My biopic will be boring unless I write my own story: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has a reputation of being one of the most interesting personalities in the film industry. But the superstar, on the occasion of Eid said, a biopic on his life would be boring – unless he writes his own story and includes the “most interesting part” of his personality, which he hasn’t told anyone about.

“You know, I never let people know about the most interesting part of my personality, so you will never get a good story, unless I am writing it”

“Whatever they will make will just be a success story which I personally feel is so boring. I mean, kya hogi story? That a boy came from Delhi to Mumbai after his parents death and become a superstar without a godfather? Boring”

Khan also said the most funny part of his life are the analysis and stories that people make of him.

“The most funny part of my life is the analysis that people do of me… I do not react on everything because then I will be doing that for the rest of my life. So, if you like my sense of humour, it’s good. If you don’t like them, so be it. If you are untouched by it, it’s okay.”

The actor, who will be seen in the romantic film ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, added that people don’t become legendary unless there’s a controversy attached to them.

While we don’t quite agree, here’s what he said “You know, once a journalist asked me if I would be a legendary figure, to which I replied ‘Yes’. Then he said something that today I agree upon ‘You never become legendary unless you do something controversial’. And my controversies, none of you guys know, unfortunately. So without controversy, it’s going to be a boring story”



  • Researches have proved that keeping Tubelight songs as your alarm tone would make you wake up instantly & won’t let you sleep for next 24 hrs.

  • Has to be one of the most inspiring biopics considering that he started from nothing and then went on to have an outstanding career spanning 25 years and continuing.

    Family, Career, money, die-hard fans he has had it all. Even in his “bad phase”, he (again) topped Forbes’ list of ‘Highest Paid Indian Celebrities’ in 2017.

    Few controversies (Wankhede episode, slapping Shrish Kunder, Priyanka affair, fight with Salman) can be added to make the biopic more interesting/masale dar 😛 And yes he is right he should write it himself so that he can share a few more controversies which the public doesn’t know.

  • “That a boy came from Delhi to Mumbai after his parents death and become a superstar without a godfather? Boring”


  • Filal to ek universally appealing acchi picture chaiye, wo milega?
    And trailer?
    BTW I have read Anupama Chopra’s book King of Bollywood: SRK And the seductive world of hindi cinema. #RECOMMENDED

  • ” I mean, kya hogi story? That a boy came from Delhi to Mumbai after his parents death and become a superstar without a godfather? Boring”

    Haha as witty as always.
    Bass ek universal film. Not rom-com. Then we will know kaun pan-India megastar hai.

  • Luv you Shahrukh bhai. Love you so much 💕

    I and Tiger-the real _____ will play the villains in your biopic.

  • such a humourous and sensible person he is … we love u king… salmaniacs ka time khatam and srkians ka time shuru…JHMS will be first 200cr grosser and blockbuster of 2k17…!

  • I will write long review for this biopic and give it 2 star. But If Sona Maam plays Gauri Khan then I will rate it 3 star.

  • What you are today is thanks to your hardwork, passion, fans and God’s grace.
    You are an inspirstion for millions of people like us.
    Keep shining srk

  • I have turned into a human now after fate of Tubelight. This biopic will be a blockbuster. From your fan, Shahrukh bhai.

  • Excuses of SRK fans…
    Dilwale failed to collect 150 coz of Clash
    Raees failed to collect 130 coz of clash…

    But, but, but how BM collected 180 crs despite clashing against SRK
    How Rustom collected 130 crs despite clashing against bigger star… If smaller stars can touch 130 and 180 why can’t SRK that too on Christmas ?!

  • After Tubelight, now it is tingu khan time to give flop by TOH. Anand L RAI SRK Starrer will be first 400 Cr or 500 Cr bollwood movie.

  • He is very witty no doubt, but i just laugh whenever i see him talking about himself or his global stardom jisme global ka koi lena dena nhi 😂 his fans are more funnier in this department!

  • Then SRK should write the story. It would be a great biopic.

    Off topic: Now that Tubelight has flopped at the box office, I believe Akshay will break his father-in-law’s 15 back to back hit record.

    Aamir does less movies so Akshay will achieve it first. Varun Dhawan had one above average Dishoom so that doesn’t count. It needs to achieve a HIT status. Akki can do it.

  • Mr.srk you yourself are the most boring crappy over aged Buddha star so obviously your biopic will break all records of boriyat ….believe me it’s better to watch pogo cartoon channel or to watch mowgli than you….your jab cherry met facial will be utter disaster too..keep your pathetic biopic within yourself ..don’t show it to us….otherwise we will file criminal complaint against u for mentally harrasing we Indians. …

  • Felt boring even in reading this article ,who will read his full boring biopic??expecting better articles from u indicine from tomorrow onwards

  • you are absolutely right ! coming to Delhi with hardworking dedication and now success kisses his feet ; SRK a special salute to you by boring world changed to entertainment

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