Bombay Velvet or Gabbar Is Back: Which film will collect more in May?

Q. Is Vivah the biggest hit of Shahid? If Vivah can be a big hit with the support of families, starring Shahid Kapoor, then why are you underestimating Prem Ratan Dhan Payo? – Akbar

A. Yes, Vivah remains the biggest hit of Shahid Kapoor’s career. The film under-performed at major cities, but was a major hit in smaller centres. It was the longest running film in Bihar that year too. However, Vivah was a small film which was released on limited number of screens. The stakes are MUCH higher for a film like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. For a film to gross more than Rs 200 crore in India, it has to perform well all over country – in every circuit. No question of underestimating the film or Salman Khan’s ability to bring audiences to theatres. The only question we raised through the QnA section was if the youth will come out in big numbers.


Q. There are many male actors who have bounced back after a bad period, but is there any possibility that a female star can do the same? Like Aishwarya and Kareena Kapoor (just to pick as a example), they have lost their spot in the race, but can they in reality take hold of good movies, give hits and be in the lead again? – Faryal

A. Kareena Kapoor is likely to make a strong comeback. None of her films in 2012 and 2013 worked, but 2014 was a good year for her as ‘Singham Returns’ did well at the box office. She also has ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ with Salman Khan, who is arguably the biggest crowd puller in the country. Kajol has still sustained her popularity, even though she does very few films. She recently signed a big film ‘Dilwale’ directed by Rohit Shetty, starring Shahrukh Khan. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has ‘Jazbaa’ and Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. Sridevi is still capable of bringing in the audience in female-centric films like ‘English Vinglish’. So the answer to your question is, yes, female stars can make successful comebacks.

Q. How is the buzz of ‘Gabbar Is Back’ as the trailer? Has it been appreciated by the audience? Can it take 15 or 20+ crore opening? – Vishal Mehta

A. The trailer of ‘Gabbar Is Back’ has been received well. The way the makers have used the character of ‘Gabbar’ has also been liked. It should take a 15 crore+ opening and since May 1st is a holiday in several parts of the country, it could touch the 20 crore mark if the music and other promos are received well.

Q. ‘Bombay Velvet’ or ‘Gabbar Is Back’ which movie will earn more in May this year? – Pratikshya

A. The response to the trailer of ‘Bombay Velvet’ is extremely mixed, but since it would be Ranbir Kapoor’s first film since ‘Besharam’ in 2013, it should take a good opening. As for which film will earn more in May, it’s hard to make such predictions. We’d pick ‘Gabbar Is Back’, since it’s a safer film with a universally-appealing genre and a remake to a very successful Tamil film. A well-made entertaining masala film will still work at the box office. On the other hand, there has been too much negativity around ‘Bombay Velvet’ in the last few months, the 6-month delay hasn’t helped and the trailer hasn’t exactly received a positive response.

Q. Who are the leading ladies of Shhuddhi and Dangal ? – Mani

A. The star cast of both ‘Shhuddhi’ and ‘Dangal’ hasn’t yet been announced.

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  • GABBAR IS BACK will cross 150 cr definitely…
    For BOMBAY VELVET to cross YJHD, it has to have a super positive WOM, otherwise 120 cr is confirmed.

  • Gabbar will be sure shot hit may be superhit also,Bombay velvrt is looking flop from trailer itself it will rely on wom i think it will be flop or average not more than this.

  • Who cares for Bombay Velvet? We have better films like Piku, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy to watch.

  • @indicine you made my day by saying Salman khan is arguably biggest crowd puller in the country..

  • Salman’s double role and a cleverly cut out trailer is enough to bring the youth. Sooraj returns after a long break so he has got enough time to create a good script and salman’s there who knows well how to attract new-genre
    so prdp will b a perfect mix

    Avengers 2 wil crush gobar at plexes so lifetime of gobar is black -below 90

    bombay velvet wil b a good film with gud wom so 100+

  • gabbar will earn maximum 120cr with rowdy rathore kind of wom while bombay velvet will earn minimum 100cr with rockstar kind of mixed wom and max 170cr with yjhd kind of wom

  • April May & June will be awesome. MrX, Gabbar, Bombey Velvet,Hamari Adhuri Kahani & ABCD 2 ! many hits are coming.

