Bazmee wants Shiney Ahuja in Welcome Back, Shruti unhappy

The cast for Anees Bazmee’s ‘Welcome Back’ will see Shiney Ahuja joining them in Dubai. Sources reveal that all the cast are happy about his inclusion, except Shruti Haasan, the female lead in the film.

Shiney is the wayward son of Naseeruddin Shah in the film and both are cast as gangsters.

Sources in Dubai reveal that Anees had wanted Shiney in the role and he did not want any argument on the contrary. Though apparently Shruti and Anees do not share the same views on the issue, Anees has maintained his stand.

Shruti obviously is not happy about the way things had turned out.

Bazmee has said, “Initially there was skepticism about Shiney’s presence. But I was very clear about what I was doing. Whether Shiney is guilty or not of the crime he was accused of, we’ve no right to pass judgment on him. Let the law take its course.”

According to sources, Anees was insistent on having Shiney included. The director said, “Shiney has every right to work. He has a wife, daughter, and parents to support. His father broke down when he called to thank me for giving Shiney work. No one from the film industry was willing to give him work, not even Shiney’s so-called friends”.

Doing so, Anees has been reportedly receiving threats from inside the industry as well as outside sources on the matter.



  • But still people shouldn’t underate Welcome back even though it is clashing with BV and PK.Comedy movies earn a lot and being a sequel to 2007 blockbuster,it shouldn’t be surprise if it enters 100cr club if Grand Masti can

  • Who wants to work with rapist ?
    Aneez is trying to create hype…
    Shaini should be hanged as soon as possible !

  • absolutely shiney did terrible mistake,that’s the reason why shruti worried.akki was the best choice for welcome back but it’s all depend upon welcome back,might he wants to change the actor according to story.all the best for WELCOME BACK and JOHN that will clash with Raju’s p.k.we are with selfmade superstar john,this christmas triple clash may happen pk vs wb vs bv.also in october 2 also may triple clash happen bang bang vs phantom vs action advise to akki,ajay,john to release in eid.let’s see how our papa’s made superstar salman and amir has potency to face CLASH,lol.

  • HR,Akki and ajay don’t cry like your MEGASTAR for release dates..
    Srk fell into the legs of jeetendra,ekta kapoor and tushar kapoor for CE’s release date.
    Srk is so insecure that he booking slots of 2015,16,17,18,19……
    SRK as we all know is a media created star,atleast Hrithik knows acting,he does’nt does activities like a goat on screen.

  • Sallu:
    shut up. I am a woman, and I am not afraid of Shiney Ahuja , on the contrary very much I want to see him, he is very talented! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I very much missed him and hoped that all lies round his name will emerge outside, and he will be cleared.
    I don’t believe in violence over the enthusiastic fan, and here in extortion of money – yes! ! !
    I can’t present that SUCH man FORCED the woman to sleep with himself and furthermore the enthusiastic little fool.

    Personally I very much wait for its emergence on the screen! ! !

  • @babaji are u out of ur mind.. Y dragging srk here.. ??
    Atleast dont say that u r a neutral fan.. Ur comments r sarcastic enough to knw whom u hate the most among the superstars.. N btw wer u in jeetendra’s house wen srk fell infront of him.??
    Everyone knws wats d truth..first ajay did wat he wasnt supposed to..n dis ppl got to knw wen finally he lost the case.he just wanted publicity on shahrukhs name which he got.
    N coming to ekta’s case everyone knws wats d verdict of ouatimd. N the release date was postponed bcoz of mutual cooperation(to b honest I think bcoz ekta feared her film wil get affected quite badly).oderwise who win postpone his film.

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