Biggest hit of 2012? Joginder Tuteja answers

Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers a few questions from Indicine readers. More questions like “How important is Jab Tak Hai Jaan for Shahrukh Khan”, Box office predictions for Emraan Hashmi’s Rush and prospects of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 and Dabangg 2 will be answered tomorrow. Stay tuned.

1. If you had to predict which movie would be the biggest hit of the year, what would be your Top 5? Also by hit, do you mean the biggest grosser of the year or the film with the highest profitability? – Lisa

  • From biggest grossers perspective, while ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ would continue to lead from the top with near 200 crore collections, each of the upcoming biggies – Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Son of Sardaar, Talaash, Khiladi 786 and Dabangg 2 – is all set to cross the 100 crore mark. Though there have been a quite a few 100 crore successes this year, ‘Rowdy Rathore’ has fetched over 130 crores and hence is (currently) second highest after ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. However even it’s record is not safe since the aforementioned films (especially Dabangg 2) have it in them to cross this milestone. 2012’s Top-5 would be from these seven films.

2. Do you think Akshay Kumar’s brand value would increase if he sticks to one or two films a year, just like Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir? – Aseem Bhardwaj

  • The kind of films that Akshay Kumar days, they carry the kind of flavour that can suit the appetite of audience every three or four months. Also, at this stage of his career and the kind of audience base he has built, going slow is not quite an option. Also remember that even at their peak, massy stars like Jeetendra and Dharmendra too used to have 4-5 films of theirs release every year. Circa 2012 and things haven’t changed much and they won’t either till Bollywood is in a position to draw a list of Top-20 saleable heroes. Today, there are hardly 10!

3. My question to you is – ‘Who are the current Top-5 Bollywood actresses?’ (According to the box office and critical success) – Salman Yusuf

  • Taking into consideration both box office and critical success, they are Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone. If box office was the only criteria, Asin would have replaced Deepika.

4. My question is that what do you think about Yash Raj Films decision to hand over the directorial reigns to Vijay Krishna Acharya for a massive film like ‘Dhoom 3’ after his last film ‘Tashan’ was a complete disaster? – Ali Feroz

  • First things first, ‘Tashan’ wasn’t a disaster. In fact it did break even in the long run after considering all modes of revenue. Moreover it may also have made little profit had there been a multiplex release, which wasn’t the case in its first week due to certain issues. Secondly, Vijay did go wrong in execution (and in a major way at that) but the idea and thought process was in the right direction. Coming to him getting a second chance then well, where would Abbas-Mustan (Agnikaal), Milan Luthria (Kachche Dhaage) and Vikram Bhatt (Jaanam) have been today had they not got a second chance? After all, none of their first films was a massive success.

5. What is the budget of ‘Student of the Year’ and how much does it have to earn to become biggest blockbuster for debutants? – Vaibhav Deshpande

  • ‘Student of the Year’ has a budget of around 45 crores, including print and publicity. This makes it a very expensive film, especially for the one that features an all debutant cast. The film needs to cross the 100 crore mark to be termed as a blockbuster.

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  • Dabangg2 will be the ultimate winner.. Talaash has a outside chance.. Never underestimate aamir. Aamir’s script selection is just perfect. Who knows talaash breaks 3idiots record..

  • right now i’ve to say that All top 6 actors are true superstars wheather it is three khans or akshay , Hrithik, or Ajay.

