Bollywood Movies – Fastest to 100 crores

Boxoffice India has put up a list of the fastest movies to cross the 100 crore mark. Below is the list along with our short analysis.

  • Bodyguard – 7 days
  • 3 Idiots – 9 days plus paid previews
  • Dabangg  – 10 days
  • Ra One – 11 days (Hindi version only)
  • Ready – 14 days
  • Don 2  – 16 days  (Hindi version only)
  • Golmaal 3 – 17 days
  • Ghajini – 18 days plus paid previews

Year-wise, the list would look like this (first film to cross 100 crores is listed first).

  • Ghajini – 2008
  • 3 Idiots – 2009
  • Dabangg – 2010
  • Golmaal 3 – 2010
  • Ready – 2011
  • Bodyguard – 2011
  • Ra One – 2011
  • Don 2 – 2011

As you can see, Aamir Khan was the first cross 100 crores and he also holds the record for 200 crores. Salman Khan has 3 films. SRK was the most-recent to join the list with 2 films.

It’s either comedy or action that has dominated the Indian box-office in recent times. Also, the secret to 100 crores, apart from the presence of a superstar, seems to be short one or two word titles!

Note: According to BOI, Ajay Devgan’s Singham did not cross the 100 crores mark.



  • @sonam i hope you believe indicine website because if you go on salman and srk profile you will see the difference who is more successfull interms of boxoffice.
    salman khan profile
    All time blockbusters – 4
    Blockbusters – 4
    Superhits – 3
    Hits- 7
    Average- 4
    Flops- 21
    note there are about 10 flop films in which salman did only cameo so if we take those ten out salman has only 11 flops
    srk indicine profile
    All time blockbusters – 2
    Blockbusters – 4
    Superhits – 3
    Hits- 4
    Average- 4
    Flops- 19
    two srk flop films he did cameo so originally he has 17 flop movies
    so sonam tell me who rules boxoffice and its not me its from indicine.
    people talking about gross collections. it is basically net collection that decides whether movie is hit or flop. srk is a sour loser and all fans cant swallow the fact that he couldnt beat salman khan

  • Manish, you conveniently removed 1 before 4 from SRK’s hits.. It’s 14 hits not 4!
    All time blockbusters – 2
    Blockbusters – 4
    Superhits – 3
    Hits- 14
    Average- 4
    Flops – 17
    All time blockbusters – 4
    Blockbusters – 4
    Superhits – 3
    Hits- 7
    Average- 4
    Flops – 21

  • @indicine my mistake I looked it and it was 14 so srk has 14 hits and 17flops. if you really want to be that picky so one more thing bodyguard is an all time blockbuster indicine so that means salman has five of them ok and tell me that movies such as Tell Me O Kkhuda Tees Maar Khan, Hello, Saawariya and etc were not his movies he only did cameo and he was not a main lead in auzaar and hello brother. i get the fact that indicine you love to promote srk and hritik. i saw your artilces about kites vs 3idiots but the plane fact is now salman is ruling box office and there nothing you can do to bring srk up and one more time i say i was just copy pasting all hits,blockbuster figures from their profile but still even with 14 hits salman is more successful because he has 5 all time blockbuster and srk has two. and each all time blockbuster movie is equal to five hit movies

  • Srk fans are false bcz bodyguard is 2011 bigger film worldwise collection 254crore and raw 1 worldwise collection 240 crore this is true.and don2 is not cross ready ,ready in india 124 crore and don2 just 110 crore in all verson.ok salman khan is badsaha of box movie ek tha tiger,dabbang2,kick,ser khan all time block buster .bo film esa record banayega saharuk budha ho jayega likin thod nehi payega.salman bhai rock.

