Best Sunny Deol Movie Scenes and Dialogues

If there is one hero in the Hindi Film Industry, whose dialogue delivery and sheer energy is enough to make a villian tremble, then undoubtedly its Bollywood’s most popular action superstar Sunny Deol.

His unmatched punch-lines combined with the fearless red-eyed look has made him probably the best natural action hero that India has ever seen. Today, there is no one quite like Sunny Deol. Gone are the days of real raw action, now we only get to  see edited and artificial stuff. The credit for which goes more to the action director, cameramen and body doubles.. than the actors.

There are numerous scenes where his thunderous presence has given me goose bumps. The top 5 most unforgettable scenes are as mentioned below:

1. Damini (‘Taareekh Pe Taareekh’ and ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’): “Chadhdha samjhao ise , aise khilaune bazaar mein bahut milte hain .. magar ise khelne ke liye jo jigar chahiye na .. wo duniya ke kisi bazaar mein nahi milta .. Mard use lekar paida hota hai .. aur jab ye Dhai kilo ka haath kisi par padhta hai na .. to aadmi uthta nahi .. uth jaata hai”

And the second video is for ‘taareekh pe taareekh’. In true sense, Rajkumar Santoshi discovered the anger inside him with Ghayal, Damini and Ghatak. It’s sad that they both had a major fallout during the filming of Bhagat Singh’s movies. Sunny left a lasting impression in the role of a lawyer.

2. Gadar (‘Hindustan Zindabad’): Arguably the biggest hit of Indian Cinema ever, Gadar was carried single handedly by Sunny Deol’s brilliance.

“Ashraf Ali : Islam Zindabad Mob: Islam Zindabad Sunny: Islam Zindabad
Ashraf Ali : Pakistan Zindabad Mob: Pakistan Zindabad Sunny: Pakistan Zindabad
Ashraf Ali : Ab bolo Hindustan Murdabad Sunny: Ashrafff Aliiiii …. Mob : Goes Quiet

Sunny : Aapka Pakistan Zindabad hai .. isse humein koi aitraaz nahi.. lekin hamara Hindustan Zindabad tha .. Zindabad hai .. aur ZIndabad rahega.. Hindustan ZIndabad…”

3. Ghatak (‘Saaton ko ek saath maaroonga’ and ‘Ye mazdoor ka haath hai Kaatiya’): A once-in-a-lifetime performance by Sunny Deol in this magnificent movie directed by RajKumar Santoshi. His confrontation with Danny still gives you shivers.

“Agar Saaton ek baap ke hai to ruk nahin to kasam Ganga maiya ki … ghar mein ghus ke maaroonga saaton ko saath maaroonga .. ek saath maaroonga..”
“Ye Majdoor ka Haath hai Kaatiya .. Lohe ko pighla ke uska aakaar badal deta hai”

4. Jeet (‘Kajal tum sirf meri ho’) : Sunny played a rowdie gangster who falls in true love with Karisma in this Raj Kanwar’s classic hit.
“Kaajal .. Tum meri meri ho …. In haathon ne hathyaar chodein hain … unhein chalaana bhoolein nahin hain… agar is choukhat pe baraat aayi to doli ki jagah arthiyan uthengi … laashein bicha doonga laashein..”

Can you imagine any other actor saying the dialogue with such intensity. Impossible!

5. Border (‘Problem Dialog’): Sunny played a Sikh Army Officer in this epic war film directed by J.P. Dutta. Watch this scene where he tells the importance of being in army to Sudesh Berry who is trying to escape. Simply Mind blowing.

“Mathura Das: Isse pehle ki main tujhe gaddar karaaar deke goli maar doon … Bhaag Ja Yahaan se”

So here is my list of some scenes which I have watched over and over again. One dialog about which I pondered a lot is the infamous ‘Balwant Rai Ke Kutte’ from Ghayal. Also I considered Ziddi and Indian but didn’t include them.

Although it seems that these days are over, I just hope to see someone with the same larger-than-life screen presence. His son might just fill the void. We miss you Sunny.

So guys, felt something while watching the scenes? Do let me know what you feel about this article and what scenes I should have included or excluded.

Also if you have not seen the above mentioned movies, then go rent a DVD as soon as possible. Strongly recommended.

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  • Best and real action heroes of india are sunny deol, akshay kumar, suniel shetty, and ajay devgan, sunny for his anger and tough man portrayal onscreen is unmatched, suniel shetty for his muscles, akshay kumar for his khiladi attitude, fighting skills with daredevlry, ajay devgan was the guy who did many stunts in 90s.

  • Suuny and Salman – both are can say types of role sunny did suits to him just like the roles done by Big B suits him…and same with Salman…

  • Sunny deol the legend, have u ll guys seen jeet 1996. See the movie and then compare salman and sunny. He will surely crush chulbul like a bulbul………

  • Great dialogues of sunny,—-Saaton ko ek saath marne ki kasam kya kha li saato alag alag ghumne lag gaye,,,,,,,,,

    Ye Majdoor ka Haath hai Kaatiya .. Lohe ko pighla ke uska aakaar badal …,,,

    and many more……………………………..

  • the best dialogue still pending was aaj nasta hum uska karege from film border and another from gadar baap baap hoya hai aur beta beta tumara pakistan aaya kahase hai hindustan me se

  • Abhi ypd2 dekhi itni bhi bekar nahi h jitni critics ne bola h. aur sunny looks brilliant except those over rated action seqences.

  • I really liked the last dialogue from the Border movie before the battle. “TU wahi Ghulam Datagir hai na, Lahore da gunda”

  • My idol is sunny deol i like his voice and his performance and i didn’t mis his any movie i want to meet him once

  • Sunny Deol is still the strongest muscleman and the action king in Bollywood. His sheer, raw muscle power is just unmatched. Nobody else can match up to him. Truly the best action hero even today. May that ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ smash more evil in the years to come. I can hardly wait for Ghayal’s sequel, Ghayal Once Again, which is said to be even bigger than the first one along with more action-packed movies. I would love to meet him and his dad, Dharmendra, one day.

  • Sunny Deol is a Iron man of Bollywood. He is living legend. Like R. D. Burman and Kushor Kumar , Sunny will be more and popular as time passes… Because the movies in which acted are unmatched. Have a glance:
    The Hero
    And many more…. I might have forgotten to mention few other movies……… If anyone watches above movies, he does not reqiuer any certificate from none of so called CRITICS!!!!
    Sunny is a UNMATCHED action GOD!!!! Isn’t it???? If we believe that Sachin is a GOD in CRICKET then SUNNY DEOL is a ACTION GOD of Hindi film industry..
    Please leave your comment on this….

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