Blame The Night Song Video – Holiday

The Blame The Night song video from ‘Holiday’ featuring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in out. It is the third song promo of the Post-IPL release.

Watch ‘Blame The Night’ and tell us what you think.

Song Video: Blame The Night – Holiday Song
Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty
Singer: Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma, Piyush Kapoor



  • 69cr club actors fans danced a lot like chimpanzee just like flop get ready another flop from flop kumar.even ranveer,arjun all gave hits still our flop kumar couldn’t able to give a hit with films like special26.akshay kumar ruined that film with his disgusting acting by laughing like chimpanzee time to time.

    @nipun,if this song would have belongs to hr then this would have a uncopied unique song for you,as I found you hate aashique-2 album,on that day I completely known about you,whatevr this is again 1 irritated song that’ll get ghnta/kela award that the song party all night got.

  • I hate ashiqui 2 album? ? ?R U mad? ?
    I prefer lootera album over a2. But dat doesn’t mean i hate a2 album. Even sunn raha hai naa tu was one of my favs of last year. Tum hi ho was great too. Rest songs were good,bt forgettable. .

  • Akki started career late but his films total gross is 2000 crore.Srk failed to beat in 25 year career.

  • @Sss Dude yu need help…..Yur so called 69Cr actor has earned anove 2500Cr in domestic box office….Still yu would go all hands up to put up all sorts of stupid stories…..!!

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