Billu Barber Movie Review

Billu Barber starring Irfan Khan and Lara Dutta in the lead also has Shahrukh Khan playing a superstar, a role pretty close to his real-life self. Directed by Priyadarshan, Billu Barber is a simple story about Billu (Irrfan Khan) a barber, his wife Bindiya (Lara Dutta) and his two kids. Billuís life is just like any ordinary man, but it turns upside down when superstar Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) enters his village to shoot for a film.

Back in school days, much before Sahir Khan climbed the ladder of success in the Hindi Film Industry, the now barber and the superstar were childhood friends. The news that Billu is Sahirís childhood friend spreads like wildfire and suddenly, the barber is now the talk-of-the-village. But does Sahir remember his friend after all the wealth, fame and success that he has achieved since? Watch the movie to find out as Billu Barber is indeed worth a trip to a nearby theatre.

Bilu Barber Review

Popular Priyadarshan films this decade have all mostly been comedies with a tad bit of emotions in the second half. But Billu Barber is different; itís a realistic take on what could happen when a life of an ordinary barber clashes with that of a hugely popular superstar. Its also about how ordinary people are passionate about their cinematic heroes, who in some way is a part of their lives.

The pace of the pre interval portions is slightly slow, but the film picks up in the second half. But its the last 30 mins of Billu Barber that makes the most impact! The speech delivered by Sahir Khan on stage, is filled with morals on why one should never forget their roots regardless of the heights of success or wealth achieved.

The narration is very entertaining, the 3 songs of SRK with Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor are visually brilliant and placed perfectly. The music is good. Love Mera Hit Hit and Mar Jaani are the pick of the lot. Billu Bhayankar is funny and stays with you long after the credits roll.

Bilu Barber belongs to Irrfan Khan. The highly talented actor is splendid as Billu displaying a huge array of expressions and emotions on screen. Lara Dutta compliments Irrfan pretty well, it has to be her best role to date. Character actors like Om Puri, Ansari, Rajpal Yadav and the others, entertain.

Coming to Shahrukh Khan, he is convincing in the role of Sahir Khan. Playing a character that is very close to his real life self, Khan is surprisingly restrained and delivers an extremely warm performance. This is undoubtedly his best short role in any film so far!

Overall, Billu Barber isnít an out-n-out comedy but a well directed Priyadarshan film on relationships and emotions. It has something in it for everyone and in particular a must watch for children.

The film is not expected to shatter box-office records, but should open well thanks to SRK’s presence and not to forget the well-promoted songs featuring the hottest female stars in the industry. A lot should depend on the audience verdict too, strong word of mouth should ensure yet another success for SRK and Red Chillies Entertainment!

Rating: ★★★½☆

Other Notes – Bilu Barber turned out to be better than I expected it to be. The first half is slow and bores at times, but the second half more than makes up for it. And one of the reasons the film is a must watch is Irrfan Khan, he’s truly brilliant.

SRK has a short role, but he is there in bits and pieces throughout. His screen time should be about 35 – 40 mins, which is great and big enough to warrant a trip to theatre if you happen to be an SRK fan.



  • To be frank.. i expected a 4 star from Indicine for Billu barber.. Its the 2 nd remake of MALAYALAM movie Kadha Parayumbol(Meaning:When Story is told…)It was remade to tamil named Kuselan(Rajinikanth)-it was made worse.. was very iritating movie was full of rajini show offs.. But i knew that Priyadarsan (who has gone from malayalm) who knows the soul of cinema wont dissapoint!I am going to see the movie tommorow… Its a much watch for all.. it conveys the meaning of True Friendship..

    Before that u all must know abt the genius Man behind the Movie Kadha Parayumbol.. The script is written and performed(Barber role) by Sreenivasan,priyadarsan has remade lots of Sreenivasan Movies to bollywod… In a latest interview sreenivasan said about the birth of Kadha Parayumbol.. its really interesting.. he started writing the script from climax..And then reversed the script!!waiting for the great comment of Fathiya.. and also my sweet buddy PRIYA….

