Bigg Boss 6 Eviction: Delnaaz Paul out

Delnaaz Big BossDelnaaz Paul, one of the strongest contenders for the Bigg Boss 6 title, was evicted from the reality show Tuesday night.

Apparently, Bigg Boss asked all the remaining six contestants to gather in the garden area. The housemates were later informed that there would be a surprise mid-week eviction.

Ex-couple Rajev and Delnaaz Paul were made to stand on a stool, after which Bigg Boss announced that Delnaaz, with the least number of votes, is being evicted from the show.

With less than 4 days remaining for the Bigg Boss 6 finale, only five contestants remain locked in the house – Rajev Paul, Sana Khan, Imam Siddiqui, Urvashi Dholakia and Niketan Madhok.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss season 6 will be held on January 12th. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs.



  • fantastic.She was drama queen and tried to stay in home by using her this quality.
    Now i m waiting for the eviction of sana khan and rajeev paul.

  • Feel sorry for delnaz but why the hell is this eccentric, irritating,bizarre, nautankibaaz,over-acting IMAM still in the house? (his personality & character is similar to the 200 awards winning(or buying) actor srk & srk’s acting and in his own words it was not yashji but himself who made srk the superstar he is by casting him & preity zinta in a liril add). So srk fans it was not the great yashji who made srk a superstar instead it was the GREATEST GENIUS imam who made srk a global superstar!

  • imam has large fan follwing coz indians lyk fights and negative things. This is the reason salman is huge superstar today. Without controversies and fights both imam siddiqui and salman khan is nothing

  • @imitiaz. So by that logic imam has a much larger fan following than srk himself and srk has no fan following at all because srk is a saint and he never creates controversies and negative things. he never slapped shirish, nor he publicly supported the pak cricketers and vociferously demanded their presence in his ipl team after the ghastly mumbai attacks and so in process hurting the sentiments of all the indians, nor did he create any controversy over this issue with the shivsena for the cheap publicity of his flop movie mnik and neither did he physically & verbally abuse the policemen & others at the wankede stadium. He even was not seen waving the great indian national flag upside down and insulting india and nor did he ever publicly smoke cigarettes in the prohibited public places. Srk indeed is the most cleanest, most controversy free and most saintly actor in bollywood, isnt he!!

  • NVS be#an c#od.Tuje SRK ko criticize karne k alawa aur koi kaam nhi hai g@ and ke baal.
    Aaj ke baad kisi page par dikh mat jana, warna g@ and me petrol dal kar aag laga dunga.Sa ale c#ut ke baal.

  • @NVS, who is the bad boy of bollywood. Its non other then salman. Indians has the perception dat ppl who is rude from outside will be good at heart. thatís why imam and salman is liked by many

  • @big boss aka some mad,foolish,useless,disgusting vampire. times now’s arnab goswami has already declared that you are that mental patient from thane hospital who bit 39 stray street dogs which all became mad like you, so the municipality people and the mental hospital attendants are searching for you.
    ek elephant 100 kutto ke bhokne se darr nahi jatha.

  • @imitiaz. and who made salman the bad boy of bollywood, it’s the great indian media. sorry dude, just because some fraction of people have some perceptions that doesn’t necessarily generalize as the perceptions of all the indians and by the way salman is really good at heart. just because you dont like salman and his ever rising fan following, blaming all the indians doesnt make any sense as that indirectly indicates that you PERCIEVE indians as bad people & bad loving people which they never are.

  • @aki. Rofl… In jaise dirty cockroaches se darne ke liye mei srk fan hu kya?
    @big boss aka PA’GAL BEVDA, jaldi se apne ghar(mental hospital) mei wapas chala ja, warna tere pagal kut’te friends tujhe kaat kaat ke seeda upar bejdenge.

  • these people NVS n AKI are nauakr of salman. they grew eating sh#t of salman… in every pages, they keep barking…

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