Bang Bang Tuesday (Day 6) Box Office Collections

Bang Bang has managed to hold up pretty well at the box office on Tuesday. The film has collected around 9-10 crore net, which is a drop of around 30%, but Monday was a holiday in some parts of the country for Bakrid.

The trend that Bang Bang has shown isn’t as good as films that have crossed the 200 crore mark, as business has only been showing a downward trend after its opening day. Sunday did show some growth, but not enough to suggest that the film is carrying positive word-of-mouth.

Bang Bang should collect around 127 cr in its first week (7 days) and finish its extended first week (8 days since it released last Thursday) with business of around 135 cr.

Except Haider at high end multiplexes, Bang Bang has absolutely no competition before the release of Happy New Year on 24th October. But the pre-Diwali period has already set in, so it remains to be seen if the film can put up good numbers in its second weekend at the box office.

  • Thursday (Day 1) – 27.54 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) – 24.08 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) – 20.1 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) – 22.41 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 15.36 cr
  • Tuesday (Day 6) – 10.31 cr
  • 6-day Total collections – 119.8 cr

Note: The collections above includes business from Hindi, Telugu and Tamil versions.



  • movie was okayish
    There should never be overexpectations from any movie thinking that this movie will break kick or dhoom 3’s record. Hrithik needs a few more years to have the charisma which the khans possess.

  • Bang Bang is not touching 200 cr looks certain…so hrithik has no movie in 200 cr club accepted universally(Note: krishh 3 was not given 200 cr by many trade ppl)…

  • For the first time,indicine is giving collections for hindi,tamil,telegu versions together!!!
    Give only hindi collections as you did for others

  • Bang bang
    distributer/real collection 101cr
    producer/manipulate collection 120cr
    19cr ghotala lets see can bang bang break the record of k3 or not

  • movie had hny trailer
    so credit to srk also
    35-40 cr bvoz of srk
    srk = s for salman, r for roshan, k for katrina

    so srk himself can earn alone what these earn together.

    power of king khan

    todenge record

  • gud collections considring d fact dat it carying huge negativity around it….will cross 150cr at d end of second weekend

  • Kick collected more than 30cr on eid day and Bang Bang collected 15cr on eid day…..too much fun.

  • so bang bang is holding up pretty well after all the critics bashing and negativity of indicine, hrithik is the only superstar who turns the flop movie (knight & day) into a super hit movie.. agneepath was the best example one can give, I remember when agneepath broke the fisrt day record and the next day there was a huge drop in collections, everybody started saying agneeptah crashed, but hrithik star power made agneepath a superhit movie…Now more or less bang bang is trending like the movie agneepath…holding its collections pretty decently…Bang Bang is superhit….haters are burning out of jealousy..

  • Its final collections will be around 185-195 crores.

    The 2nd weekend will set the tone, a collection of 25-30cr will probably achieve the above level. But less than this will prove me wrong and final collections will be low.

  • Bang Bang will do wonders at the BoX Office……Hrithik was Amazing and Movie was Good…….Plz Stop hating and Enjoy the Flick…….We as People tend to criticise movie of Actors other than our Favourites Just to spread negativity without any actual reason to do so……So Stay unbaised…..And Stay Blessed…..BANG BANG will rule nevertheless

  • Krish3 paid 75cr entertainment tax against 245cr net collections(it grossed 320cr domestic), Bang bang paid 50cr entertainment tax against 109cr net collections(it grossed 157cr within 5days in india)…..KUCH TOH LOCHAA HAI…..b it in k3 or in bb.

  • @indicine y r u ignoring haider?bang bang won’t b more than a semi hit but haidee will b either hit or superhit

  • It is just another Singham 2 replica fall steep of expectations, one was betting 250 cr blah blah.
    But now from its pace looks 200 cr feet is gone. One will pray that it recovers its cost.
    Those hoping 200 cr should throw #ice bucket at his head and then tell me i was wrong!

  • Agar solo release hoti toh definitely 150 to 160 crores easily cross karti in extended first week.that’s shows the stardom of superstar hritik roshan.

  • will finish around 170 crs max. 200 cr is nowhere but had it released solo may have crosses Kick !!!!!! Now Kick collections are intact until PK arrives !!!!!!!!

  • Well to be honest if films like kick , rowdy rathore etc etc , this deserves to be in 200 cr club cause first of all the movie was not regular hindi movie !! Hrithik roshans hard work was visible , such pleasure to watch him !! Having said that he should do story based movies .India cannot produce a decent action thriller because of budget constrains.

  • Big fall. It clearly shows Hr is nothing without his Papa. Agneepath was a masala remake and Dhoom 2 was huge due to brand.

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