  • My sister saw it yesterday, on first day and first show.. she said it’s a good movie but she loved Rab Ne Bana di Jodi more. She says Rabne is more interesting than Billu.. I got the same feeling, but as I’m a Shahrukh’s fan, so I will watch it next week and will be back with my review.

  • I have watch Billu Barber on thursday night,thanks to indicine team for the great review.
    It is really a very good movie,a must watch movie for everyone.outstanding performances,good direction be Priyadarshan,beautifull picturization and nice songs.
    Irfan Khan is really a very good actor a very powerfull performance,this role is one of his best role’s.
    Lara Dutta performance is one of her best performance so far in her career,she is looking very cute and act very well.
    Asrani,Om purri,Raj Pal Yadev are very funny and rest of the cast also did a very good job.
    SRK in a short Role is brilliant, he was natural in every scene,specially the Last Scene “where SRK was in the school” was fantastic and that scene was the most powerfull scene of the movie.
    overall a fantastic movie,go for it u will really enjoy it.

  • i thought the movie was flat bore and really pakav so much so that i wanted to get out of the hall as fast as possible irfan khan is not suited for a major commercial role however good an actor he may be…priyadrshan has goofed this time the end this one turns out to be just time pass..only the last five mts were touchy.. the story could have been made to show that the star helps his poor friend and the villagers get disturbed by the change in billoos life and go against him and the identity of the silent benefactor gets revealed in the end ..the songs were misplaced ..there was no need for them..srk wanted to prove some points by taking a dig at akshay salman and the entire fraternity..prove that hes part of them that wasnt needed..all in all a PAKAV movie i will not give more than 2/ have been too benevolent ..this one will not work

  • i just watch this movie, guys to be a frank.. dont waste your time to watch thic crap,ithink is dev d good movie to watch this long weekend

  • You got to be joking this is the worst movie i have seen and no big changes from telugu film either except Indicine and b hungama other critics thrashed the movie don’t waste time on this.

  • its a serious film.i think it has brillient acting ,good dirrection,best emotion and hot song.

    many people who does not like srk they are saying bakwas and show their stupdity.

    they have not see the film but give us their reviews so get lost nonsense like aksay.

  • For the first time I dont agree with Indicine here. Billu is not that good a movie. Actually main reason because of which I didnt like billu was because of the presence of the songs. There are just too many item numbers which interrupts the narration of the story. Except for the climax sequence nothing much is there in the movie. SRK fans may like the movie because he is seen dancing after every five minutes in the movie. But I will strictly like to advise those who are not SRK fans that watch the movie only if you can handle ten songs of which most are worthless and have no part in the story.

    First thing is you have given away the most important part of the story in your review about how sahir khan and billu were friends because it was the mystery which was holding the film together till the climax and the only thing which kept the audience hooked so for the benefit of others remove that part from your review.
    Secondly do you really think that a movie which is mainly boasting of item songs deserve three and a half stars. Billu is boring to say the least. And the presence of the worthless item songs makes it not worthy of three and a half stars. At best you should give two and a half star as it is only above average due to the excellent acting of Irfan khan

  • billu barbar is great movie
    love u srk
    irfan performace is brilliant
    and srk is alway brilliant
    srk roks
    lara is also fine
    and om puri ,rajpal yadav is good
    kya kahe film k bare mein film bahut badiya
    thumbs up
    khudaya khair

  • I support the Ronnie…It was so boring upto 30-35 mins in first half.Item songs are too many..every 10-15 mins one song is there ….I loved the Ifrran role..He was just fantastic….It was worthwatching ….Ompuri was also good…and rajpal yadav was good too…And other comic scene was good…And only good part of the entire part is last 20 mins .It is just touching ….But other are so boring..

