Bheja Fry Sequel Announced


Made at a shoestring cost of about Rs. 55 lakhs, Bheja Fry directed by Sagar Bellary, which relied more on brains than brawn, was a huge success. The film worked wonders at the box office that was least expected by a low budget film of this sort giving it a ‘HIT’ status within few weeks of its release. And now, it’s time to get your Bheja Fried once again.

The sequel to 2007 hit movie Bheja Fry is all set to go on floors this june. But unlike it’s original, the content of the sequel will be much more whacky and entertaining and is said to feature some major stars alongside the main artists from the original.

This untitled sequel will be made on a lavish scale and will be Sagar’s first home production under his banner Park Bench Motion Pictures.


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  • I love all genres (comedies,action, drama, musical) of Bollywood movies but found Behja Fry too awful to watch. For a supposed comedy I didn’t laugh once and couldn’t even face watching it all the way to the end. That’s not to say for other people it wasn’t a good film but I personally hated every minute I just about managed to sit through.

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