Banjo Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collections

Banjo struggled on its opening day at the box office, with all-India net box office collections of just 1.72 crore. The film was best in Mumbai, with nearly half the collections coming from the circuit. North, South and East were pretty much washouts for the film.

With such a low opening day total, the fate of Banjo depends on how it grows over the weekend. The film has to pretty much double its Friday business on Saturday and grow further on Sunday. To generate that sort of numbers, the word-of-mouth has to be strong, which unfortunately isn’t the case with Banjo.

All eyes will now be on the biggest release of September – M.S Dhoni The Untold Story. Apart from a small metro-city-only film like Pink, there hasn’t been a good film at multiplexes after the release of Rustom last month. The timing of the release of M.S Dhoni is just about perfect. If the content matches expectations, we could have our first non-Salman, non-Akshay 100 crore grosser of 2016. It’s been a poor year so far and the success of ‘MS Dhoni’ will be important for the industry.

Banjo Day 1 Collections – 1.72 crore



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