Bang Bang Trailer is outstanding, I wish I could dance half as well as Hrithik: Aamir

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who doesn’t tweet about too many films unless it features his good friend Salman Khan, went all out to praise the trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang.

“I wish I could dance half as well as Hritik! I really loved the new song of Bang Bang!” Aamir tweeted with a link of the ‘Tu Meri’ song from Bang Bang.

“And the Bang Bang trailer is outstanding! Hritik and Katrina look like a million bucks! Love the shot of Hritik come shooting out of the water with guns pointing! Cant wait for 2nd Oct!” he later added.

The second song promo from Bang Bang titled ‘Meherbaan’ will be launched at 8AM on Wednesday (tomorrow).

For now, watch the first promo ‘Tu Meri’ which has nearly 4.5 million views on Youtube



  • two superstars who always bring out smthng diffrnt…perfectionists
    every1 is waiting for 2nd oct
    bangbang will bang d boxoffice

  • Waiting for the “meherbaan” song tomorrow…

    Btw,Indiawaale also coming…today

  • Three, Two, One….Let’s see what is in store for us
    @Indicine, you didn’t cover single report on Salman’s trip to Canada. He has created hysteria over there.
    Why this biasedness????

  • cant wait to see bang bang trailer plz release it why u r playing with our feeling we love u and u dont give a shit this unfair hirithik

  • ” No doubt Aamir is biggest star today. Sort of success 08-09 has never ever been seen by anyone else in the history of Hindi cinema.” – BOI

  • Keep calm…and watch Happy New Year…..and i wish if Aamir could act half as well as Hritick and SRK!!

    Best of Luck for Bang Bang..and Happy New Year! These two films would be the highest grosser of 2014!

  • tu meri is worst song and hrithik dancing like he is mad horse and trying to jump. poor in dancing if i talk about his expressions in dance.

  • Me and Aamir thought a same kind of thing about Bang Bang, which is Cant wait for 2nd october 2014.
    This year will really gonna Bang… and also In 23rd October Records ke bahutttt Saaray Taaaley tootney waalay hain with awaited movie Happy New Year.

  • These tweets made my day!
    Hrithik also tweeted at the time of d3,kick n hnytrailer. Now amir tweeted for hro n bangbang. It shows their goodness! Bang bang teaser is the best of the year.

  • @anand
    That was’nt my comment on that page…that was some “babuji ka thullu”..go n check before saying anything!

  • Aamir doesnt know the difference between the trailer nd the teaser,bang bang makers wanted to release full trailer before one an a half month earlier from the film release but they saw youtube has millions of views nd they think teaser is enough full trailer can b unacceptable,but they dont know the youtube views nd the mass audience ineterest is far different,utv nd haider will fuck fox star nd bang bang

  • it is understandable that there will be no trailer of Bang Bang….btw well said Mr Perfectionist.
    Hirithik is one of the most talanted actors today…can’t wait for 2nd act.

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