Biggest Bollywood Flops – 2012

Even though 2012 was a year that didnít really see any major flops, there were still a few films, both big as well as small, which had some notable names involved but still sunk without making much of a mark.


‘Players’ was rejected, and how. Even though the film had suffered a poor weekend, there was still a faint hope of some revival at the least since the word of mouth wasn’t all that negative. However all such hopes were totally quashed as the weekdays hardly showed any improvement and saw a further slide in collections. Resultantly, the film pretty much folded shop after a terrible first week seeing merely 22 crore coming in. What further established the film’s poor run was the fact that the collections were a few lakhs lesser than Abhishek Bachchan’s last release ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.


Tezz Tezz

Writing was clear on the wall for ‘Tezz’ when it collected merely 11 crores in the opening weekend. If the he word of mouth was bad, Priyadarshan’s confession about the film being a sub-standard product didn’t help the cause either. The director claimed that he didn’t have any control over the film though the producer (Ratan Jain) felt that he did all that he could to safeguard this much delayed product. Ajay Devgn suffered yet another biggie debacle with Priyadarshan after ‘Aakrosh’, a pity because none of the two films were really bad if one looks at them as core commercial entertainers.


Teri Meri KahaaniTeri Meri Kahaani

‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ turned out to be a huge flop, hence resulting in a step back for Shahid Kapoor who was really in look out for a long pending clean hit. After a poor start, this Kunal Kohli directed film could never recover. Audience feedback didn’t help the cause either as a result of which the film’s first week read a mere 23 crores. This was quite low for the film which came with the potential of crossing at least 50 crores at the box office. This also meant that Shahid now had a film of his collecting less than the likes of not just ‘Kaminey’ and ‘Mausam’ but even ‘Badmaash Company’.



‘Rush’ took the poorest opening for an Emraan Hashmi film ever since he was hearlded with the superstar status. This much delayed film saw a sparse release for itself, didn’t quite get too many good shows for itself and was further marred by the fact that the end product was hardly impressive. The film folded up under the 4 crore mark which is less than half of what Emraan’s films earn on their opening day now! Ultimately ‘Rush’ went down as an affair that would be remembered more as a goodwill gesture by Emraan to have completed it than anything else.


Ekk Deewana ThaEkk Deewana Tha

‘Ekk Deewana Tha’ failed to take any substantial start at the box office. However an opening in the range of 10% was much lower than even the least occupancy one would have imagined for the film. Yes, the film didn’t have much going in its favour, whether it is the pull of the actors in the film, an overall promotional strategy or the lack of any buzz/hype before the release. Still, the disastrous opening must have been heart stopping for all involved. With barely 4 crores coming in, this was a second disappointment for director Gautham Menon in the world of Hindi films after ‘Rehnna Hai Terre Dil Main’.

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  • Next time try an article in which it describes the movies that collected money and there was nothing in that particular movie to be called as films..

  • who flops in 2012 there are so many ways films can make money. How you going to let ur film flop.


  • Where is joker?it was the biggest disaster of all time in bollywood history.

  • @jthj rejected
    abey ready ka record ch0r ddlj ka record torr pehlay.
    Mallu ko bol superstar hai to chak de india 2 bna kr bb bnaye.

  • @lord. No you are absolutely wrong. Jthj is the biggest crap ever made and chennai express will be the biggest disaster ever in bollywood history. And haklu hi’jru srk will end up as the worst crap sh’it garbage actor ever in bollywood history deklena

  • Here is the list of top grosser of AllTime by BOI:

    1 Hum Aapke Hain Kaun 1994 69,75,00,000 123,00,00,000 309,26,00,000 All Time
    2 Gadar Ek Prem Katha 2001 75,50,00,000 130,25,00,000 286,55,00,000 All Time
    3 Three Idiots 2009202,57,00,000269,50,00,000 269,50,00,000 All Time
    4 Dilwale Dulhania Le
    Jayenge 1995 61,00,00,000 106,50,00,000 267,77,00,000 All Time
    5 Raja Hindustani 1996 48,00,00,000 85,00,00,000 207,78,00,000 All Time

  • HAKHK is at top where as Gadar & 3 Idiots are at 2 & 3.
    And DDLJ at 4.

    So my dear Srk fans which record DDLJ helds?

    At lifetime Salman’s film is at top.
    I know Srk can’t even dream to break it.So i think he should try to break Ready’s record.

  • @king who really cares about the crap & would-be-disaster chennai express. It would be another guaranteed brainless torture from rohit. 2013 will entirely belong to the bollywood greek god H R as krrish 3 will easily break all the box office records and will take bollywood to greater heights. Now its good for srk & his fans that he retires from bollywood or else he will become the laughing stock of bollywood.

  • Ek tha tiger and dabangg 2 are the biggest nonsense movies of the 2012.
    Without story’ over acting’ sadak chap dailogse’ and tapori audiences

  • Joker also a disaster….but a flop movie doesnt mean they are bad..for example guzaris etc..but there are many movies which become bb,but are non sense lik ett,dabang2…

  • Jthj was a brainless nonsense crap, joker was a bak was disaster,k 786 & r r were biggest fal tu nonsense of 2012. Ha kle and joker kumar ko tho tv serials mei act karna chahiye bollywood mei nahi.

  • biggest disaster is Joker but then Akshay Kumar never promoted it so we cant call it Akki disaster. In terms of promotion and Hype Jab Tak Hai Jaan will qualify for biggest disappointment not disaster in terms of story, acting but ROI was good.

  • Where is jbthj in the list……it should also be included………one can easily undrstand that it is a flop bcoz( a r rahman..gulzar sahab….yash chopda sahab…mohit chauhan….kaitrina……aur srgay…..and funeral of yash chopda) there were many reasons to wacht jthj bt still it failed to cross the collection of READY………………..koi baat nhi srk fans…..har baar ki tarah is baar bhi tum kah sakte ho ki next film(chennai xpress) sare record tod degi……ha ha ha tum sare record todne ka challenge lagao aur mai ready ka record na tutne ka challenge karta hun

  • Though talaash was a semi hit, it was the best movie of the last year and this year dhoom 3 will be the best in all i.e acting,action,content,script,direction and even box office collections, as it is the only movie which has the potential to surpass 3 idiots collections. So this year will be the mr.perfect’s year.

  • so much of partality, joginder is akshay fan n dats y he didn’t mention joker, wich is d biggest disaster !!

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