Bipasha Basu at designer Rocky’s couture line launch

Bollywood dusky beauty Bipasha Basu was the special guest of designer Rocky S’ at his couture line launch at fashion store Aza. Rocky is Bipasha’s favourite designer and good friend too.

Exhausted by the pressure imposed by media on her with regard to her relationship with John, she said, “We are just puppets in the hands of the media, especially when it comes to our personal lives. The media decides when our (John-Bipasha) relationship starts going through a rough patch and when it mends.”

“In this industry it happens. However, for me it is a great pride being myself. I will never conduct myself in a way that I have to be ashamed of, later,” she further added.

“I also understand the pressures the media works under. The world is extremely competitive. You have to sell news, if one channel has it the other wants it too.”


Hot Picture of Bipasha Basu

Gorgeous looking Bipasha Basu

Bipasha basu

Bipasha Basu Smiling away…

bipasha basu
Bipasha Basu wearing a low neck salwar kameez

bipasha basu hot picture

Bipasha Basu – Thinker girl ….

bipasha basu



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