Best Kishore Kumar Songs: Top 10

Along with Mohd Rafi, the late Kishore Kumar is one of the greatest male playback singers of all time. It’s expressing the pure feelings of one’s heart, which made all Kishore songs ever so special. He introduced the art of yodeling in Indian songs. Although he died in 1987, he is very much a craze even today as we hear the new versions of his evergreen songs in recent movies like ‘Naino Mein Sapna’ and ’Taki O Taki’ (Himmatwala – 2013), ‘Apni To Jaise Taise’ (Housefull – 2010), Bachna Ae Haseeno (Bachna Ae Haseeno – 2009), ‘Khaike Pan Banaraswala’ (Don – 2006), Jhankaar Beats and many more.

Even people who don’t understand Hindi language enjoy Kishore Kumar songs sung in his god-gifted and divine voice.

Below mentioned is the compilation of 10 of my personal all time favorite songs of Kishoreda:

1) O Mere Dil Ke Chain: Who says Switzerland fields, costly costumes, huge sets or 100 dancers etc. are required to make a song look beautiful? Arguably the most romantic song of all time, O Mere Dil Ke Chain is wonderfully picturized on an elegant Rajesh Khanna and shivering Tanuja from the movie ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’. My favorite line from this gem by Kishore Kumar is – ‘tum jo pakad lo haath mera duniya badal sakta hoon main, maanga hai tumhein duniya ke liye’.

2) Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas: This track from ‘Blackmail’ is as beautiful as it is melodious and as romantic as it is nostalgic. Dharmendra and Rakhee are looking top-notch in probably the most touching song of their mega careers. Kishore Da effortlessly manages to touch the innermost chords of listener’s heart. My best line is –‘deewano ki ye baatein deewane jaante hain , jalne mein kya maza hai parwaane jaante hain’

3) Dil Kya Kare: Forget the whole world and feel the sheer romance in the crystal voice of Kishore Da in this magical song from the movie ‘Julie’. My most touching line from the song is – ‘daud raha hai saath lahoo ke pyaar tera nas nas mei, na kuch tere bas mein julie na kuch mere bas mei’

4) Chalte Chalte: Kishore Da sang with all his heart and soul, which is likely to be the reason why I know nothing about this movie except for this lovely melody. More you hear this track, more you believe that the void left by his demise can never be filled. My best line is –‘hum laut aayenge tum yunhi bulate rehna , kabhi alvida na kehna’

5) Humein Tumse Pyaar: One simply has to listen to understand the depth with which Kishore Da has rendered this song from the movie ‘Kudrat’. It has seas of romance and oceans of emotions filled in it. My fav line – ‘tumhei koi aur dekhe to jalta hai dil, badi mushkilo se fir sambhalta hai dil’

6) Pyaar Deewana Hota Hai: The sentimental and surreal singing by Kishore Kumar in this song from ‘Kati Patang’ takes you to a totally heavenly level. Rajesh Khanna glamorized piano playing with this heart touching number. My best line here is – ‘mana kare duniya lekin mere mehboob, wo challak jaata hai jo paimaana hota hai’

7) Mere Mehboob Qayamat: Talents like Kishore Kumar are born not made. This multi-faceted genius showcased his superb acting skills in many movies including ‘Mr X in Bombay’ from which this ever-lasting melody has been taken. My fav line here is –‘meri tarah tu aahein bhare, tu bhi kisise pyaar kare, aur rahe wo tujhse pare, tune oo sanam dhaaye hain sitam’

8) Chookar Mere Mann Ko: This song from the movie ‘Yaarana’ arrests you from the get go and has you gasping for more. The unparalleled and incomparable voice of Kishore Da conveys a plethora of genuine emotions. My best line is – ‘tu jo kahe jeevan bhar tere liye main gaoon, geet tere bolon pe likhta chala jaoon’

9) Mere Dil Mei Aaj: Yash Chopra’s movies are known for their songs and Rajesh Khanna-Kishore Kumar combo goes hand in hand. It can’t get bigger than this. My most touching line from this melodious ‘Daag’ number is – ‘Koi dhoondne bhi aaye to humein na dhoondh paaye, tu mujhe kahin chupa de, main tujhe kahin chupa doon’

10) Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka: There cannot be a better song than this track from ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ on the brother-sister relationship. Always wonder how easily Kishore Da changes the tone of his vocals to suit the song setting. My best line – ‘Jeevan k dukho se yun darte nahin hain, aise bach ke sach se gujarte nahin hain, sukh ki chaah to dukh bhi sehna hai’

Kishore Kumar belongs to an extraordinary league of singers and his songs are mind and soul cleansers. It’s a strong personal recommendation to all those who have still not heard this golden voice which ruled India for decades, to sit back, relax and peacefully listen to all the songs highlighted above.

I can mention 100 more songs and the list will still go on and on but the space here is limited to share only ten of those experiences which take me to a completely different world every time I tune in to them.

Do mention your best Kishore Kumar songs in the comments section below!

With Ghanchakkar lined up for a release, stay tuned for the best songs of Emraan Hashmi.

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  • Guyz, Finally emmi songs list are coming next week , So i am really excited and like me, others are also curious & excited about it

  • Admin, Kishore Da is my favourite singers as far as singing is concerned ,he is miles away to other singers
    He is superb singer and Mere Mehboob Qayamat hogi is my favourite .

  • kishore da is the best singer bollywood has ever produced i m big fan of sonu nigam but still i think that no body can match to kishore kumar not even Mohd rafi….

  • I stopped commenting on Indicine due to unnecessary star wars and wague personal comments…
    But this song series has brought me back ….
    Kishore Da is the best singer ever. Whether it was a sad song, a happy song, a fast song or a duet, Kishore filled it with life. Right from the day of my 12th Birthday when i got a walkman & a cassette of Kishore kumar gifted to me i have been a total fan of his. My collection of KK consists of 23 volumes of his numbers. A true legend during his time & a huge loss to Bollywood after his demise

  • He was from another level altogether – i love every song of his – i loved his voice – chalthe chalthe, kuch to log kahenge, ek ajnabi haseena se, mere sapno ki rani……the list can go on forever……every song is a favourite……

  • Rafi is my all time fav, but Kishore is my next fav, and it is not right to just put a top 10 kishore songs. He has like 100s of songs that are brilliant and choosing a favourite is too difficult.

    however, one of my all time favourite of kishore is – Khizaa Ke Phool Pe Aati Kabhi Bahaar Nahin……Mere Naseeb mein aye dost, tera pyaar nahin……..the way he sang that is awesome.

  • I like Rafi Sahaab but I cannot remember the
    lines of his songs. I do not know why I can remember the lines of KK da songs. My favourites are Mere Mehboob Qayamat, Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si, chalte chalte and Kati Patang songs.

  • kishor da is my fav singer.His gan 1.cheachi jare ami 2.Ami nai 3.jeeven se vare 4.zindagi ka safar 5.pal pal dil ke paas etc is touched my mind

  • kishor da is the best singer of the world.He is a speechless singer.He is my firSt fev singer.I am the grate fan of kishor da.

  • I am a big fan of Kumar Sanu.He is the best singer in the world and must be bollywood also. His songs touch my heart. I just love Sanu sir’s song.
    “Amor shilpi tumi Kumar Sanu tomake janai pronam.”

  • It is too much loss in the world that his demise. Nobody can imitate his songs just like he sang for our world. His voice is very powerful and dedicated for sad, happy, duet songs all ….
    I hear western and KK songs only when I get time. Anyway Kishore Da is Kishore Da……………


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