Bang Bang Second Poster: Hrithik solo!

The first look poster of Bang Bang has received a fabulous response on our website – with close to 50 comments and 6,000 views in less than 1 hour. Now, the makers have released yet another poster with Hrithik Roshan going solo. If you’re a fan of the actor, you’ll absolutely love the second poster.

Arjun Kapoor on Koffee With Karan once said “I had a mancrush on Hrithik Roshan after Dhoom 2. You don’t see a film with Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu and come out drooling over Hrithik”

Wonder what he thinks of Hrithik’s Bang Bang poster?!

Bang Bang Hrithik Roshan

Bang Bang Hrithik Roshan



  • Close to 50 comments with 6000 views in less than an hour..incredible response..and that too at Midnight when most have been sleeping…
    I am worried about ur RECOVERING SERVER indicine!!!

  • Who is Tom Cruise ? Or other Hollywood Actors When we Have a GEM like HRITHIK ROSHAN present In Bollywood.

    The Perfect Combination of Greek God Looks + Intense Acting + Incredible Physique + Amazing Dancer + Humble Superstar. Too Much Things Not Found in an ordinary Actor !

    Bang Bang Prooving All over Again, all records are in Danger

  • Awesome poster!! The poster has certainly increased my expectations!! Duggu rocks!!

    Expect some stupid comments from fans like @sss khan, @romance expiry Learn to appreciate good works!!

  • 500 cr in india alone. This is greekmania. Overseas record of dhoom 3 in danger. Bang bang overseas collection $100 million. Krrish 3 is the real founder of 500 cr it has already collected 500 cr worldwide if you don’t believe me ask greek dad rakesh roshan.dhoom 3 did manipulation not Krrish 3. Now founder of 2000 cr is coming bang bang

  • Close to 50 comments with 6000 views in less than an hour !!! POWER OF GREEK GOD !!!!!!

    R.I.P BOX OFFICE !!!!

  • wow man if the poster is this good then just think about movie. Hope Hrithik’s this movie would be in top 3 at least…..

  • @babajee ki lungi Yeah and around 20% of those comments come from the household of ‘nipins’ and we all know what a mad bunch they are so hardly worth shouting from the rooftop that this is a great feat now is it…!

    @anand babu True Duggu Rocks but occasionally its nice to have some real perspective from his fans bcoz genuinely speaking Hritik oooozes class n dignity which other members of the Big 5 occasionally lacked over certain periods of time but Duggu throughout the last 14 years has been cool, calm n collected- Cool Dude…!


  • This poster is very good but hate stupid coment of one fellow (rohit 2)
    He sounds so dumb
    Dumbness at higher level

  • Just saw the first poster of Bang Bang . If the first poster was incredible then second poster is out of the world, classy and outstanding . I am really happy that there have been so much positive comments even by fans of other actors and neutral fans . The first look video was just good but the both the posters have increased my expectations too high . Now i am just waiting for the trailer to be released as soon as possible . As of now definitely records are in danger . Both these posters are the best of 2014 till now . It will be difficult to beat these . # Bang Bang Rocks . # Greek God Rules . We are coming baby to not to break but smash records on 2nd OCT 2014 . This Gandhi Jayanti we will Bang Bang .

  • I said that there is no wards to describe the 1st poster of HRITHIK’s BANG BANG perfectly.
    But Now what i say about the 2nd poster of BANG BANG which is bigger than 1st one. It is completely out of world. Speachless. HRITHIK you rock man with this one.

  • Yesterday i said this movie will be entertainer with high class stunts & now look at the first look posters….just amazing.

    Bollywood is changing fast & our makers started investing money for making good films.

    Rakesh Roshan sir,Sajid Nadiadwala,Kabir Khan,Raju Hirani,Karan Johar,Suraj Barjadya these are the guys in whose hands the future of bollywood is safe.

    We have to appreciate them & avoid films of Trio Farah Khan-Sajid Khan-Shirish Kunder.

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