Best Amitabh Bachchan Songs: Top 10

The Indian media today is dominated by two living national legends who are equivalent to demi-gods in their respective fields. Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement from the Test Cricket while Amitabh Bachchan turned 71.

The histrionics of Amitabh, fondly known as Big B, are unimaginable and the space here is too less to pick just 10 songs from his entire career. Such was the euphoria of his superstardom that the biggest movie industry in the world was often referred to as a ‘One Man Industry’ for more than one and a half decade.

To pick 10 best songs of Amitabh is an improbable task and hence we have selected our favorite ten songs out of a huge bank which we have always enjoyed over the years. Here we go

1) O Saathi Re: The multi-faceted genius of Amitabh Bachchan showcased his superb acting skills in many movies including ‘Muqqadar Ka Sikandar’ from which this ever-lasting melody has been taken. My fav line from this gem by Kishore Kumar is – ‘har dhadkan mein pyaas hai teri, saanson mei teri khushboo hai, is dharti se us ambar tak meri nazar mein tu hi tu hai’

2) Kabhie Kabhie: Yash Chopra’s Kabhie Kabhie music album composed by Khayyam will remain an ode to brilliant melody forever. The title duet sung by Mukesh and Lata is arguably one of the most romantic songs of all times. My pick from the lyrics is – ‘tu ab se pehle sitaaron mei bas rahi thi kahin, tujhe zameen pe bulaaya gaya hai mere liye’.

3) Chookar Mere Mann Ko: This song from the movie ‘Yaarana’ arrests you from the get go and make you gasping for more. Amitabh gave a stupendous performance as a typical villager. My best line is – ‘tu jo kahe jeevan bhar tere liye main gaoon, geet tere bolon pe likhta chala jaoon’

4) Pag Ghungroo: This song from blockbuster ‘Namakhalaal’ showcases Amitabh at his entertaining best. Bappi’s Da composition, Anjaan’s hilarious lyrics and Big B’s screen presence have made this number immortal. My fav line is – ‘aap andar se kuch aur, bahar se kuch aur najar aate hain , baakhuda shakal se to chor najar aate hain’

5) Khaike Paan Banaraswala: This chartbuster song from ‘Don’ is composed by Kalyanji-Anandji with lyrics by Anjaan. Bachchan put his heart and soul into the performance and has really made this song his own. My best line from this memorable songs is – ‘ek kanya kunwari, hamri soorat pe marr gayi haaye haaye, ek meethi kataari hamre dil mein utar gayi haaye’

6) Tere Mere Milan Ki Ye Raina: The sentimental and surreal singing by the duo Lata-Kishore in this song from ‘Abhimaan’ takes you to a totally heavenly level. Film featured Big B with his better half Jaya Bachchan and movie’s influence can still be seen in recent blockbusters like ‘Aashiqui 2’. My most touching line is – ‘tujhe thaame kayi haathon se miloonga madbhari raaton se’

7) Rang Barse: Yash Chopra’s movies are known for their songs and there cannot be a better song than this track from ‘Silsila’ on the Holi festival. Bachchan showed his singing talent in this song and his unique rendering style is still copied by many singers. Silsila had the magnetic pairing of Amitabh-Rekha along with Jaya Bachchan. My fav line – ‘launga ilaichi ka beeda lagaya , chabe gauri ka yaar, balam tarse, rang barse’

8) Inteha Ho Gayi: Sharaabi was the 6th hit in a row for Prakash Mehra- Amitabh Bachchan combo. Big B gave yet another scintillating unparalleled performance as an alcoholic in the movie. This Bappi Da’s composition has been magically sung by Kishore Kumar. My best line – ‘baat jo hai usmein, baa t wo yahaan kahin nahi kisi mein, wo hai meri bas hai meri, shor hai yehi gali gali mei.’

9) Mere Angne Mein: Amitabh rendered his voice to yet another unforgettable song from the movie ‘Laawaris’. Film is remembered for Big B’s iconic portrayal of an orphan. Each and every line of Anjaan’s lyrics is hilarious and well thought of. Enjoy this lovely song.

10) Jumma Chumma De De: Sudesh Bhonsle emerged as Amitabh’s voice in the 90s and rendered his voice for the legend in many songs. This Anand Bakshi’s composition from ‘Hum’ rocked the charts for years. My fav line is – ‘arii o jummaa, meri jaaneman, bahar nikal , aaj jummaa hai, aaj kaa vaadaa hai’

We could so easily add a 100 more songs to the list – most were equally good and the list could simply go on and on. But here is just a glimpse of the wide range, unbelievable versatility and immense talent of this extraordinary actor who is a blessing and God’s gift to the Indian Film Industry.

