Biggest Grossers of 2012 (so far)

As we enter the second quarter of 2012, the first three months have been pretty good for Bollywood. Some films that were expected to do well, failed and a couple of films with limited mass-appeal were the biggest surprise hits.

Below is a Top 5 list of the biggest grossers so far this year


  • Players (29 crore) – Considering the costs, Players is one of the biggest disasters so far this year. But purely in terms of numbers, it’s ahead of surprise hits like Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya and Pan Singh Tomar. FLOP

Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

  • Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (40 crore) – The film opened to glowing reviews, but under-performed at the box-office after it’s first week. Business was best at multiplexes, as the film was mainly targeted towards the urban youth. ABOVE AVERAGE

Agent Vinod

  • Agent Vinod (47 crore expected) – Prior to the film’s release, Agent Vinod was expected to be Saif Ali Khan’s biggest grosser. Unfortunately, the Sriram Raghavan directed film crashed after it’s initial weekend.  BELOW AVERAGE


  • Kahaani (50 crore+ expected) –  The best reviewed film of 2012, is also the biggest ROI (return-on-investment) hit of the year so far. Kahaani has surpassed all expectations at the box-office. SUPER HIT


  • Agneepath (120 crore) – With  collections similar to Salman Khan’s Ready (2011), Agneepath is the biggest grosser of the year so far. It’s also the 5th highest grosser in Bollywood history after 3 Idiots, Bodyguard, Dabangg and Ready! SUPER HIT

Other Noteworthy films that did well in the first quarter

  • Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya – 20 crore
  • Pan Singh Tomar – 13 crore

Films that were expected to do well, but failed

  • Players
  • Jodi Breakers
  • Agent Vinod
  • Ek Deewana Tha

Upcoming Films with potential to beat Agneepath for the top spot in 2012

  • Ek Tha Tiger
  • SRK’s Untitled Next
  • Talaash
  • Dabangg 2

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  • WTF.. Ek Tha Tiger or ETT SOUNDS LIKE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL remember that alien movie. Lol. Sallu is an Alien.. And together they making a Part 2 of that movie.

  • Agneepath – 120 Crores
    ETT – 130-40 Crores because releasing on non holiday & not masala like other salman films.
    London Ishq- 110 Crores bcoz single screens wont like it & last 2 jokes of srk
    Talaash – 115 Crores bcoz trailer was below expectation and no action and comedy.
    Dabangg 2 – 150 crores if mixed & above 170 crores if good word of mouth like first one.

  • London Ishq also has competition with 2 movies at same date Son Of 786 and will straight crash after 2 weeks bcoz of Talaash.

  • Agneepath was really a good movie no one can deny that only jealous people will not like it though they would have seen it with full on entertainer.

  • Ritesh is always underrated.His acting is very better than Imran.TNLH should have done 40 crore like EMAET.And am sure SRK’s next will definitely work and bring back the era of love stories that have been destroyed by stupid action and masala remakes.

  • ”Agneepath did 125crore+ business” @taran_adarsh @KomalNahta,, its not 120crore,,an i think Agneepath must remain highest grosser of 2012,,truly awesome

  • KAHAANI is the bigget ROI hit, no body thought of it 1 week before its release and even till 1st weekend noone could guess it,. It is only the weekday figures from Monday onwards, people started looking at its figures and then it is phenomenal second week with just 20% drop from week 1.

    May be people are giving big banner big starcast movies name rightnow, but at the end of tyhe year there may be big surprises.

  • agneepath agneepath agneepath…no film break this collection…sallu film do very well in 7 days then it is buy buy…tallash never beat agneepath as its trailer is so poor that amir postpone its realease…srk next also never beat agneepath as srk brand value decrease now..and son of sarder khiladi 420 also realease with srk…..

  • people are not foolish that they appriciate every nonsence movie of salman…most film nowdays flop..people dont waste money …i also think salman bodyguard dabang are excellent..but after watching agneepath..i realise what fool i am seen salman movie..

  • what about London, Paris, New York? it was a light romantic comedy and I enjoyed watching it.. but didn’t see yr review Indicine on this website? Was it a Pakistani film or Bollywood?

  • Agneepath is at 6th…..why indicine ignoring the regional version collection of ra one which is about 10 crs so a total of 125(115 10) crs in bollywood history…..
    1.3 idiots 202 crs
    2.bodyguard 141 crs
    3.dabangg 140 crs
    4.Ra one 125 crs
    5.Ready 121 crs
    6.agneepath 120 crs
    7.Don 2 114 crs(107 7)
    7.ghajini 114 crs
    8.golmaal 3 107 crs
    9.singham 98 crs
    10.rajneeti 93 crs

  • I thought that Agent Vinod was a good film and very entertaining…….I am suprised that it underperformed in INDIA…..overseas, it appears to be doing above average.
    Forget the critics….see entertainment…se a good film.

  • Ett will get 150 cr and dabangg around 160 cr london isq 90 cr talash 102 cr rawdy rathore 80 cr sos 70 cr housefull 2 59 cr

  • Ett will get 150 cr
    dabangg around 160 cr
    london isq 90 cr
    talash 102 cr
    rawdy rathore 80 cr
    sos 70 cr
    housefull 2 59 cr

  • Since the starting of 2012, no hindi film sustained at the box office in our country and did very well except Agneepath, even Ra One didn’t do that well, worked for a month and not more.. I am gona watch it today for 4th time!! still this fill is sticking in my mind.. can’t turn my back to this film and say to myself: Fathiya.. there’re 4 or 5 hindi films in cinema at the moment and u watched Agneepath for 3 times, so watch those, 3 times is enough.. but.. can’t listen to my mind.. the film was really good, inspired me, there4 can’t forget about it and wana watch it again and again.. wow.. Hrithik was brilliant amazing in this film, Sanjay too.. loved also the songs and I keep listening to them sps Deva Shree Ganesha.. a music which makes my heart beats!

    cinemas reduced the daily shows 2 weeks ago, so we thought that they’ll remove as everyone watched it so.. but yesterday, while calling the cinema to make sure about the timing, found out that they (increased) the daily shows as ppl r still interested and want to watch this film only.. again and again!

  • What about Akshay Kumar starrers indicine. I think either Housefull2 or Rowdy Rathore will surpass agneepath remake.

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