Bollywood’s Avengers – Who would you cast?

On Twitter, ‘SRKANATIC’ has created a fan-made poster of ‘The Avengers’ featuring some of the biggest stars in Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan is ‘Iron Man’, Hrithik Roshan is ‘Thor’, Shahid Kapoor is ‘Captain America’, Salman Khan is ‘Hulk’, Aamir Khan is ‘Hawk Eye’ and Priyanka Chopra is ‘Black Widow’.

If you were the casting director of Bollywood’s version of ‘Avengers’, who would you cast in the film?

We are looking for interesting responses here, including a version of ‘Avengers’ starring the younger stars in the industry. So let your imagination wild and tell your cast of Bollywood’s Avengers in the comments section below!

Bollywood's Avengers

Bollywood’s Avengers

Bollywood's Avengers Poster

Bollywood’s Avengers Poster



  • Instead of copying the characters, I would like to see India’s own version of Avengers coming together

    Krrish – Hrithik Roshan
    G.One – Shahrukh Khan
    Mr India – Anil Kapoor
    Ghajini – Aamir Khan :D
    Chulbul Pandey – Salman Khan
    Robot / Chitti – Rajnikanth

    India’s first superhero Shaktimaan could also be included. It’ll be fun to watch this film, if a good director directs it. Box office records, obviously, will be history.

    Wouldn’t mind Indian actors coming together for a film version of Mahabharata too. Aamir has been dreaming about this film and if he manages to eventually make his dream come true.. characters like Arjuna, Krishna, Bhim, Karna, Duryodhan are some of the best written characters ever.

    More than foreign characters, I would like to see Indian actors playing Indian characters. It would be lovely to see someone like Shraddha Kapoor play Draupadi too :)

  • salman can do iron man cause he got play boy attitude… philantrophist,..
    he can do thor as he is supergud looking n muscular hunk…
    or hulk easily
    hritik as captain america gud looking tall .. n gud disciplin guy
    aamir hwk eye for sure..
    n PC will be there fr sure..
    n the boss n director fury will be sanju baba…..

  • if this will happen then even hollywood movies boxoffice collection is less in front of this starcast
    @SRKANATIC well done and SRK as a Iron man then my dream come true

  • Tony Stark: Shah Rukh Khan
    The Hulk: Salman Khan
    Thor: Hrithik Roshan
    Black Widow: Priyanka Chopra
    Captain America: Siddharth Malhotra
    Hawkeye: Shahid Kapoor
    Quicksilver: Varun Dhawan
    Scarlet Witch: Alia Bhatt

  • no challange…sonakshi can do hulk…. she dnt need special effects…just green colour…thats it…
    srk doing iron man will be little overacting as robert downy express alot through body language n intense looks bt srk try n use heavy voice to express…

  • Salman as hulk and hro as thor is the best casting….
    captain america-sarook
    hawk eye-akki
    loki-sanjay dutt
    nick fury-irfan khan

  • Iron man’s tony stark can’t be replaced….. Aamir should have been given bigger character like cap america

  • Krrish
    Hrithik Roshan

    Ra One
    Shahrukh Khan

    Aamir Khan

    Salman Khan

    Angry Officer
    Vikram Rathore Akshay Kumar

    Mr. India
    Anil Kapoor

  • ranbir kapoor calm boy captain america
    arjun kapoor hulk…cause of size
    loki- tiger shroff …sure shot choice.
    iron man difficult to say but imran hashmi he dnt eve need to change hairstyle from jannat 2
    thor – shahid with long hairs like kaminey
    aaliya bhatt … any female superhero
    qiuck silver ranvir ..cause he gt lot of energy.
    hawk eye- jacky bhagnani…just to give him employment…

  • Salmankhan-ironman
    aamir khan-captain america
    hritik roshan/john-hulk
    saif ali khan-thor
    hawk eye-varun
    black widow-jacqueline

  • I told u people that bollywood can never achieve holltwood’s 5 % success not even in bollywood … ~
    Here is some reasons ;
    Pk worldwide net : 600 crore =100 million us dollers ….. pk highest grossing ever ..
    Avatar : 2. 8 billion us dollers worldwide.
    This is called success not in 30 years the highest grossing is 100 million too less.
    I know that i should not compare bollywood to hollywood …
    I hope in near future some movies earn 200 million and even more worldwide ..

  • Aditya chopra’s avengerseein
    hawk eye-global icon
    black widow- sarook

  • Cant wait for the hollywood movie and hope a bollywood version never happens as it will be awful.

    Avengers could do 15cr+

  • Only SRK is rich enough to produce such a film. SRK should act as both iron man (he’s got the personality to pull it off) and also the villain (he’s undoubtedly the best in negative roles).

  • Hro will suit more than 1 role eg. Thor, Iron man, captain america etc. . Btw, he himself is Krrish(a successful superhero). Why would he try to copy these hollywood superheros?

  • Iron Man – Salman
    Captain A – Hrithik
    Hulk – Akshay
    Thor – Srk
    Hawkeye – Ajay
    Black Widow – Priyanka

  • Salman and Hrithik can play various character due to their psyche n body language. Anil Kapoor is totally miscat (Sanjay Dutt or AJ Devgan can play Nick Fury) others are just ok !!!!!!!!!!!

  • woww awesome
    no one can play iron man as good as shahrukh in india..hrithik for thor because of his greek god looks..salman for hulk is superb too…he gets angry easily or should i say is always angry
    umm surprised to see priyanka here..she suits the black widow’s role perfectly. anil is exciting as fury. however i dont agree with the hawk eye’s role…though i dont like him but still he is too big to play such a small role.for hawkeye i will go with shahid

  • For youngistan
    ranbir as ironman
    siddharth as hulk
    Neil as thor
    imran khan as captain america
    varun as hawkeye
    shraddha as black widow
    n emran hashmi as nick fury

  • hrithik as ironman, aamir as hulk, akshay as captain america, salman as thor, Ajay as hawk eye and our negative actor srk as loki. remind this loki is evil brother of thor so it is salman vs srk.

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