Here’s wishing the ultimate megastar the best of happiness, health, joy and celebrations on his 71st Birthday.

Do let us know your favorite songs of Amitabh Bachchan in the comments section below.

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  • I am not from his generation,so i may not know much about his other songs..
    But his angry youngman character in zanjeer was just superb.Such a hardcore voice followed by serious expressions…
    Jab tak ke baithne ke liye na kaha jaaye khade raho,
    Ye policestation hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi….

  • Arjun Kapoor looks to me that he can be this generation’s Amitabhji..
    He is tall,with good voice,action hero look,that devilish smile,has entered in industry with two good performances…

  • @indicine:top ten song list of stars article is my favourite section from your site.but sad that you aren’t posting this these days.

  • I dont know amitabh there is one man in india he is none other than salman khan the biggest superstar till date and amitab is vry to him

  • @indicine – i agree with Nipun.. u shud start top ten song section again.. i still visit the old ones many times…

  • Here’s a trivia about the song – Khaikey Paan Banaras Wala.

    The song was composed for the film of Dev Anand – Banarsi babu, but Dev Anand rejected the song.

    Then in those days, people used to get advise from Manoj Kumar and show him the first cut of a film, to get his views.

    After watching the first cut, Manoj suggested that Don was a bit slack in the second half and a song would lift it up, and with Dev Anand rejecting the song, the song was available and the Director of Don grabbed it with both hands and it was later picturised and inserted in the movie.

    Rest, as you say, is History.

  • there is a question to all srk fans that what was srk before CE his films were struggling to reach even 115 crore nd salmans films easily cross 150 crore that is the different salmans every film is blockbustr or atbb nd he will remain no 1

  • @bangladeshi:what was salman before dabbang? ?he has given disasters like marigold,yuvraj,main aur mrs.khanna don’t give senseless comment.srk is miles ahead.

  • @being marigold before dabng sallu have 2 all time blbster 4 highest grosser of the year with many blbster except 2008 each nd every year salman have hit nd remember 99 which sallu have 3 back to back blckbster nd that time even worst film of sallu earns more than your after CE overnite str srk ok

  • @all srk fans nd those who says what was salman bfore dabang then take salman have biggest hit 80s in mpk nd biggest hit of 90s haul nd biggest solo hit 20s dabbang identify find your srk where is he???????????????????????????????? a big question to all srk fan nd open challenges to you you cant give answer nd real answer is salman is the biggest super star of his era with his first film nd srk always lagging behind him nd salman rules the industry during last 2 decades nd he is not king he is the GOD of bollywood ok

  • correction hum apke hai kaun was 90s biggest hit plz find ur srk where was he you cant find him he was gifting you disaster after disaster

  • srk became star(not super star) with some hits and semi hits unlike salman who have blbster nd all time blbster nd salman is creator of many star like hritik etc

  • There are three top things in the Bollywood..Amitab bachhan, Amitab Bachhan and Amitab Bachhan, no one will reach his place, neither, SRK, Aamir, Salman, Hritik and Ranbir, never in our time. His list of songs are unaccountable but my top three songs are.

    Athara barash ki tu hoine ko aai re, kaun puchega.

    Are deewano mujhe pehchano, kasha say aya Mai hu kaun.

    My name is Anthony Gonsalise.

    Long live Mr Bachhan.

  • To choose only top 10 for Amitji is impossible. What about these solid hits.

    1. Aree dewaano mujhe pehchano – Don
    2. Aapka keya hoga janabe wali – Laawaris
    3. My name is Anthony Gunshales – Amar Akbar Anthony
    4. Athara baras ki tu, hone ko aai re – Suhaag
    5. Yumma Yumma – Shaan
    6. Jane jigar duniya Mai tu sabse hasi – Pukaar
    7. Thodi si Jo pee le hai – Namak halal
    8. John jani janardan Tara rum pum – Naseeb
    9. Yeh din tho atta hai ek dinn jawaani Mai – Mahaan
    10. Dekha na hai re socha na hai re – Bombay to Goa

    I can go on and on there are plenty of super hits songs of this legend. We salute and love you Amitab Sir.

  • My fav Amitabh Bachchan songs are
    1. Inteha Ho Gai
    2. Log kehte Hai Mai Sharaabi Hu
    3. O Saathi Re
    4. Pyar Humain Kis Mor Le Aaya
    5. Iske Aagey Ki Daasta
    6. Aree Deewano Mujhe Pechano
    7. My Name Is Anthony
    8. Dekha Na Hai Re
    9. Tere Jaisa Yaar kahan
    10.Kabhi Kabhi

  • Both SRK and Salman are idiots and people arguing for them are even bigger idiots. None can ever match up to Big-B. Mind you- never…

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