Besharam Boxoffice: Noon update

Besharam took a flying start in the morning, which was pretty much expected as the audience now trust Ranbir Kapoor to deliver good films. His fan-following in metro cities is huge, and it is in these centres where the film has opened to packed houses.

But the gap between Besharam and two of the biggest openers in recent times – Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger – is widening at single-screens. Even Dabangg 2 which released on a non-holiday had much higher occupancy at single-screens on Day 1. (article continued below)

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor at the premiere of Besharam last night

While it is unfair to compare Ranbir to established superstars like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, the only reason the comparisons are being made is because of the humongous success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which grossed Rs 188 crore in India and the scale at which Besharam has released – higher number of screens than Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2 and about 150 screens fewer than Chennai Express.

Unfortunately though, the response from those who have already seen the film in the morning, isn’t very positive. Critics too have thrashed the film, even those who are usually generous to most big releases have given the film a thumbs down.

Here is what Joginder Tuteja, who used to write reviews for Indicine not too long ago, had to say about Besharam “It is usually fun to watch a masala affair. However there has to be some sense-n-sensibility. In case of Besharam, there is none. Rating * (one star)”

The opening day of Besharam will be huge, further cementing Ranbir Kapoor’s position in the Top 5. But the big question is.. will the film sustain tomorrow onwards?



  • NO chance, besharam will be a big flop. only srk rocks, no one can beat him. no besharam, no krrish, no dhoom.

  • K3 and D3 will be the biggest grossers ever with no. 1 and no. 2 positions…mark my words…thereafter, it will be again Aamir’s PK…only muvi that shall come close would be Salman’s collaboration with Rajshri muvies…

  • with -ve review and rating the movie will cross 100cr and so this will be become ranbir another hit thats it.

  • Most entertaining movie of 2013! Chennai Express looks like Deshdrohi in comparison!
    Mark my words… Besharam will beat YJHD lifetime, that too PURELY on his own starpower…. no Deepika, no great songs…
    If WOM is really good then 200 crore is also possible…..

  • This clearly shows the power of salman and shahrukh even though a bad movie they convert bad movie to hit no other actor can do it
    And last whosoever the actor is but director has main role to play whether be it salman, shahrukh or shahid, hritesh but ya salman and shahrukh are 3 days hero nd rest are 1 day hero ol depends on word of mouth by audiences

  • atrocious movie of the decade. CC2C was far better. even 25 crores seems impossible. trust me, or see the movie, then cry!!

  • EK word flop .
    but note one thing even when the film and performance of SHAHID in ppnh was superb critics didn’t praise him much!

    but with a flop movie and flop performance the critics are sayin ranbir is brilliant an al?.
    baised, paid? Or what

  • i m curious why so much hating rk r u F**king jelous of him why.
    if anyone is talented or successfulll we should not dislike him/her we should appreciate you narrow minded haters

  • i told it during YJHD time that ranbir’s true test will start from besharam.. dont forget YJHD was a well made movie with excellent word of mouth, superhit chartbuster music, deepika ranbir pairing, post IPL release, summer vacations, no competition, open weeks.. but people were in a hurry to call him no.1 n superstar.. m so glad the truth is out.. i told everyone ranbir’s true test will start now and he has failed miserably.. so plz hold ur guns before u call him a superstar or no.1.. it was so immature n foolish of people to claim it.. it takes 25 years of hard work, constant n huge fan following like salman n srk to get the tag of superstar.. so i request the media n indicine to not to give the tag of superstar to anybody so easily.. just one hit film n u guys make anybody a superstar.. i remember in ur articles a few months back calling emraan hashmi a superstar.. plz for god’s sake.. in that case even aditya roy kapoor is a superstar..

  • @ dxxtnam

    Being a superstar is about OPENING of the movie.

    YJHD’s word of mouth is not what made it OPEN well. use your brain, Ranbir’s stardom made it open well

    And similarly, Ranbir’s mass fame made Besharam OPEN WELL too. the fact that the movie was made badly has nothing to do with Ranbir’s stardom.

    again, use your brain and stop using pseudo-logic, just because majority of the ppl on these forums are idiots and will believe anything without analysing

  • ranbir talented but crap film… not sayin abt story,direction blah blah film is not entertaining c.e is big hit rohit shetty fun film…..abhinav wasted ranbir talent….waitin for boss&dhoom-3

  • I guess Ranbir himself has told he is not the superstar, but yes he will be, and flops and hits are part and parcel of this.

    Flops have been part of Salman and srk too in their starting years, so no big deal.

    Let the show go on.

  • @anonymous – yes i too believe ranbir is the future superstar.. my point is that even a bad film like besharam (masala mass genre) will get a superhit or even a blockbuster status in today’s business dynamics with salman or srk starring in it..

  • Ranbir have to be really stuped if he think that he will beat SRK …and wil be better than him…..with 7-8 movies and 2-3 hits don’t become Legend……
    I see Beshram movie trailer…and sorry but was stuped…..for me he is like in Barfi just in Barfi he doesn’t talk…He is good actor ,but nothing special.Just one of others

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