  • Salman is best,bcz bo award kharidta sirf 5star bali all time block buster detha hai.age v detha rahega .agar dekha jaye tho bahat film mai salman ka naam lekar produser hit karanai soch kai kuch minite keliye peromai padkar salman ko bulathe hai,likin hum salman khan ke fans ye janthe hai issliye hum neì jathe hai bo film dekhenai keliye,likin bhai ka film koi miss nehi kartha hai.figure samnai hai boliwood ka badsaha salman khan,jo 5 all time block buster dia hai use ajj tak koi hero 1930 se lekar 2012 tak koi thod nehi paya hai ,kavi thod nehi payenge.salman khan is ser hai,

  • Dont worry srk-yash next will break all
    )it will be the first romantic film to be in
    )it is going to put titanic to shame and
    )it will release in 5000 prints it will be the
    baap of all records it will break 3idiot
    record in just 3days,the king is back for
    the 2nd time after don
    )salman and aamir khan will be put to
    shame when the king returns
    )ar_rahman has asked celine dion and
    dido to sing in the movie
    And dont forget srk-yash is a deadly
    combo-just wait and see

  • @manish you are a looser just like your boss salman.

    idiot,just look at the figures.

    srk has 23 pure successful movies.
    salman has 18 pure successful movies.
    srk has lesser number of flops compared to salman.
    salman is 3 years senior to srk.

    salman is only ahead of srk in terms of giving more atbb .

    at the present moment salman is ahead of srk.

    but in whole career srk is much ahead of salman.
    in terms of box office domination in last 20 years of career
    number one star is shahrukh
    number two salman
    number three aamir.

  • Yaar this 100 crore game spread by Aamir khan, media and websites….don’t judge movie according to numbers….just enjoy the perfomance and story

  • shahrukh khan
    all time blockbusters
    ddlj all histrory blockbuster 850 week runnin and still countin
    kuch kuch hotahai

  • @sonam just shutup clown go look boxoffice india ranking worldwide
    no. 1 is salman
    no.2 is aamir
    no.3 is ranbir
    no.4 is srk

  • We will c wot future brings for theses stars in coming 2 yrs that will define their fate for years to come. Lets say this if upcoming 2 films of Salman once again cross 125cr he will be invincible and other actors have to follow him including Ace Amir.If not then the competition is between Amir,Salman,Srk,Ajay,Hritik,Akki,Ranbir will be interesting…As of this article we have only 7-8 100cr films and they are all masala,action,comedy so it seems difficult for any Love story film to join club so don’t expect much from Yash Chopra’s next until n unless it has strong story in it unlike Veer Zaara or DPH…But it may end up with around 80-90cr in 30days

  • Koie nahin hai akki ki samne. Talash ko boxoffice main dhunna parega. Or rowdy rathore rowdy ki tara top list ho jayega.

  • The whole world knows that SINGHAM crossed the 100 crore nett mark in India by the end of it’s 6th weekend moreover it is the lowest budget film among the all time 100 cr nett mark crossers with a budget of only 20Cr you can check it on Wikipedia.It has the record for the lowest amount of publicity ever done for any 100Cr club grosser movies.Advance bookings were opened just a day before at multiplexes at a majority of them & it didn’t even released properly in multiplexes,like if the release date is tomorrow then till today it isn’t fixed that which all multiplexes will get the prints.It had the 2nd highest 4th week of all time with 6.5Cr nett behind 3idiots.Without good publicity it still crossed 100Cr nett mark & so becoming the highest grossing bollywood film of all time in the month of July without any big face.It released in karnataka after a span of 17 days from it’s original release date July22.It earned a great amount of it’s money just by positive word of the mouth & it had the lowest opening among all the 100Cr grossers due to low publicity i.e 42Cr nett in India in 1st week which is much lower than other films of the club with no one grossing less than 60Cr.It neither had any item number or hip=hop music.

  • SRK is d biggest n most sucessful actor than the salman and aamir.Srk has got numerous awards….and has maximum no. of advertisement brand than the 2 khan’s…….overall,SRK rules the entire bollywood,so salman and aamir’s fan should keep their mouth shut up…..@tanveer=u should be in mental hospital

  • @indicine
    i don’t understand that how singham doen’t cross 100 crore net ,just i quate their figure about singham what they have given and u can calculate it
    first week- 51.10 crore
    second week-25.01 crore
    third week- 12.62 crore
    fourth week-6.49 crore
    fifth week- 3.40 crore
    sixth week-1.45 crore
    this is their figure which i came across when they are telling the figure of barfi and some other figure of top ten week wise figure.

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