Bang Bang in Abu Dhabi: Tight security on the sets

The Abu Dhabi schedule of Siddharth Anand’s upcoming film ‘Bang Bang’ is currently in progress amidst tight security. The shooting location has almost become a fortress where even the cast and crew is not allowed to carry their mobile phones on the sets.

“It is very difficult to control information during outdoor shoots. Siddharth is currently filming some of the most crucial scenes from the film in Abu Dhabi. Some of these scenes are part of the thrill in ‘Bang Bang’ and thus, Siddharth had no option but to ramp up security.” said a source close to the film.

Hrithik Roshan with his stunt double on the sets of Bang Bang in Delhi

Hrithik Roshan with his stunt double on the sets of Bang Bang

As many as 30 security officials are always present on the sets, not only to ensure no footage of pictures from the sets are leaked out, but also to control the crowd that gathers to catch a glimpse of Hrithik Roshan.

While there are rumours circulating that Bang Bang could be postponed to a later date, the makers are yet to make an official announcement. Until then, the Hrithik – Katrina Kaif starrer is scheduled to release on October 2 2014.



  • If it is that tight security,how did you got an on location pic @indicine???

    I hope that Bang Bang releases this year..just can’t wait for this….

  • @rohit aka bhaijaanfan:after grand masti,k3 and d3, vivek obrai n junior bachchan are bigger star dan bhaijaan.

  • Haters are barking here from beginning, lol look at them, they don’t want BANG BANG to release in 2014 because they know if it releases in 2014, then their khans will get a run for their money.

    BANG BANG will surely release on 2nd Oct gandhi jayanti and will break all records. It will be the best entertainer of this year with class and standard.

    @Rohit, stop your bullshit. your flopstar shahid’s biggest grosser is 60 cr lol.
    @sameer,kingshuk,@damm32, scared of BANG BANG ?? LOL ! it will definitely release on its alloted date, it will get a SOLO release yes you heard it right. After Bang Bang’s trailer is revealed, Haider and Mary Kom will either postpone or prepone their dates.

  • Its fun watching the haters rant on every article. BANG BANG will BANG all records, even the haters are eager to see this hollywood standard film. This film will bring a typoon for sure. GREEK GOD rules!

  • Bang Bang On 2 October… Dis movie gonna break many records if it is gettin solo release, 4 sure 1st or 2nd 200cr grosser of the year, and will earn over 250cr if release solo and gets a 2 week free run widot losing screens….
    And who is saying shahid is than Hrithik :D best joke ever bro.. :D make it sure if haidar vil clash wid Bang Bang then shahid again enters in flop movies days of career, frankly saying agar prabhudeva Shahid ki movie direct nhi karte to shahid 50cr par krne me aur 3 sal le leta…..

  • Haidar will move their releasing dates, shahid or director is nt mad to clash with Hrithik movie…. Slb cn do anything he is mad person, doesnt care about clash or big movie, if he wants to release movie on that date then he can do it widot fear… Still 50% chances of moving dates of mery kom, most anticipated movie bt wen Hr + kat cming in 1 movie so they cn beat easily to mery kom, evern katrina’s single leading characterise mvie can beat pc’s mery kom… 4get about Hrithik who always giving bigger start to movie except guzaarish he always given huge opening on boxoffice.. Even in non holiday release he given 1 of b.gest opener on Box office.. So think about stardom, + kat joins Hr league now so its nt easy to cmpete them and earn even 45cr in lyftym run….

  • Nobody can stop Bang Bang to become the Highest Grosser of 2014, Keep Calm and believe in Hrithik aka Greek God Roshan.

  • a movie is having hollywood class, whichi nly can see in Roshan’s movie, that make him classy and awesomely unique… He cntinu rising bar of bollywood upto Hollywood level with his movies and performance… Surely Bang Bang Rocks in oversease market too… Katrina is cming on box office, m not saying about Kaif, saying about u.s. Toofan Katrina, hai movie u.s. Level ka to Katrina hi layega boxoffice pe

  • Bang Bang pure Khan daan ko Gang Bang Karr dega..Indian Tom Cruise aab utrega Boxoffice pe.. Dhoom Maachale….. :-)

  • bang bang have a little chance to become 7th highest grosser of the year after kick, pk, hny, singham2, holiday and bombay velvet all due to Katrina kaifs presence otherwise it might not found place in top 10 highest grossers of the year.

  • @Sumeet — Not scared but just said that not releasing BANG BANG on 2014 will help the business of HNY as both of them are releasing on the same month.

  • @ indicine you r saying bang bang will not release in 2 nd October. But forget to say that there is also strong rumors in industry that Kick will not release on eid!!!

  • @Romance remember your prediction for Krrish-3?……you should stop predicting mate…and this year might be another 2011 for you! just saying..

  • @nipun : Grow up & clean your head. @Rohit is praising n supporting Shahid & you are abusing Salman for it. Typical crazy Lootera !!!!!!

  • Bong Bong will fail to do 80 crores. Hrithik is just a small actor. Noone is interested in him or his films.
    Haider and Lootera 2/Mary Kom will rock.

  • @nipin senior Vivek along with the Awesome Frogman were the show stealers from Rohit 3 so would you say they are bigger stars than spoon fed Hritic…?

    Your Lootera ranting has made you go senile or is it the new arrival of baby ‘nipin junior’ that is wearing you out..,? Eitherway have some bournvita or take a sip from the babys bottle when hes not looking as you need some revitalising energy you habitual drunk.

  • @queenshuk no amount of postponements, delays, open weeks will save Sarkars ludicrous idea of throwing a New Years Players Reunion Party on Diwali this upcoming Diwali- such crazy ideas will forever be remembered as suicidal and be compared with Coca Colas crazy decision to change their 100 yr old successful recipe in the 1980s.

    Diwali is for Diwali festivities n not for crappy new years celebrations…!

  • @incidine……….
    according to news Bang Bang is going to postpone?????what your info about it??

  • hope film will get success.

    @katrina kaif:still hr couldn’t be considered as a big international star like KING KHAN and his acting skill is very low he has to improve a lot what KING KHAN gave TIPS on ACTING.

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