Bang Bang Advance Booking – Detailed report

The advance booking of Bang Bang opened last weekend and the response, as expected, has been phenomenal. In Mumbai, the advance booking is comparable to films like Kick and Chennai Express, but lower than Dhoom 3. In the North, tickets sold in advance is significantly higher than Hrithik’s last release Krrish 3 which was affected by the pre-Diwali period and comparable to big releases.

At smaller centres and single screens, tickets have been selling at a brisk pace too – as good as any big release release in recent times. About 10-20% theatres started selling tickets yesterday and quite a few theatres are yet to begin ticket sales.

City-wise Advance booking, the detailed report after the image:

Hrithik Roshan's stunts in Bang Bang

Advance booking as fast-paced as some of the action sequences!

1. Mumbai City – Bang Bang is set for a huge release in the city of Mumbai with almost 3 times the number of shows as Haider. The film will be get around 1050 shows just in the city of Mumbai on Thursday. The shows are lower than Kick, Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express – but that is only because of the clash with Haider. The other films mentioned got solo releases.

2. Bangalore – Like Mumbai, Bang Bang also gets a huge release in Bangalore. The buzz in the city is high and most Hrithik films tend to open very well in the Mysore circuit. Advance booking is very good and tickets might be hard to find for those who decide to wait until tomorrow to buy tickets at the theatre. Again, the shows here is about 2x more than Haider. Also in Bangalore, premium tickets priced between 700 – 900 (including meals and refreshments) have been selling well.

3. Hyderabad – Incredible response in the city of Hyderabad, probably the best ever for a Hindi film release here. Tickets are selling like hot cakes. All shows are likely to run at 100% for the entire day here on Thursday.

4.  Mangalore – Advance booking is yet to open in one of the three multiplexes here. A single screen will also be showing Bang Bang. Advance booking isn’t great, but most shows are likely to run at full occupancy tomorrow.

5. Kolkata – The advance booking in theatres at prime localities have been selling well, others are yet to pick up. Again, number of shows are twice more than Haider, which is something that was expected.

6. NCR Region – Excellent advance, lots of shows already sold out. Bullets and the film will fly high on the opening day here. Huge initial expected.

7. Chennai – A city that loves Hrithik Roshan. Almost all his films after Koi Mil Gaya have opened well here. Bang Bang should be no exception. Advance booking hasn’t yet opened at many theatres, which is probably because of the jailing of the Chief Minister of the state Jayalalitha. Theatres remained shut on Tuesday and now that she hasn’t been granted bail, it remains to be seen if theatres will show films on Thursday. If they don’t, the opening day collections of Bang Bang will be affected.

8. Patna – Outstanding response here. All shows will be sold out on Thursday.

9. Chandigarh – At a city that doesn’t believe in booking tickets in advance, Bang Bang has managed to sell a few tickets. The response is much like most other biggies, but lower than Dhoom 3.

10. Ahmedabad – Plenty of tickets are currently available. However, Bang Bang is expected to fetch a good start here.

So far so good for Bang Bang. More than 10 crore worth of tickets have already been sold as of Tuesday. Today will increase that number further.




  • what the hell indicine?hw cn u say Kolkata adv booking just v is simply excellent bcz of puja festival and hrithik kat popularity.dont insult Kolkata plz

  • If that is the case, then anything below 30 cr opening will be a disappointment.
    All the best for Hrithik and Bang Bang..!

  • @indicine: Is bang bang getting 3500 screens in india??

    If it gets,then i think First Day will be around 33crs..

  • Indicine just few Points :
    Kolkatta theatres which started booking yesterday have incredible advances just that you cant see houefull bcz one or two seats remaining in many . Rest have just started.
    Pune and Jaipur has huge advances too plz mention that too.
    I think Delhi is bigger then all movies .

  • gud detailed report indicine….i prdictd 34cr for d opening day….waiting for ur prediction @indicine

  • My BangBangDare To SRK & Hrithik Give Real Collections Of Ur Upcoming Movies…I Know It’s Tough one For U..But Still..Bolo Qubool??

  • In my city, morning shows are houseful and rest of the shows are filling fast. People will find it tough to get their desired tickets tomorrow if they have not booked it yet.

    I think it has fair amount of chances to cross 30 cr. Could have been India’s first 40 cr opener had it been a solo release, which will be achieved in 3 weeks by HNY and PK anyway.

    • @Rohit – Which city?

      @Raees Fan – Haider advance is poor. But that is the case with most films that don’t feature Aamir, Hrithik, Salman, SRK.

      @all others asking about box office predictions, thanks for your interest. It will be out soon. Article is ready, just waiting for some info from Fox.

  • Breaking Records is Habit of HRITHIK ROSHAN ! IN kolkata it’s extraordinary. Distributors are saying so. #BangBangStorimIsComing

  • 166 crore lifetime with 22 crore opening.
    @ arjun kapoor wait and watch collections of bang bang at kolkata only after put blame on indicine.

  • 1st day 1st show i hv booked tickets of bang bang film.will watching with my five friends at pvr saket new delhi…….bullets will fly on tommorrow.

  • Whatever screens HAIDER getting its shows are houseful…I couldn’t get the tickets….but will watch it soon.

  • Will be watching tommorrow with my friends…opening would be huge…in despite of release another film bang bang would be able to collect more than 26 to 27 crores on opening day….my prediction is 26.5 crore on 1st day.

  • Anything more than 25 crore will be huge because of screen allocation. Don’t forget that it’s going to be released on only 3500 screens. Ticket price can not be increased because higher ticket price will motivate some people to switch to Haider!! so 25 crore will be a perfect opening for Bang Bang.

    Secondly, it will be appreciated if it can cross 210 crore lifetime business. Because BB is not only getting smaller number of screens compared to Chennai Express, Kick and Dhoom3 or even Krrish 3, it’s also going to be affected by Happy New Year which is going to release on 24th October. So Anything more 200 crore will be good enough to prove that he is more than Salman and SRK since they both enjoyed solo release the last time!!

  • I’m surprised Haider is managed to get more than expected amount of shows (thanks to UTV) in multiplexes in my city, the ratio is 60-40 (not 70-30) in favor of Bang Bang. It will hurt a lot to a big budget movie like Bang Bang, who’s shows are filling fast, whereas Haider has only managed to get around 10-15% advance booking.

  • @Indicine,you mentioned in this article all big movies except Singham Returns as you were talking advance booking of first haven’t mentioned Singham Returns opening day record even come can you ignore the movie who have the highest opening day one record of the year?.
    btw it is great to see that Bang Bang is getting a great advance booking.

  • The Advance Booking Reports are looking Massive . Yeh Toofan se pehle aane waali shanti hai . I just feel that the 1st day should be more than 30 CR . It should be highest 1st day collections for Hrithik . If it beats the 1st day collections of Dhoom 3 i will be really happy . But let’s hope for the best . Only 1 day to go for Bullets To Fly . Damn Excited !!!!!!!! .

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