  • lets evaluate star powers of top 7 stars
    1) Salman Khan: opening power : no 1, all his last films starting from dabangg ready bodyguard eekthatiger got off to fav start, script sense: no 6, his is no match to ranvir, aamir as per the sense of script selection but he take up the assignment that suits his immage and post wanted he is very good at that, Banner Selection: No4, His banner selection these days has been better after SRK, Hrithik & Aamir, Acting capabilities: No.6, by acting capabilities he is only a match to Akshay & Shahrukh else all others are brilliant actors and take up varied roles, Looks: No2, still at 46 he is only second to Hrithik in looks department, Image: He is a raw action hero, he does typical masala movie, no brainers & that suits him quite well. Overall as per his current box office pull he is no. 1, and if he chooses his movie quite intelligently with more variety of roles with better directors there is no denying he will stick to his position for atleast next 5 years.
    2) SRK-he solely rules box office for consecutive 12 years out of last 21. Initial 3 years he shared his stardom with sanjay dutt, salman khan & Govinda respectively. Out of the last 6 years 1st 3 years he shared his stardom with Aamir Khan & last 3 years he did with aamir & Salman. Such is his charisma so no denying he is here to stay for a long.
    3) Aamir Khan: Kind of movie he selects, kind of marketing innovation he does, kind of hype he can build even for his ordinary movies, he is definitely a true superstar with gifted entrepreneurship style
    4)Hrithik Roshan- Ditto for Hrithik, he is 2nd perfectionist to Aamir, a good looking charmer with immense acting abilities, he will surely take bollywood to diggy heights.
    5)Akshay Kumar: After Salman if anyone can carry ridiculous with elan he is akshay kumar, he is another handsome hunk who can carry on any roles with conviction, he may not be very good at script selection but no one can deny his mass fan following.
    6) Ajay Devgan: No 1 can pull up intense roles as good as devgan, he can also take up any genre with elan, with gr8 performing abilities and variety of roles he does he is certainly a superstar to look up to in coming years.
    7)Ranbir Kapoor: He is just years old and he is already here, bracketed in this list of superstars. what to expect more. Well acting is in his jeans, he can pull up any roles, he has breathtaking personality, performing ability and impeccable sense of choosing right scripts. He is what 3 khans combined together. So early in his career he is already here, n here onwards he will only grow. so wait n you will no wounder if he touches the star nobody ever dreamt in bollywood.

  • Just wait and watch, akki will be giving back to back b’busters.
    He will be only actor to give 3 100 crore films in same year(rowdy rathore, hf2, k-786).
    And next year 2(namm hai boss, special 26) 150 crores and 1(ouatim2) 200 crore film.

  • Just wait and watch, akki’s nexts
    k-786 – 2012(action comedy masala)150+ crores
    special 26 – 2013(drama thriller real heist) 140+crores
    ouatim2 – 2013(action crime romance thriller) 200+ crores
    namm hai boss – 2013(action masala comedy thriller)150+ crores
    thuppaki remake – 2014(action masala suspence thriller) 200+ crores
    hera pheri 4 – 2014(comedy masala) 200+ crores
    hosefull 3 – 2014 (action comedy romance) 200+ crores
    namastey london 2 – 2015 (drama romance) 200+ crores
    singh is king 2(action thriller comedy) 220+ crores

  • Before the result of dabng 2 salman fans declared it as 200 crore grosser. And akki fans declare k 786 as 100 crore grosser. And both declared jthj as flop

  • Akshay is the only khiladi of bollywood.
    I thnk omg is the biggest hit of the year as it comes long way from 4.50 crores opning to 75 cr appr.till 4th weekend and still running……

  • @kingkumar and @manishzz…rightly said.rowdy rathore, housefull 2 and OMG (presently 92 crores) and still running…no actor wont touch him…next year too, he’s gonna do the same thing…still any doubts>>>khiladi 786 to come already youtube views touching 3 million use ur commonsense guyzz who’s ruling the industry???if still u dont understand, go to a mental hospital and take an MRI scan of ur brain!!!

  • hrithik is nt 2nd perfectionist , he is bttr dan aamir , aamir is behind him in luks,body,dancing department , hw cn he b 2nd perfectionist ?? n fr oders…..khiladi 786 ?? really ?? dat film luks lyk a 2nd rowdy rathore , wen vl dey stop mekin non-sense movies , 1 laat aur jeep tukde tukde , abe insaan h ki hulk ?? dabangg 2 , waaa only show off n show off n nothin more , stil ppl wud go mad fr it coz mst indians r nt civilized , jab tak hai jaan isn’t anythin exceptional, its d romance only nothin mch , still dez movies wud mek a lot of money coz as i said mst indians r brain dead

  • omg 92 crores ?? abe kis duniya me jee raha h tu ??? it was a gud film n bt it didn’t mek 92 crores okk so dnt exaggerate things

  • khiladi 786 views is nt touching 3 million , its upto 1 million only , i think u shud go scan ur eyes n brain both

  • @king kumar, are bhai tu galat bol raha h , actually dose films wud mek 1000000000 crores dat too in 3 days , i bet u , ab khush na ??

  • Hey dnt cmpare hritik with aamir.
    He is way behind aamir….
    I knw that hritik has very gud acting skills but aamir has one thnk extra…

  • While salman have önly one thnk i.e his body.
    Hd doesnt knw how to change expressions and his face always looks like a bevda…..

  • @king kumar don’t exaggerate things…ROWDY RATHORE:- BLOCKBUSTER

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