Bajrangi Bhaijaan Official Teaser Trailer

And it’s finally here. The most-awaited teaser trailer of the year, featuring none other than Salman Khan.

Watch the teaser and tell us what you think. Review and more will be up shortly!



  • Its not an action and suspense thrilled film. Its just an ordinary story telling.

    May work at box office but it cannot set a challenging record for the year for upcoming films.

    I m shocked to see the teaser

  • Althrough the action sequence are looking over the top but the concept sounds good and most importantly its not a south indian remake

  • decent trailer but
    as a responsible and law abiding citizen of india I hv decided to boycott every film starring or produced by salman khan-the ultimate criminal

  • Dhoonda sher,nikla chotu!!!!!aur kaun our bhaijaan,maximum to maximum 200-220cr,then full stop.that also if 5-10 holiday if It faces otherwise 150-160cr,don’t expect much bhau could never give an ALL TIME ho payega bhau se ye,lol.

    Because trailer is even worse than bodyguard,dabang2.the rest you can estimate,lol.

  • Unable to give thrilling experience.
    When the teaser start,i think this will definitely awesome but at end it looks same as another typical salman masala movie

  • A very good teaser!!!
    Its touchy!!!
    BB Teaser proved that there is no need of over dose of stunts(BB2014) to impress the audience
    BB a movie with a heart

  • Honestly I am kind of disappointed. I expected better action sequences like ETT and kick. still waiting for trailer.

  • To it looks like a film with supper content, but I don’t think its as universal appealing as kick trailer. However I think kick was one the best trailer I have seen in bollywood.

  • After coming to terms with the fact that Pk has broken every possible record I have realised that my honeymoon period has ended in Bollywood.I had a great time between 2010-14 where I watched around 1000 South movies and shortlisted 4 films which would appeal to my fan base consisting of Rickshawallas.Just when I was climbing the ladder of success I have realized that I would soon be back on my previous position which I belonged to during my tough days when Rickshawallas skipped my movies since there was a strike in that period.I had to be content with flops and prayed it doesn’t break Marigold’s record.I am thinking of leaving Bollywood Since masala movies aren’t being appreciated by moviegoers and I am such a bad actor that I can’t emote more than 1 expression.Well the journey has been awesome but my only regret is I have never been popular in overseas.People consider me as Srk’s secretary and give the same respect which Krk gets in India.So goodbye fans drive carefully don’t beat your GF’s and worship animals

  • So Salman Khan fans was waiting for such teaser from last one year? from last 7 years Salman does same type of craps movies like Ready, Bodyguard, Ett,Kick etc now BB. i’m seriously surprised that salman didn’t try a single time to give different kind of movie. i really thought Kabir Khan will try to make different movie this time like newyork but it is same Salman’s type movie. full of chutiyapa.. full of overacting..

  • Complete Dissappointment..!!!!..

    It is Ra One of salman or Talaash of salman..

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailor is simply childish..

    Salman Dialog delivery sucks to the core.. He is simply amateurish.. There is nothing in the trailor which is gud…

    All the scenes we already watched in salman’s previous worst films like Dabang.. Bodyguard…etc…

    Srk’s Crap films like Ce,HNy r much better than this…

    Totally FLOP trailor..

    My rating 1/5 ! …..

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan Teaser is well below expectations. No where near ETT Teaser. Better than Jai Ho. or can say same as jai ho.

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