Best Song Video in Salman Khan’s Jai Ho: Vote

Four song promos from Salman Khan’s upcoming film have been released by the makers.

Baaki Sab First Class Hai:  The first song video release was the highly energetic song sung by Wajid himself. Special mention for the meaningful satirical lyrics written by Sajid, Irfan Kamal and Danish Sabri; which depict the current corrupt and sad state of the country. The song goes with the theme of the movie. Musically, this Sajid-Wajid attempt is not too catchy but the song’s video makes it worth a watch.

Views on Youtube: 1.8 million

Tere Naina Maar Hi Daalenge:  Sung by Shaan and Shreya Ghosal is easily the best song in the album. Sajid-Wajid fascination for the ‘Eyes’ continues after ‘Surili Akhiyo Wale’, ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’ and ‘Dagabaaz Re’. Sameer’s lyrics are simple and add more charm to this classical love melody which boasts of an addictive tune.

Views on Youtube: 3 million

Photocopy: A full on dance number which can rock the DJ charts in the days to come. Being Salman’s prodigy, it’s hard to believe that Himesh is singing for Salman for the first time ever. Sajid-Wajid are in top form as they have managed to extract the best out of Himesh, Keerthi and Palak.

Youtube views: 1.2 million

Tumko To Aana Hi Tha: Is a beautifully picturised romantic song on Salman and Daisy Shah. The superstar romances like never before in an unusual composition for a Salman Khan album. With the song, the Khan’s gave Dabboo Malik’s son Amal Malik an opportunity to make it big. He doesn’t disappoint, Tumko To Aana Hi Tha is a sweet love song in the vocals of his brother Armaan and Marianne D’Cruz.

Youtube views: 0.3 million (released just 3 days ago)

Which is the best song video in Jai Ho?

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  • In facts, These two songs are very nice songs from Jai Ho
    Tere Naina
    Tumko To Aana Hi Tha

    Title song is also nice
    Jai.. Jai.. Jai.. Jai ho

    Others all music are average

  • Tumko toh ana hi tha is romantic and nice.
    Tere naina is average .photocopy and baki sab first class are irritating.
    So my vote gotes to tumko toh ana hi tha

  • @nipun bournvitaholic but they r atleast less irritating than the slowest,weakest,almost dead,ventilator song of bollywood history ‘Dil tu hi bata’ of Krrish

  • all songs are nice.but its video takes it to another level because of presence of best video song is tumko toh aana hi tha.its a heaven feeling song.i replays it from 3days.then baaki sab first class hai followed by tere naina and get ready for bhai dhamaka at the boxoffice.i listen that advance booking is started and its better than dhoom3.all shows are housefull in big cities like mumbai,hyderabad,indore.all india advance booking is started from today.jai ho bhai power.

  • @indicine what a rubish poll. now u tell us, who is best cricketer among the following– ishant sharma, ashok dinda, avishkar salwi & jaidev unadkat??

  • @sachin11 lol ‘dil tu hi bata’ was a plain mood killer and complete nuisance to audiences ear drums… It sounded horrible inside the theatre…. It should have been a lovemaking scene at best where Kangana gasps for breath and pulsates here there, that may have sounded better than the actual pathetic vocals…! IMO only

  • I liked Baki Sab first class video the most. As for music i am not impressed with any song of Jai ho yet but tumko to aana hi tha and Tere naina was hearable. 4 days to go. Jah Ho.

  • I liked Baki Sab first class video the most. As for music i am not impressed with any song of Jai ho yet but tumko to aana hi tha and Tere naina was hearable. 4 days to go. Jah Ho..

  • @nipun, oh! these tracks irritates you? i bet you have liked all the songs of krrish 3 and also commented here that you like those songs. it’s amazing how most irritating music album of the decade krrish 3 didn’t irritate you, but these tracks did. dude i think there’s a limit of being biased.

  • @indicine Aamir confirmed on twitter P.k. Is locked for Cristmas 2014,Jai ho, so guys who wanted it to release on holiday that is good news for them while fans like me who don’t want to wait is bad one as i will have to wait for 11 month for P.k. Neverthe less khan trio booked their lucky festive dates for upcoming releases. 1.Salman-kick EID 2.Srk-Happy New Year-Diwali 3.And Bigger one Aamir Khan-P.k.-Chritsmas. Lets see Bombay velvet prepond or postpond or set for clash. This year is gonna to rock as three bigger star having full commercial movies on their favorite slot. JAI HO.

  • These two songs are very nice songs from Jai Ho
    1st. Tumko To Aana Hi Tha
    2nd. Tere Naina

    Title song is also nice
    Jai.. Jai.. Jai.. Jai ho

    and plz dnt comment on Salman matter’s U everyone knws that
    ur fan of srk so stay out of it n it good 4 U

  • @navin, @sachin11, @khan kapoor, lol you fools talk about quality but fully support the copy paste south remakes of salman which look like c-grade bhojpuri films. shame on you !!!! srk fans are abusing your jai ho but you are running behind krrish 3. lanat hai !!! jai ho songs are truly below average, no chartbuster!!!

  • Songs are nice specaily the romatic numbers, photo copy nd baki first class seems more theme based nd situational so will sure look far more better whn presented within the movie
    thumps up
    Exculsive news
    First reports are out movie is under 2.5 hours nd high on action nd story 2nd half is very gripping nd salman has a winner on hand
    Bol jai hoi team
    Reports from media screenings

  • @nipun me too Sun Jara was awesomest song of Salman sung by the Legend Sonu Nigam, best ever.
    @mohammad i knew dear Jai Ho will be superb movie and i would like it will break D3 records. Jai Ho.

  • I like Tum Ko Toh the most. Overall, all songs are nice and will go well with theme of the movie,

    Super Excited!!! Just counting down days!!

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    We should inform Rakeshji as well. He can use of these Paglapurians well and can write his next movie on these aliens.. The Thakur of Paglapur should be the villain. Then, Duggu can kick his S like Sunny did in Darr

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