  • For the television premier of the India’s Biggest Blockbuster Chennai Express, Zee TV has pulled in 13 sponsors going for as much as Rs 5 lakh for 10-second advertising spots.
    Record for any Indian film T.V premiere. Chennai Express after smashing records at Box Office now setting new records on TV. King Khan ka Dhamaka.

  • @Syed: Whatever you have written is out of your feelings for Shahrukh Khan. You say Hrithik is not better than SRK?? well Hrithik is the only actor in bollywood who entered in the film industry by beating 3 films of 3 big actors in bollywood : Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani of SRK, Meela or Amir Khan and Janwaar of Akshay kumar. Remember that Kaho na Pair hai was released with these three films together and you know that those 3 films were flop only because of Kaho na Payer Hai and the film was the biggest of of 2000 and was given film fare award of best film, best actor to hrithik, best director and best music of 2000. So your excuse regarding CE competeting with a flop film like One upon a time in Mumbay was mere ridiculous!! If Hrithik can enter with such a gigantic success by competing with already successful actors, then this success is what you should not be compared with the one of SRK because SRK has never had any success like that!!

    Most of the time Hrithik did non commercial films and have experimented himself with different characters and story in each film. Your SRK never had the guts to come out of the shell and act in a different types of movies with different character other than My Name is Khan. Because he knows very well that he thrown will be in the manhole if he tries something different.

    Even the Ra.One you are talking about is a flop movie but you proudly mention the name of this movie just because it entered into 100 crore club. With this movie, he once again proved that he can’t be doing good in different genres after he constantly failed in movies like Ashoka, Swades, Ra.One and many more in the last decade. So what is the use of calling him the best if he can’t do acting beyond his comfort zone?

    While Hrithik is known as a versatile actor who prefer on the quality of the movie than having the commercial ingredients in the movies. He proved what he could do with commercial movies like Krrish, Dhoom2, Agneepath…etc. but he constantly did movies like Jodha Akber, Lakshay, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Guzaarish, Kites, Koi Mil Gaya. Where most of them have been successful even though he knew that he could fail in most of these movies.

    Hrithik is the one who brought so many changes and trends in bollywood. He introduced Sci Fi movie of n that scale for the first time in bollywood, he gave opportunity to be participated in movie fof new directors like Farhan Akter, Joya Akter, karan Malhotra so they can establish in bollywood at the cost of the reputation of Hrithik. He is the one who introduced first super hero sci fi film in bollywood where nobody dared to go to that genre. You wouldn’t see your SRK doing Ra.One if Hrithik did not have succeed in Krrish. In fact, he is the only successful and successful in this genre.

    Bro if Hrithik never experimented himself and went on doing what he did earlier, then you know that nobody in Bollywood could touch even his feet. An actor should have balls to do something different. SRK doesn’t have such balls. He is typical actor who maintained the same thing in all movies which made sure that he doesn’t lose reputation. Being a versatile actor and a commercially successful actor is all different thing!!

  • Congrates to all akki fans finaly akki surpasses ce record collections today like this khiladhi 786 + special 26+ outm+3 days total of boss it is not joke i am serious


    Copyright @asad

  • @syed well said bro but i don’t agree with one point k3 have no chance to cross 150cr because of 1st Hrithik is not as popular as Khans and 2nd masses don’t like cartoon films. Ya Dhoom 3 will surely cross 200cr, now it will be interesting to see can it collect 30 cr more or not. But according to me CE records are totally safe before the next eid release KICK.

  • @nolan.. ‘If’ n ‘but’ dese r d words which forces humans to live in is u.. If shahrukh wud hav been in 3 idiots it wud hav collected 400 crores.if salman was in chak de it wud hav collected 1 crore.ha ha ha.. Plzz dude get a life.. U fohgot outimd too released around d same time.but wat was d result. Ce n outimd both hav holidays.since u r shahrukh hater.. Obviously u wil find reasons to degrade him.but d truth is he is one of d best actors our hindi cinema wil evar hav
    @nipun agreed
    @syed Again very well written.

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