    How can we easily believe that SRK and ifrran was friend of childhood ……..One long speech shown in picture cant be justified easily…..There is too many flaw in the movie………………..

    This is only for die harded film for SRK..otherwise u will find urself bore in the hall…..Only Iffran khan acting can save this movie ………………I m dissapointing what i expect from priyadarsan……

    My rating is hardly i can give 2 out of 5 (2/5)average movie

  • Pricekhan:I think u r die hard fan of SRK…This film can only be hit if people appricate the Ifrran khan acting…Beside him all the part of film sucks…….I donot like the SRK.but it is not good movie..

  • This a flop and bad movie. Only Rajpal Jadav justices his role. Srk acting is so so so so bad. I want my money back.

    Flop Flop Flop movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I didn’t plan to watch Billu Barber today, but to watch Raaz2, and I missed it, so I watched Billu instead.

    I agree with Indicine Team as well as Malik & Prince Khan, but others who said negative things about the movie was out of hate only.. they hate shahrukh and even if he does the best.. they’d say it’s the worst! I’ve been reading their comments since a while and know how they are.

    Some people didn’t understand the meaning of this beautiful movie therefore they found it a boring or they couldn’t concentrate enough as the movie isn’t one of those which Akshay Kumar does!

    This movie reminded me of “Swades” full of values, morals and shows how this poor man “billu” had a dignity and was a true friend. He didn’t want to take any advantage when his rich friend visited his village or take a chance to get close to him, to his childhood friend who became now a big man, a celibirty and rich. And in the village, he didn’t announce that he was his old friend, but others did, the villiagers who needed to get close to the film star and get some benefits tried to ruin Billu’s life, blaming him for denying that he was his friend, and lateron.. accusing him that he was a (lier)!! by saying that he’s Sahir’s friend ( and billu neither he announced it nor he denyed it! he just tried to stay away, disapear and not to get close)

    The script, the cinematography, the direction, the songs were all good, Shahrukh’s acting in the last 10 minutes was amazing, touched my heart and made me cry, Irfan’s acting was so good as usual and he fitted in his role. Lara was also so good and I never expected to see her in such a role!

    A word to all the readers: Don’t believe in the negative comments.. this movie is not a romantic movie.. if you’re looking for love stories, is not a cheap comedy.. if you’re looking for silly comedies and some rubbish movies.. isn’t an action one.. if u love to see people fighting.. but it’s a movie which touches your heart and you’ll learn something when you leave the theatre.

    If u loved the movie Swades, definitely you’ll love this one too. It teaches you to be a better person and a good humen being.

  • I took my girls to watch the movie. My girls are big fan of SRK and myself. I havent missed his any movie. The Movie Billu Barber is emotional and wonderful movie.
    Irfan and Lara did a tremendous job.
    SRK put himself to the character. Irfan is just born actor too. Lara look great.

    Songs are good especially Billu Biyanker & Love tera hit hit ………. BILLU BARBER ROCKS>>>>

  • what touched my heart in this movie so much is that Billu was so poor man that he couldn’t afford to buy a new chair for his saloon, so he tiedup the broken chair with a string and used it for his visitors. In these circumastances that he barely had his day to day food to feed his family, billu never tried to get close to his rich friend and didn’t want any help, didn’t want to give his friend any impression that he’s waiting for something.. waiting for his support, therefore, he stayed away.

    It’s a movie which you’ll never forget.. it’s made for people who love and stick to values in life and not for some greedy, hypocrites people to watch.

  • priya and linjo please dont involve me in to all the stupid things u people do .
    if u dont like SRK than stop watching his movies,but please dont give ur stupid kind of reviews ok.
    and try to be fair with everyone ,Amir,SRK,Hrithak,Akshay all are good actors.
    this message is for all those who just hate SRK or any actor without any reason and give stupid reviews.

    It is not a BlockBuster movie but no doubt its a SuperHit.

