Barfi Movie Review

Director Anurag Basu (Life in a.. metro, Gangster) returns after Kites, an ambitious film that didn’t work due to it’s excess usage of Spanish. His latest, Barfi starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz, is a cheerfully unconventional film.

Story: The film is about Murphy (Ranbir), who is lovingly called Barfi. He falls in love at first sight with Shruthi (Ileana D’Cruz) and expresses his feelings, even though he cannot hear or speak. Shurthi is engaged to her college sweetheart, but soon shares a warm friendship with Barfi that slowly turns into love. Their cute love story is cut short, when Shruthi’s mother convinces her to marry the man she is engaged to, as Barfi is deaf and mute.

The film has a second love angle between Barfi and Jhilmil (Priyanka), who is autistic. While her parents find it difficult to handle her, she gets along well with Barfi.

Barfi Poster - Ranbir Kapoor

Barfi Review

What works for Barfi

  • The performances: For a film with very few dialogues, Barfi relies almost entirely on it’s actors. Ranbir Kapoor is absolutely brilliant. He slips into the skin of his character and brings it to life – all without a single dialogue. His charisma, smile, facial expressions work big time. Undoubtedly one of the best performances of the year so far. As for Priyanka, in one of the toughest roles of her career, she delivers a stellar performance. Never for a second do you realize it’s her – a huge compliment for any actor. Ileana D’Cruz makes a confident debut, apart from her crooked teeth she looks lovely on-screen. Ranbir’s mannerisms deserves a special mention here – everything from the way he combs his hair, carries his weird hairstyle and even the way he rides his cycle make for a fun watch.
  • The fantastic moments: Again, for a silent film, Barfi has some genuinely funny and heart-warming moments that ensures the first half is high on entertainment value. Watch out for the scenes, where Ranbir tries to woo Ileana, his antics make you instantly fall in love with his character. And also the innocent moments between Ranbir and Priyanka in the second. Well written, skilfully directed and brilliantly performed.
  • Almost everything else: The background score is top-notch and so is the cinematography. Darjeeling has been beautifully captured on-screen. Pritam’s melodious music goes well with the film.

What doesn’t work

  • The last 20-30 minutes: A simple love story is made way too complicated in the end as the story suddenly has everything in it - murder, kidnapping, love-triangle, flashbacks, confusion.. you name it. The film is far from realistic, yet, the cinematic liberties that Basu has taken in the second half, to include the various twists and turns, are a little too hard to digest.
  • Slow paced: It’s a film that needs to be watched with a bit of patience.

Audience reaction: During intermission, the film got a stand-ovation. Yes, the first half was that good. Towards the end of the film though, quite a few people were seen leaving even before the credits rolled.

Overall, Barfi has a fabulously entertaining first half, with standout performances by the lead stars. Do watch it, preferably in theatre.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Box office: Has opened to a fantastic response at multiplexes. With strong word-of-mouth, Barfi should put up some big numbers in the first week.



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  • in 2007 oso= 80crs in 2009 wanted = 50 crs in 2011 bodyguard(b.b)=145 in 2011
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  • Priyanka is no doubt a number 1 heroine in bollywood………
    Number 1 talented actor =Aamir khan’
    Number 1 talented actress=Priyanka ,yet Kareena is my fav too,,Her acting in jab we met is still the best………
    Barfi is a good movie,However not entertaining as 3 IDIOTS
    1st half of the barfi is Absolutely amazing…They should have edited it Later…Length of the movie is Quite Distressing……..,,Performances are by far Stupendous ,
    One time watch movie for sure…………..At some circumstances ,u r likely to move emotionally
    in nutshell,The movie is fantastic,yet distasteful because of the second half……………

  • only one word awesome!!! just loved the movie and the performances.. ranbir was amazing.. once again its an awesome movie!!!
    @film critics (to all of them) – why do u guys have to analyse a movie so much.. just watch the movie from the heart.. just go with the flow.. its not realistic its slow blah blah.. movies are a piece of fiction.. it does not have to be realistic at all.. there is nothing a thing as realistic in cinema.. and how come u guys know everything.. why dont u make a movie?? we have already witnessed critics turning filmmakers and making some really bad movies as well.. so dont be obsessed with realistic cinema.. we movie goers love every kind of cinema.. we love a barfi(heart touching) as well as a dabangg(entertaining).. and every kind of cinema should be made be it realistic, heart touching, masala, action, romance, drama, science fiction, comedy and should be reviewed on the basis of its genre.

  • @salman
    i just wish that ETT ld even be able to win a single major (actor,director,actress,film) award…
    plus salman will not get award bcz he didn’t get it for Tere Naam & Dabaang…(just bcz filmfare was biased)…where he was more deserving…this tym he is not..not atleast for ETT…
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    so don’t be a typical fan type….neither ETT ll get best film nor best actor..

    still ld say barfi ll be just a hit…very less chances of superhit…
    but still best of 2012 till yet,,,,
    & rk ll get best actor……

  • dear abhishek bachchan are u watching this!!! this is called acting genes.. ranbir has taken the heritage of his kapoor family to the next level.. hope u learn from him and stop bringing shame and disgrace to ur family(amitabh bachchan- legendary actor superstar, jaya bachchan- a fine and respected actress, ashwariya- another fine actress of modern times and the face of india internationally, and not to forget ur legendary poet grandfather harivanshrai bachchan)

  • ranbir kapoor deserves the best actor award critic as well as popular and a national award for best actor for this movie hands down

  • I jst dnt believe dat i am about to say it but d next generation of bollywood belongs to Ranbir….wat a superb acting….he is goin to b d next SRK i think…GUD LUCK

  • movies which were entertaining struggled to gain profits…then can you imagine a movie which is a total disaster in second half entirely…will be a hit??????no way. audience are not such retards!!!

  • @nrkadil

    yes i am 200% agree with you.

    ETT is biggest hit of the year at box-office but if performance come,Barfi is best film of the year.

    Ranbeer’s performance is his best performance & i think its best performance than Big B in Paa.

    But Ranbeer will never win any filmfare because they alway give it to Srk.

    But Ranbeer deserve a National(true award)award this year & i hope he will.

  • @rowdy ka boss, I thikn u haven’t watched any movie of amitabh bachchan . amitabh’s movies with outstanding performances r black , agneepath(acting compared to holywood veteran actor alpacino), chinee kum, sarkar series,and many movies.


  • Hello Jay.. I never meant stopping anyone from watching any film because everyone’s taste is just different.. what doesn’t work for me would work for others.. I expected Barfi to be a better film but I was disappointed.. for me Barfi was like a beautiful gift box u see from outside which was the trailer of the film.. but when u open that box you find it… empty!

    For me, and not for others, best films for Ranbir was 1) Saawariya 2) Wake up Sid 3) Bachna eh Hasino, 4) Rockstar and 5) as a comedy.. Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani.

  • wonder how the audience didn’t notice a big mistake in this film, including you indicine team which u watched the film and liked:

    In the second half, in one of the scenes Priyanka was hysterically screaming while she was upstairs in a small room.. Barfi was out and could hear the scream so he rushes and climb the stairs to reach her and stop her.. for God’s sake.. how can a deaf man hear someone who is screaming!!! he’s deaf in the film!!!

  • Im so happy. Barfi has made around 50 cores in India and plus overseas just the weekend even thought it is not a commercial movie.
    The movie was really good and these types of movies hardly come-out in bollywood so everyone should go watch it because in Bollywood we don’t know when a movie like this will ever be made again.


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