  • gabbar will be highest grossing for akki it will be cross rawody rathore difinately it will do 150cr+ 100% if its gets superpositive review it will be 1st 200cr movie for akki because akki have huge fan following in small cities equal to salman and more than srk and aamir .akki is mass hero like telugu mass mahraj ravi teza

  • comparing rk with akki is like comparing batting of steve smith with michael Clarke.

    smith is currently Australia’s best batsman and their future legend while clarke was a great batsman of past but nowadays he is inconsistent and way past his prime

  • dont
    understand why people like an actor such as ranbir kapoor. he has no sense,
    no control of face muscels, a flirtatious, dull or clown expression
    acording to film and nothing more. he acts in movies which has good
    production on actors such as rockstar, barfi and now bombay velvet but i
    dont see any creative something from him. take the clothes of barfi and
    that amalie post production than watch again his performance: nothing.

    In my opinion .. Bombay Helmet trailer is the worst i have seen…

    Gabbar will rock

  • Gabbar Is Back comfortably score more than Bombay Velvet as Gabbar is a pure masala film with strong content. On the other hand Bombay Velvet coming with a dark genre.It will be tough for BV to score big. But if content is extraordinary then BV has a high chance as Ranbir is returning after long time.

  • Worst films of Ranbir
    Bombay velvet (expected)(dharma)
    Rocket singh salesman(yrf)
    Bachna e hasino(yrf)

    Average to below par


    better films of ranbir

    wake up sid(dharma)

    In my opinion ,, If ranbir would not have got family n media backing, he would have been zero.! But still his rude, arrogant,, pretentious behaviour is bad.!

    Bombay Velvet should flop n will mark the end of his career with 3 flops

  • Gabbar is back is also a remake of bengali super hit film named Tiger staring mithun chakrobarty n deboshri roy.

  • Postponement doesn’t help a film……!! …
    Recently heard news jagga jasoos posponed…..!! … So it will also flop…..!! ….

    Bv content doesn’t look good….!!.. Same mumbai mafia…..!!…
    If ranbir Bv flops(which is likely to happen….) ,, ranbir 2015 will end with 2 disasters… Roy n Bv …..!

    Ranbir will join Arjun in the garbage bin as both have flopped….!
    Ranbir will have hope as Deepika’s Tamasha will save him….!.. But sorry no hope for arjun…

    Deepika starrer Tamasha will be the next Just HIT film of Ranbir…

    My prediction….
    Gabbar – 125cr blockbuster..

    Bv – 55cr disaster washout…

  • I think Bombay Velvet will do better business at Major cities while Gabbar will score higher at smaller centres!

  • @sambuddha..plz don’t commit suicide after reading this article..

    Fast n furious 7 releasing tomorrow,it should open really well..Detective byomkesh will have tough outing..wonder some idiots are expecting 8-9crs from byomkesh on first day…lol

  • MrX is carrying a lot of negativity because of hollowman comparison. But hollowman was totally diff. And it wasn’t in 3D.And MrX will be way better than 95percent of routine stereotyped bollywood films we r subjected to each yr.
    I think only Gabbar is carrying somewhat decent reports in mass areas strictly out of the films releasing.

  • Gabbar Is Back & Bombay Velvet, Both will be flop. After Action Jacson & Tevar, I don’t think anyone is waiting for Gabbar (Except Makkhians). Akshay Kumar has lost his STARDOM doing continuously BAKWAAS movies. So forget 20 Cr. Opening. Think about cross 15 Cr. Bombay Velvet Trailer is so gay & Third Class. Ranbir is competiting with akshay after giving disaster Besharam & flop Roy. Anurag Kashyap & Ranbir would abuse & blame audience after BOMBAY VELVET will bomb at box office! Grand Total of Gabbar Is Back & Bombay Velvet will be less than HNY. Mark it.

    My Prediction

    HNY > Gabbar Is Back + Bombay Velvet.

  • Arguably biggest crowd puller of country and jai ho opening is 16.5 cr similar to ek villain. Boi and indicine is doing best pr for Bhai.

  • Prdp will turn a big disappointment whether it get solo release or clash with ghayel2, bajrangi bhaijaan will be huge but it can’t be kick or ce. DILWALE will be the highest grosser of 2015, mark my words.

  • so what our youth likes u only tell indicine ?,plss make us clear man , and for the first time sooraj have also added action sequences in the film directed by famous hollywood stuntman and what else the youth wants? pldss make us clear indicine and he also have not casted babuji of hahk so why the hell and by which mean u have giving the statement without watching the film or even u have not watched the trailor . And u always say without watching trailor you (indicine) cannot say anything about the film then how u have made these conclusions of the film .

  • we want fan on this eid 2015 ..
    a clash has to be made bt srk and lallu.
    in 2013 and 2014 aamir has ruled.
    in 2015 and 2016 srk will defintely rule.
    in 2017 and 2018 hrithik will rule.
    this much i can assure.
    not interested in these questions…

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