  • I just hated the item numbers, i am tired of watching these perfectly made up actresses dancing like three idiots. After watching Luck by chance, i have a new outlook on the industry and do not like what i see. SRK, you do not have to put on this false image for the whole world to like you. it must be tough doing that. people are beginning to not like you. you are coming across as a fake person. Just go back to being yourself. i may then just become your fan again. the movie was irfan khan’s. why did you have to have a role in it. you should have given the role to another actor. promote the talent out there. give outsiders a chance in the industry.

  • billu… another gr8 movie frm red chillies entrtmt… all the 3 item numbers were above average… khudaya khair was the best… irfan and srk again did a gr8 job…

  • Saifa: who the hell are u to talk about the king of bollywood (Shahrukh) the way u do?! What do you think of yourself hah?! A director or a prodcuer of bollywood?!! Ohooo.. if Saifa doesn’t like Shahrukh and she’d ask him here not to act.. then he’d listen to her and will stay home, to satisfy her!!!

    You don’t like him.. don’t watch his movies.. watch movies for other actors u like ( we don’t know which actors u like.. is it Akshay Kumar who loves Tom & Jerry and all his movies are inspired from some cartoons?!)

    If it’s Akshay.. then let Akshay step into Shahrukh’s shoes and try to do movies like Devdas, Chakde, Veer Zarah, Swades, Dil Se, etc.
    I bet that Akshay Kumar by end of this year 2009 will be vanished from bollywood, unless he change his style of acting and be “serious” and give us some meaningful movies.. but what to say about Akshay?!! He says that he doesn’t love meaningful movies.. he loves bakwas!!

    So bakwas people love his movies only!

  • Caramel, sorry that you are taking this personally, i do not watch a movie because it has a certain actor in it, i watch it because of the content. i do not believe in having a favourite actor. i enjoyed Luck by Chance and believe Frhan was very good. i watched Akbar Jodha and enjoyed Hrithik’s performance, Naseerudeen and Anupam Kher in a Wednesday were excellent as well. we need to take indian cinema forward and not get into the rut whereby women are shown just as a form of entertainment but should rather be given more meaningful roles. i did not like the way the three actresses were potrayed in Billu. i do not like it when an actor puts himself on a pedestal, the higher you go the harder the fall. acotrs should accept they are ageing and move on to roles that suit their age.

  • Saifa: the movies you mentioned were quite good except Luck by Chance which I found a boring one.. but who told u that people started to hate shahrukh, not to like him anymore?! If it’s you and few on this website, there’re millions out there who love Shahrukh and he’s not a hypocrite person.. but hypocrites and jealous people are the one who hate him.. many people hate him for his success ( and someone tried to burn his house with a bottle of kiroseen one of 2 days ago but failed to do so, that’s what I read yesterday on the masala website)

    You said that you watch any movie for the content.. the content of this movie was great.. the script is so nice, but you didn’t like the 3 songs, others did. Some movies require songs otherwise it’d be a bore and some doesn’t e.g. A Wednesday & Aamir) the director tried to entertain the audience by these songs, as the story is about a friendship and the shooting was in a small village, so if Shahrukh wasn’t playing a role as a filmstar… let’s say his role was a rich business man who visited the village, means.. there shouldn’t be any songs in the movie to entertain the audience except maybe some slow or sad ones ( and then.. you’d hv read many comments on this website posted which says: we slept, it was a sleeping pill, it was a boring one) and the movie for sure became a disaster or a flop one.

    The movie did require these songs, therefore it wasn’t a boring one.

  • I watched this movie and there is nothing in it to be a 3.5/5 . I can hardly give 2/5 for this movie. Movie is irritatingly slow paced and full of unnecessary songs which only gives you headache. Irfaan is superb as always and SRK missed no chance to impose his King Khan impression through out the movie.

    3.5/5 just because itís a SRK movie, I donít buy that.

    This is only worth watching on a rented DVD. Better stay away from this.

    Sourish, Priya and Linjo lets have some harmony dude. Chill.

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