Boss Second Day Territorial Breakdown

Second day territorial breakdown of BOSS. Figures in brackets are from yesterday.

  • Mumbai – 2.7 crore (4.2)
  • Delhi/UP – 1.8 crore (2.8)
  • East Punjab – 0.7 crore (1.25)
  • C.P Berar – 0.45 crore (0.75)
  • Andhra/Nizam – 0.35 crore (0.72)
  • C.I – 0.4 crore (0.63)
  • West Bengal – 0.25 crore (0.5)
  • Rajasthan – 0.54 crore (1)
  • Mysore – 0.17 crore (0.25)
  • Bihar – 0.19 crore (0.3)
  • Assam – 0.14 crore (0.2)
  • Orissa – 0.05 crore (0.1)
  • Tamilnadu / Kerala – 0.1 crore (0.15)
  • Total – 7.84 crore (12.85)


  • SRK n Salman are the true super stars in India now. Because a true superstar can cross even a weak script to cross 100 crores…so even Aamir khan is not a superstar as he cant cross his movies- talaash to 100crores with solo release such a shame..his movies works only on script but this man takes all the credit…

    Frankly speaking Askhay kumar’s Boss is way better than Salman khan’s dabangg or dabangg2 or bodygaurd but Ashay’s capacity is only to reach 70crores with such scripts… There used to days where Akshay used to challenge king of bollywood-SRK but no one can continue superstardom consistently like Shahrukh khan……Even Salman khan brought back his superstardom from Wanted movie before that almost 7 consecutive movies were flops.Nobody even talk about records for salman khan movies. I love the movie Veer of Salman but it just collected 50-55crores but he would have released the same movie now it will cross 180crores (due to superstar power).

    My all-time superstars are 1) SRK -Most consistent actor for past 20 years. 2) Salman khan (bcoz especially from Wanted movie..lets see how long will he continue doing south remakes) 3) Aamir khan – he plan safe releases once in 2-3years just to maintain his so-called star power based on previous successfful movie.) 4) Hrithik Roshan – he is selecting good story now a days. he should prove acting in other than his father’s movies. 5) Akshay kumar -good actor but lost his fans n audience after making Chandini chowk to china, Joker, Tees maar khan, Tasveer etc how can a good actor can even sign such kind of movies?. 6) Ranbir kapoor – He thinks he is overtalented-telling openly as a dialogue in his movies(yeh jawani hai dewani?). Now audience showed him his true status from besharam movie. one advice, you need to be consistent to reach the khan’s dont be overconfident. 7) Ajay devgan – Most egoistic/adament actor-he will only survive with Rohit shetty. Cant even postpone his movie for Yash chopra’s last movie???.. his ego has killed him….Himmatwala i a proof of his star status.

    And rest actors are passing clouds just to fill every friday releases…:) :)

  • 80 crores maximum. .any way. .hope akki will do better in future.
    Waiting for k3 ,d3.
    Biggest war of the year:
    ce vs k3 vs d3
    king khan vs greek god vs mr perfectionalist
    deepika vs priyanka vs katrina
    travelling by train vs flying vs biking. .! !
    For me,k3 team has worked really hard. .hard work and dedication should be it “deserves”. .and for me deserving is more important than getting.

  • @syed, hrithik has won best actor awards for kaho naa pyaar hai,koi mil gaya,dhoom 2 and jodhaa akbar, dhoom 2,jodhaa akbar are not RR movies, stop saying crap stuffs. he has proved himself as one of the finest and most versatile actors, watch guzaarish,agneepath,dhoom 2,jodhaa akbar you will know what kind of actor he is, from 2003 hrithik has not done any bad films(kites only exception).

  • @syed:seriously? ?
    Hrithik should prove acting in movies other than his fathers? ?
    Than what about guzaarish? ?-one of best acting in the history of bollywood.
    Agneepath-it shuts all haters.brillient job.
    All he did great job in fiza,dhoom2 and other movies which are n’t of roshans.
    Hrithik is an underrated actor.
    Ppl call “khan khan khan”? ?admire an actor for his talent.nt for his name.
    Hrithik isn’t less at all.
    And when it comes to me,i admire actor for their talent ,dedication,hard word,completeness.n’t for their box office status.that’s the cause my favs are hro,amir,srk,ranbir,ranverr etc.

  • @Syed Great comment man. superb. i totally agree with u. @indicine. Please post his comment as a POST on your website.

  • Global 200 Crores
    1. Chennai Express
    Rs. 422 Crs
    2. 3 Idiots
    Rs. 393 Crs
    3. Ek Tha Tiger
    Rs. 319 Crs
    4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
    Rs. 309 Crs
    5. Dabangg 2
    Rs. 265 Crs

  • There is Idiot office, Chennai office, Dabangg office, Tiger office, YJHD office,
    Rowdy office, Milkha office, Barfi office, Bodyguard office.
    We are yet to see Boss office.

  • Yuppp well said syed..
    Ma order…
    1. Shahrukh khan
    2. Saif
    3. Hrithik
    4. Akshay
    5. Shahid
    6. Ranbir
    I hate mr perfaketionist aamir khan n our very own lallu bhai..

  • @Syed
    Why MNIK failed to cross 80 crore?
    Dont post moronic statements. Aamir is faar bigger than SRK. And Salman is already bigger than SRK, fact.

  • This will earn till 24-26th oct…after that krrish 3 fever will start…
    People will book krrish3 ticket in advance rather using money on boss..
    So best of luck! :)

  • hello mr .syed veer collectd 38 cr not 55 cr dear..and kites collected 49 cr despite no release in karnataka and tamilnadu which ws 5 cr loss…if u see first 13 yrs of hrithik then he is ahead of aamir and salman khan..

  • @Syed Before wanted also salman had given biggest of blockbusters like HAHK and MPK, and normal blockbusters like partner.

    Last two Blockbusters of salman, D2 and ETT were not remakes.

    And you talk about srk’s consistency, its overrated, its only if you consider films like Ra-one as hit. and Biggest hit of 80’s was salman’s MPK, Biggest hit of 90’s was HAHK, Biggest hit of 2000’s is 3idiots, where is SRK?

  • @syed well said bro, hats of for you.
    @nipun hritic is nothing infornt of khans who lost his stardorm n charm after 2006.

  • @syed Srk is the most egoistic and boastful actor. He even dances in weddings for money. Such a person has no respect from me.

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